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4 Most Affordable Boarding Schools in Gauteng

Did you know that you can get your child or ward enrolled in some of the best and yet affordable boarding schools in Gauteng, South Africa? If you didn’t know, I am you update you through this article, on some of the best and affordable boarding schools in Gauteng, a beautiful city in South Africa.

Gauteng is one of the few cities in South Africa, besides Pretoria, which provides good and state of the art boarding schools which provides quality education, helping students to sharpen their moral senses as well as their IQs. You will agree with me that a boarding school with poor boarding facilities can have adverse effects on a child’s education and as such, knowing the various affordable yet good boarding schools in Gauteng, if you just moved into this great city, is very necessary.

Affordable Boarding Schools in Gauteng

You can be sure of one thing, the boarding schools in Gauteng provide a serene learning environment for students, free of distractions to allow students to focus on learning.

The list of affordable boarding schools in Gauteng below will guide you in making a choice on which school to register your child in.

Blue Hills Schools

As the name implies, Blue Hills Schools is a Christian boarding school situated at 16 Village Road, Blue Hills A.H Midrand, between the Gauteng province of Pretoria and Johannesburg, South Africa. It comprises of College and Preparatory school with boarding facilities for each with their respective requirements which are found in their prospectus.

For Blue Hills College, the tuition and boarding fees are relatively cheap even with the high standards set by the school, for enquiries concerning the boarding and tuition fees for the various grades in the Blue Hills College click on this link to get more updates on the 2022 school so that you can prepare ahead of the new school year.

Nigel High School

This is another affordable boarding school of excellence located at 1 Leeds Rd, Ferryvale, Nigel, 1491, Gauteng, South Africa. Nigel High school holds in high esteem, good morals and does not take it kindly with students who do not uphold the morals values governing the school.

The Nigel High School hostel is called POTSO MOHAJANE RESIDENCE. The hostel life teaches boarding students to be adaptable to any situation considering the fact that you eat what is presented to you at the dining, no special food preferences are catered for.

The relevance of Extramural activities like sports can not be over accentuated as these activities teach students basic life lessons that can help them in future or when they become adults.

Cornerstone College Sec. School

Established in 1991 by Sally and Rub Hurlin, Cornerstone College Secondary School is a Christian boarding and day school established to enforce discipline and Christian values among students.

Located at Silverton, Pretoria Gauteng, CCSS prides herself on cheap and affordable hostel accommodation and as well as tuition fees, Which are structured in such a way as not to put parents under pressure.

Cornerstone College Sec. School also has an After-care program to cater for your child’s educational needs after school. For application purposes, prospectus, contract form etc, as well as other information about hostel registration click on the link

General Smuts High School

General Smuts High school is one of the largest and cheapest boarding schools situated in Van Riebeeck St, Vereeniging, 1930, Gauteng.

It has a total of 151 students in its boarding facility. The school provides a conducive learning environment for boarding students with the provision of Extramural classes to make learning exciting and enjoyable for students.

The boarding fee is very cheap and affordable, R3300 monthly or if you intend to pay for a year R34, 700.

Payments are made to the school’s account, payments in cash are not accepted at General Smuts High School.

Also, the following extracurricular activities will further make learning in GSHS more exciting;

• Netball
• Athletics
• Debating
• Drama
• Rugby
• Cross-Country
• Public Speaking
• Cricket
• Soccer
• Hockey
• Science Club
• Student Christian Association
Wild Life Club etc.

You will agree that getting involved in sports activities is a great aspect of learning, all these are made available by General Smuts High School, as such getting your child enrolled in this school will be awesome. You can also visit their website for other enquiries using this link


I am a student with passion and hunger to help individuals and students get more useful, legit, accurate, and up-to-date information by providing them with valuable resources and information.

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