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Amherst College Transfer Acceptance Rate

Amherst College is a prestigious college known for providing standard education and training brilliant minds, no wonder it gets a good number of students willing to be transferred to the school yearly. For persons willing to get transferred to this school and who wants to know the college’s transfer rate, this article will be discussing Amherst college’s transfer acceptance rate.

Amherst College is a very selective school. For transfer applicants, only one student out of twenty gets admitted.

This shouldn’t discourage you if you’re willing to get the best form of private education. The school only accepts brilliant minds and if you are one, making it into this college wouldn’t be difficult. You just need to pass some basic tests and requirements to get admitted.

Requirements needed to get admitted into this school as a transfer student will be discussed in this article, sit tight and read through.

Before we talk about Amherst College transfer acceptance rate, allow me to walk you through a review of this school;

Review of Amherst College 

Amherst College is a well-known institution committed to providing standard education and training brilliant minds. It is a private college established in1821 and located in Amherst, Massachusetts. The institution is prepared to train individuals who will become creative and critical thinkers willing to add value to society by tackling difficult changeling that raids our world today.

With its liberal-arts education system, student potentials are developed. Whatever you are passionate about can find its bearing here and be developed into a professional career. The school promotes creativity, critical thinking and good skills in speaking and writing.

Faculties at the school include; social sciences, arts, science & math, humanities. All of these faculties have various disciplines you can study, plus their curriculum is crafted to fit the need of the various disciplines. It also has dedicated tutors/teachers committed to giving quality education and quality time to students as the goal is to raise quality students. Facilities at the school are numerous, all set to ensure learning goes beyond theory and students can practically see what they learn in class.

This private school is not discriminating, it celebrates diversity. It allows different races, tribes and nationalities to apply for admission into the college, so also is its workforce. Persons from all works of life are welcome to work and study at Amherst College.

Amherst College Transfer Acceptance Rate

Amherst College Transfer Acceptance Rate

Amherst College allows for transfer, students wishing to get transferred to this school can get admitted into this school; however, this college is very selective on who gets admitted. This doesn’t apply just to transfer students but goes generally to new students looking for admission into the school.

It is very difficult to get admitted into Amherst College but not impossible. For every 20 students that apply for transfer, only 1 gets admitted. The school only seeks to admit serious-minded students, who are willing and ready to learn, harness their potentials and become valuable to the world at large.

If this college is a dream for you and you want to get in, then you’ll want to put in an extra effort to be the one out of twenty. This means you’ll have to meet the requirements by the school; there are a number of requirements the school has laid out for transfer applicants that must be met if you must be considered for admission into this great college. This will be discussed next.

Requirements for transfer into Amherst College

Eligibility: Amherst College only accepts students who have completed the transferable liberal art coursework of an equivalent of thirty-two semester hours at some other college or university. Persons who have completed and earned a bachelor’s degree or individuals who have completed college coursework as a requirement to run any program of dual enrollment will not be accepted.

Period for transfer application: transfer students are to apply by the fall: application for transfer must be submitted 1st of March to receive the status of admission notice by mid-April or they can apply by the spring: application for transfer must be submitted by 1st of November to receive the status of admission notice by mid-December.

Application material: the following must be submitted while submitting your transfer application.

  • Common transfer or coalition transfer for transfer students
  • Supplement to Amherst College to the common or coalition application
  • Application fee of $65 or fee waiver which will be requested through common or coalition application or the Amherst’s quick pass and it is not refundable.
  • College report (common application) or transfer report (coalition application)
  • Transfer mid-term report or college curriculum report
  • College transcripts from the institution where you completed your college coursework
  • Evaluation from two college instructors preferable those who have taught you
  • TOEFL or IELTS results
  • Secondary school transcript.

There is also room to add some accomplishments in a certain area such as; accomplishments in arts or athletics. You can choose to take the standardized test; SAT and/or ACT and your performance in the test will be considered during the admission review process. Though the SAT and ACT aren’t required for transfer admission.

Special attention will be given to;

  • Recommendation from instructors
  • Secondary school and college transcripts
  • Writing quality in your essay, recommendations and writing supplements
  • Personal talent, leadership skills and extra and co-curricular accomplishments.

For special circumstances such as for international students, community college students or American veterans and undocumented students, kindly check out the school’s special information pages as related to your specification.


What GPA do you need to transfer to Amherst College?

To be considered for transfer into the Amherst College, applicants should have a GPA of 4.05 at least. This keeps you on a safer side during the admission review process as the school seeks to admit bright students.

Can you transfer to Amherst College?

Yes, you can. Amherst College opens its doors to students looking to be transferred to the school. Application for transfer is available and must be submitted during the fall or spring. However, there are requirements that must be met if you will stand a chance of getting admitted into the school.

What kind of student does Amherst College want?

Amherst College seeks to develop bright minds, individuals with potentials who are willing to harness these potentials for the good of society. Students who know who they are and where they are headed will sit and learn everything they will to be the best.


The Amherst College allows for the transfer of students into the school; however, the transfer acceptance rate is quite low. Students wishing to be admitted into this school must merit this admission on the basis of intelligence and brightness. The school is only committed to training bright individuals with promising potentials.


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