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Areas Of Concentration In WAEC 2021/2022: Key Topics To Study

Hello dear reader! Welcome to this page where we will fully discuss the key area of concentration in WAEC 2020/2021.

So many students or rather, WAEC candidates do not know what to read for their WAEC exam.  Even when some actually know what to read. some still find it too hard to even comprehend what they are reading just because the work might be too much for them to read.

Well, the simple answer to the reason why this is so, is simply because they haven’t come across a good guide that will put them on the go to read the right things to blast their WAEC.

Seems you still don’t understand my story right?…LOLS!

Let me illustrate this for you with a simple life experience of my student when I was still a WAEC tutor just immediately after my 2017 JAMB.

Mind you, you actually might want to know how to score 300+ in jamb 2021.  But before then, I recommend you read this guide to take you through how to register for the 2021/2022 JAMB Exam.

A statement from him “I use to be a very brilliant student in my class sir,  in shot oftentimes I score over 70+ in most of my subjects. However, when I got to SS2 my performance dropped which is really given me a whole lot of doubt if I will pass my WAEC with a good result”.

Well, all I told him then was, “don’t worry, you will, in fact, in great style”. Lo, and behold, I then told him that the only way to actually combat this fear humanly speaking, is only by knowing what his target and aim were. What did I mean by this? Knowing the syllabus.

Although, knowing what to read for WAEC exams goes beyond just knowing the syllabus. It has to do with knowing the exact WAEC topics and the likely questions that will likely come out of the WAEC exam.

Oh! Back to my narration. Afterward, we started treating the topic that we’re likely to come out from the GCE exam and we dwell on almost all the WAEC past questions. We didn’t just focus on the WASSCE syllabus, we also treated those parts of the WAEC question that looked technical to answer.

Then BOOM! GCE exam came he wrote and he had 6A’s and 3B’s when the result came out a few weeks later. That was also the best result in his school for that year actually.

Oops! So sorry to bore you with my boring life story.

I truly know your main purpose being on this page is to know what these areas of focus in WAEC 2021 are, so you could also apply them and also make a very good grade.

Is WAEC Expo Real?

Please, if you have been looking or thinking of getting a WAEC expo for the 2021/2022 exam, then am sorry to disappoint you. Because of the truth, there is nothing like a WAEC expo. and the only way to actually scale through in your WAEC exam is to read ahead and study past question

NOTE: I said, study past questions, NOT read the past questions. Am sure you know what the difference between studying and reading is. And if you don’t know, then go and read about it by clicking the like above because they are two different things.

5 Important Tips To Pass Well In WAEC

  • The WAEC Syllabus
  • Hot topics to read to pass WAEC 2021/2022
  • WAEC past questions and answers
  • The recommended WAEC textbooks
  • Your personal effort with commitment

2021/2022 WAEC Syllabus & Areas Of FocusA waec logo on a transparent on a white backgound with a text written below it.

Below are the WAEC syllabus and areas of concentration for the 2020/2021 session. To download them, for each subject, simply click on the respective subject and you will gladly be redirected to the main page where you will see all the relevant topics you need to read for your exam.








Further maths

Home management







In Conclusion;

There is surely no exam that doesn’t have challenges to read for. Also, our individual ability to read and understand some things differs.

However, the WAEC exam may not be as hard as it could have been for you, only if you can follow duly the syllabus you have downloaded as a PDF and ensure you digest them from A-Z.

With this in check, then you are on the path to scoring a very good grade in your SSCE exam.

I hope you are well satisfied with what you have read on this page and found the answer to your query.

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Schoolinfogists Wishes all those who and are preparing to take part in the coming  WAEC exercise a hearty congratulations.

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That’s the much we can take on the topic “WAEC Areas Of Concentration,” More info will be dropped later.

If you want to know the areas of concentration for other topics not mentioned above, kindly comment on the course name and we will respond to it as fast as possible.

Thanks For Reading, we hope to see you again on our website.

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