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Top 10 Best Elementary Schools in Calgary

The initial and most crucial period of a child’s schooling is elementary education. It is quite important in one’s academic pursuit. Elementary education performs specific objectives in a child’s life, such as teaching reading, writing, arithmetic, and innovation, as well as moral development, critical reasoning, logical viewpoints, communication, and interpersonal relationship. Your child’s behavioural, social, cultural, cognitive, physical, and emotional advancement are all aided by these skills. In fact, education, particularly early education, is geared toward a child’s early developmental stages.

Elementary education instils in children the values that must be instilled for society to flourish. Elementary schools serve as social-relationship-organizing centres. It is the first location where children learn to interact with individuals who are not family members, such as classmates and teachers.

Preschool is often the first point and stage for students to develop an energetic and competitive spirit among themselves, encouraging them to work more, better, and smarter, and bring out the best in themselves.

The best primary schools feature a curriculum that focuses on a student’s development rather than trying to cram course material. They are the ones that furnish children with comfortable environments to ensure they grow, as well as deal with a variety of situations.

Best Elementary Schools in Calgary

So if you are looking for the best elementary schools in Calgary, we have got you covered. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the best elementary schools in Calgary that can satisfy your child’s demands.

1. Sunalta School 

Often regarded as one of Calgary’s best elementary schools, Sunalta School was founded in 1912 and has continued to expand in size and scope since then. 

Sunalta pupils are encouraged to develop and cultivate a collaborative spirit. The curriculum is developed so that kids can train to be receptive to change and to be aware of their particular learning style, in addition to getting along with their classmates.

Academic achievement, daily physical education, a creativity-focused fine arts curriculum, and social responsibility are the four essential parts of Sunalta School’s balanced approach to teaching. Students are also exposed to the limitless possibilities of technology, outdoor education, and foreign languages from an early age.

The Calgary Board of Education also has Sunalta School as a member. Despite being a member of the public school system, Sunalta charges fees to cover the difference between government-provided funding and the costs of administering the system.

Address: 536 Sonora Ave SW Calgary, AB, T3C 2J9

Grade: K -6

Website: [email protected]

2. Rundle Academy & College 

Rundle is the city’s only independent school with two sites offering concurrent programs. Rundle College is where the school’s conventional K-12 program is housed. The curriculum is excellent, as evidenced by the fact that they have a 100% university placement rate.

From kindergarten until graduation, learners are required to join in small groups to guarantee that each student has a strong bond with their teacher and classmates. To acquire crucial life skills, students are given several opportunities to lead, explore their passions, and partake in extracurricular activities.

They also believe that some of these talents must be developed beyond the classroom’s four walls. Rundle students have the opportunity to take part in external research and immersions in addition to fine arts, character development, and service.

Rundle Academy is distinct from Rundle College. Students with identified learning difficulties in grades 4 through 12 can learn in a secure and motivating environment here.

Address: 4330 16 Street SW Calgary, AB, T2T 4H9

Grade: K – 12


3. Hillhurst School 

They are one of Calgary’s public elementary schools with a high-quality education program. The academy first opened its doors in 1912. They’ve been perfecting and increasing the quality of their education for Calgary’s youngsters since then. There’s a gym, a library, computers, and four laptop storage carts in the classrooms. They also send out a monthly newsletter to keep parents informed about the school’s activities.

Parents, staff, and students are all nice and supportive of one another and the school. Volunteers are also welcome at the school, and they have a fantastic and active School Council.

Hillhurst has a close-knit, caring atmosphere that fosters children’s individual development. They provide enriched learning experiences that aid academic success and develop engaged, responsible, and good citizens via a collaborative community effort.

Address: 1418 – 7 Avenue NW, Calgary, AB T2N 0Z2

Grade: K – 6


4. Webber Academy

The need for fostering a safe environment where all children feel equal is paramount at Webber Academy. Students from all cultures and faiths are welcome to the school.

Unlike many private schools in Calgary, Webber does not include specific religious beliefs in its curriculum. Instead, their programs are intended to bring out the best in students by instilling ideals that are universally valued.

Webber sees primary school as a period to expose pupils to multiple media outlets in terms of academics. They are taught to seek out and process information, whether it comes from print materials, internet resources, or other sources, to stay up with the fast-paced world.

Webber Academy promotes the significance of computing, language, music, art, and physical education in addition to their core curriculum in grades 1 through 6. An athletic park and a performing arts center are among their various standard amenities.

Address: 1515 – 93rd Str., SW, Calgary, AB, T3H 4A8

Grade: K-12


5. Renert School 

The elementary program at Renert School places priority on reading, writing, science, and math. They make sure that their students are ready for the majority of high school subjects as well as real-world tasks.

Renert School is also regarded as one of Calgary’s best math schools. They do not, however, stop at providing these fundamental subjects to pupils as they go the extra mile to give pupils the best.

Renert guarantees that kids are taught to care for the community in addition to academics and extracurriculars. This awareness, which can be developed through appreciation exercises, school-wide events, and specialized programs, can assist in the development of decent citizens in youngsters.

Address: 14 Royal Vista Link NW Calgary, AB, T3R 0K4

Grade: K-12


6. River Valley School 

River Valley School nourishes and promotes each child’s intrinsic love of learning, ensuring that it remains at the core of their identity throughout their lives.

Their teachers, despite consistently ranking among Alberta’s best schools, follow the children’s lead while guiding them on their particular paths. Every child, regardless of age or ability, will flourish at River Valley School.

For all students, teachers, and members of the school community, River Valley School is dedicated to providing a safe, caring, respectful, inclusive, equitable, and inviting learning and teaching environment.

Address: 3127 Bowwood Dr NW, Calgary, AB T3B 2E7, Canada

Grade: JK -6


7. Westmount Charter School 

Westmount Charter School, located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, is a charter school for talented kids that educates pupils from kindergarten through grade 12. The Action for Bright Children Society formed it in 1996 as ABC (Action for Bright Children) Charter Public School.

The objective of the school is to offer gifted students an enhanced, accelerated environment in which they can be challenged and motivated.

Address: 728 32 St NW, Calgary, AB T2N 2V9, Canada

Grade: K – 12


8. Bearspaw Christian School 

BCS is a private Christian school in northwest Calgary that is non-denominational, independent, and multi-denominational. Their teachers are fully competent and qualified by Alberta Education, and they are committed to creating a caring, respectful, and healthy environment for their learners.

They collaborate at BCS to keep Christ at the core of everything they do. As a result, they see every facet of education as a chance to disciple others. BCS  also inspires students to achieve academic success.

BCS is one of Calgary’s most cost-effective independent private Christian schools. They remain financially available thanks to diligent stewardship, budgetary planning, government funds, and the generous support of contributors.

BCS is committed to encouraging kids to achieve personal, spiritual, and academic greatness by establishing good communication with their families.

Address: 15001 – 69 Street NW Calgary, Alberta, T3R 1C5 Canada

Grade: Junior Kindergarten – 12


9. Clear Water Academy 

ClearWater Academy is a Catholic independent school in Calgary, Alberta. From Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12, the school’s goal is to provide the highest quality education while also cultivating Christian leaders.

ClearWater Academy, often regarded as one of Alberta’s best schools by the Fraser Institute, is also one of the few schools in Canada to provide a gender-specific approach to learning, recognizing that boys and girls comprehend in different ways. 

The Integral Formation philosophy of education at Clear Water Academy is to educate the whole person. Academic achievement and character development, as well as spiritual formation and devotion to apostolic deeds, are all fostered by this successful educational program.

Grade: Junior kindergarten – 12

Address: 3910 Quesnay Wood Dr SW, Calgary, AB T3E 8G1, Canada


10. Calgary French and International School 

Calgary French and International School is a prestigious French immersion school in Alberta that promotes active leadership, global citizenship, and academic performance.

The elementary school embraces a small group and personalized approach to furnishing each student with individualized attention and establishes appropriate learning targets for each student.

They also use an integrated approach with parents to help each student transition from school to grade and to ensure that each student flourishes.UNESCO themes and values are infused into the curriculum, allowing pupils to engage with other students both locally and internationally.

They allow kids to develop physically through cooperation, teamwork, and the opportunity to play in physical education while also focusing on innovation, critical thinking and taking chances, thus balancing student life and wellbeing.

Grade: Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12

Address:700 77 St SW, Calgary, AB T3H 5R1




So, we hope we have helped you in your search for the best elementary schools in Calgary. These schools are renowned and are certain to give your child the very best. 


I am a student with passion and hunger to help individuals and students get more useful, legit, accurate, and up-to-date information by providing them with valuable resources and information.

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