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Top 6 Best Emotional Support Dogs for College Students

Studying in college as a young person comes with lots of challenges. And these challenges are not peculiar to one set of people. The average person headed to college is aware of the many challenges that college students face and various people prepare to deal with these challenges in different ways. One way a lot of students deal with the challenges they are bound to face in college is by getting emotional support dog.
Emotional support dogs are almost as useful as human friends. However, they trump friendship from humans because they are always available whenever you need them. In addition to always being emotionally available, they do not have a life of their own. This means you can always move around with your dog when the time to change physical location comes.
Contained in this article are some of the best emotional support dogs for college students. Let’s find out what they are:

1. Papilon

This dog breed is cute, funny and smart and will definitely make great companions for lonely college students. It is a dog you can own both when you reside outside campus, as well as on campus. Over the years, this dog has been able to prove its love for its master. And beyond just having a lot of love for its master, the Papilon can also be jealous.
In as much as this dog breed is great for any college student that needs a great deal of emotional support, it also comes in handy for very inquisitive people.
Why is this?
The reason for this is it is an inquisitive animal itself. Going by this, you will not need to do much to convince it to go on adventure with you.
The Papilon is more of an intelligent animal and might never be in need of intense physical activity. So, the time you spend with it might be filled with challenging mental activities.

2. Boston Terrier

This dog is medium-sized and can live comfortably on campus or in a little apartment off-campus. If you have any plans of buying this dog breed, then, you must be ready to walk always. All things being equal, you might have to always walk this dog for one hour daily. This might not seem like much if it is something that you are very comfortable doing. On the other hand, if you are not comfortable walking dogs, you might just be unable to get the best out of this dog.
The Boston Terrier might seem strongly associated with walking. Nonetheless, there is more to it. In addition to being a dog in love with physical exercise, it also has high intellectual capabilities. It will not struggle when learning new tasks.
The Boston Terrier does not have a reputation for barking and is also not very comfortable with other animals around. This implies if you must have it as a pet, you might be unable to enjoy the company of other pets at home. That’s not all. It does not like to be scolded and could get upset when scolded.

3. Poodle

This dog breed is in love with physical activities. This, however, should not scare you if you are a very busy college student and will not have the time to always exercise your dog. The poodle can stay in an apartment alone without constituting a nuisance. You can be certain they will not disturb the entire neighborhood with loud barking or damage items in your apartment. Furthermore, this dog enjoys intellectual activities and will not shy away from adventures.

There are lots of amazing things about the Poodle and its hair is one of them. In as much as this hair is beautiful, grooming it can be really tasking. As a college student without a lot of funds, you might need to learn to comb and trim this dog’s hair so you do not end up spending a lot paying professionals.

4. Chinese Crested

This dog does not have the same appearance with your average dog. So, if you must have one as a college student, you have to be prepared for a lot of attention
It is very sensitive and friendly. This makes it an ideal pet for college students that need emotional support. This dog has some of the capabilities of humans. It knows just when to play with you, as well as when to stay away because you are having a bad day. If it must stay around you on a bad day, it will not request for your attention. All it will do is lie down quietly.
The Chinese Crested does not have a lot of hair. This means you will not have to deal with the challenge of grooming. Also, it avoids barking. So, noise will not be a challenge.

5. Pug

Pugs are friendly with children and loyal to adults. They are small and also sluggish and several people like having them around because of how calm they are. In addition to being calm, pugs have a funny look, are very devoted, and cheerful.
This dog enjoys spending time lying next to its owner. So, if this is an activity that you look forward to, you definitely will benefit greatly from owning a pug.
You do not have to be out of campus to own a pug. Since it is a small dog, it can be owned by college students that live in the dormitory.

6. Dachshund

If you do not have the tenacity to deal with a stubborn dog, you have no business owning a dachshund in college. This is because it is stubborn and strongly opinionated. Well, if you have what it takes to deal with a stubborn dog, you can go on to get a Dachshund as it is a dog breed that is well suited for life in college.
This dog might be the best dog for you if you love taking on adventures alongside your dog and do not want to spend so much in caring for a dog.
While the dachshund will always be physically available, you will have to cope with this dog’s love for destroying items around it. This means you must keep important items far from it.

Can an Emotional Support Dog be taken to Class?

All things being equal, the authorities in most colleges only permit students to have their emotional support dogs at home. So, if you are considering taking your dog to class, you will need to think again.
Emotional support dogs are very different from service dogs. Unlike emotional support dogs, service dogs were trained to carry out tasks for people that are disabled. This means they will have to be around their owners whenever their services are needed.
In as much as the general law does not permit people to attend classes with their emotional support dogs, certain universities have policies that are a little flexible. So, if you have any plans of attending class with your emotional support dog, you will need to confirm if your college has any rules preventing students from taking their emotional support dogs to class.

Can Every Student have an Emotional Sport Dog?

No, not every student can have an emotional support dog. If you must have an emotional support dog, then, you must qualify to have one.

How Can a College Student be qualified to have an Emotional Support Dog?

Generally, the only way you can be considered qualified to have an emotional support dog is by getting a licensed letter. This letter could be gotten from a nurse, a doctor, a social worker, a psychiatrist, a psychologist, or any other health care professional.

Before any licensed professional goes on to give you a recommendation letter. They have to confirm that you have mental or physical challenges that could be a limitation to some major life events. Also, in any of such situations, an emotional support dog must be able to lessen the effect of the symptoms.

Do Emotional Support Dogs Need Training?

This is another major difference between emotional support dogs and service dogs. Emotional support dogs do not need any form of training.


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