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10 Best High Schools in Saskatoon

High Schools in Saskatoon

Saskatoon is a prominent city in Saskatchewan and it houses some of Canada’s top high schools. In this article, I will be reviewing the best high schools in Saskatoon. An interesting fact about them is that their fame goes beyond the province and most of them are ranked among the best high schools in Canada.

These are some of the best high schools in Saskatoon are:

  1. Aden Bowman Collegiate
  2. Evan Hardy Collegiate
  3. Bedford Road Collegiate
  4. Walter Murray Collegiate
  5. Nutana Collegiate
  6. Centennial Collegiate
  7. Tommy Douglas Collegiate
  8. Marion M. Graham Collegiate
  9. Mount Royal Collegiate
  10. Royal West Campus

High school is a crucial timeframe for children. This is where they get to make decisions that would heavily impact on the course of their academic pursuit. For most persons, not getting into the right high school would mean leading and unfulfilling life. What this post will do is to show you the best high schools in Saskatoon and why they are worth attending.

Best High Schools in Saskatoon

This is solely my opinion. I have conducted my research on the schools in Saskatoon and ten among the high schools in Saskatoon caught my fancy and I decided to add them to this post. If you care about your kids’ future, then continue reading to learn about these schools and what they have to offer.

Aden Bowman Collegiate

Aden Bowman Collegiate, established in 1958, is a secondary school ready to help students be outstanding. It is known to offer International Baccalaureate (IB) program and also fine arts program.

Creativity and personal skills are highly celebrated. Students can find and develop their potential while thriving for academic success. The school has a castle theater, modern halls fitted with musical facilities, sport facilities, library and more, these ensures that creative skills are identified, developed, and harnessed.

Evan Hardy Collegiate

“Excellence in all things” is Evan Hardy Collegiate’s motto. Since its inception in 1966, the school has upheld this motto and students who have passed through the academic domain of the school have proven to be excellent in all their endeavors.

Evan Hardy offers a wide range of academic programs and the SAGE program for gifted students inclusive, is targeted at challenging students to aim only for excellence. It is one of three high schools in Saskatoon that offers the SAGE program. Also, extracurricular activities are made available to students in arts and sports.

Bedford Road Collegiate

Bedford Road Collegiate (also known as Bedford Road Collegiate Institute or Bedford), is Saskatoon’s second oldest high school. It started operation on the 12th of February, 1923 and has relentlessly taught her students to have a sense of commitment to their academics as well as their community, as commitment breeds excellence. Students are also taught to respect and uphold the tradition and value system of the community.

Bedford stands out as one of the two secondary schools in Saskatoon that offers International Baccalaureate (IB) program. They also offer a list of programs that suits every type of learner, some other programs are for gifted and talented learners like the SAGE program, while its experiential programs in areas such as the arts, woods, athletics, textiles, food, theatre arts, choral, dance, writing, esthetics, and film-making are also open to students to explore.

Walter Murray Collegiate

Walter Murray Collegiate located in south-eastern Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, was established in 1961, and named after Dr. Walter Charles Murray, the first president of the University of Saskatchewan.

Aside from the pursuit for academic excellence, promoting skillful hands and athletic potential is predominant in Walter Murray Collegiate.  WMCI has a technology wing that offers mechanics, wood-working, welding, electronics, machining, and photography/graphic arts to its students as well as successful athletic programs. Students who wants to learn English as a second language can do so at the school, they offers courses to help with it.

Nutana Collegiate

Nutana Collegiate, established in 1909 is the first high school in Saskatoon and is located in the Nutana neighborhood of central Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. It is committed to raising life-long learners with its exceptional academic programs.

Plus, they offer physical education programs with a variety of activities in archery, basketball, racket sports, cross- country swimming, volleyball, weight training, badminton, billiards, bowling, canoeing, curling, fitness, ice games, indoor and outdoor games, orienteering, skiing, slow pitch, swimming, tennis, wall climbing and more.

Centennial Collegiate

Encouraging, motivating and honoring excellence is what Centennial Collegiate stands for. Students are motivated to become better every year, as awards are giving to outstanding students to honor their labor for excellence.

Learning at centennial Collegiate is exciting, this is because, facilities that supports enhanced learning are available at the school. They include, Specialized Practical and Applied Arts classrooms, careers center, practical Arts Theatre, Library, a large multi-use auxiliary gym and fitness center, 450-seat theatre, band room, dance Studio and a soccer center. It has many academies and programs such as, Soccer Academy, French Immersion, history Study Tour Program, science and Technology Program choir, English programs and more.

Tommy Douglas Collegiate

Tommy Douglas Collegiate offers students the opportunity to explore and excel. They understand that each student is unique and gifted and they create opportunities where students can maximize their potentials.

It has a well facilitated learning environment for academic and recreational activities. There facilities includes, library, a 50-metre swimming pool, fully equipped gym and various other facilities available in the school itself and the adjacent Shaw Centre.

Marion M. Graham Collegiate

Marion M. Graham Collegiate, opened in 1984 is located in the north end of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. It serves the Silverwood Heights, Lawson Heights, River Heights, Richmond Heights, and North Park neighborhoods.

It offers instructions in English and French immersion. In 1993, Marion M Graham had its first French immersion graduation class. The school focuses in arts, and athletics with a wide range of artistic classes in visual arts, photography, theatre arts, dance, music, design, carving classes, industrial arts, and more.

Mount Royal Collegiate

Mount Royal Collegiate, established in 1960, originally offered just academic courses but over the years it has extended its hands and now offers a mix of academic and practical programs, plus some specialized programs. Some of these programs includes; a complete Cosmetology program and the High School Carpentry Apprenticeship Program (HCAP).

The school also provides courses in “English as an Additional Language” (EAL) for new Canadians. In addition to its Life Skills Work Study (LSWS) programs, the Mount Royal Collegiate offers vocational and academic programs which are suitable for learners with diverse learning needs. Teachers are dedicated to helping each student achieve success, by providing different learning patterns that suits each student.

Royal West Campus

Providing sound education to adults from age 18 and above who wants to complete their high school education or upgrade their marks for entrance into post-secondary programs is what Royal West Academy offers and more.

With its crafted curriculum and academic setting, students can receive sound education as well as go about their daily activities and raise families. The school provides a flexible and nurturing environment that fosters learning.


How many high schools are in Saskatoon?

High schools in Saskatoon are ten (10) in number with one affiliated school.

Does Saskatoon have Catholic schools?

Saskatoon houses about 50 Catholic schools across the city, serving approximately 20,000 students.

Is High School Education Free in Saskatoon?

High school education in Saskatoon is free, no tuition fee is required before attending any public high school in Saskatoon.


After reading this article, students looking to study in Saskatoon can take a bold step in deciding which high school in Saskatoon best suits their need and career path.


I am a student with passion and hunger to help individuals and students get more useful, legit, accurate, and up-to-date information by providing them with valuable resources and information.

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