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Best Litter Box for Small Apartment – Tested and Trusted

If you are looking for the best litter box for a small apartment? If yes, then this is for you. One way to keep boredom away if you live by yourself is to have a pet.

While taking care of a pet in a large apartment is quite easy, the challenge of limited space in a small apartment can challenge taking care of pets.

Since a small apartment offers you limited space, you might not be able to give your pet all that you want for it.  Nonetheless, you will have to provide it with its needs, and one of these needs is a litter box.

Generally, litter boxes are known to take up space.  However, they do not have to take up so much space. 

You can always provide your pet with a litter box when it needs one without the issue of limited space coming into the picture because litter boxes are designed for small apartments. 

With these small litter boxes in existence, you can have a pet in your small apartment and still keep your apartment free from odours and pet litter.

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Best Litter Box for Small Apartment

Best Litter Box for Small Apartment

If you have never had to buy a litter box for a small apartment, you might not be able to buy the right one. To save you the stress of several trials, we have put together some of the best litter boxes for small apartments. 

Let’s find out what they are.

1. Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan

Are you simply interested in buying a straightforward litter box that comes with ample room? If yes, the Catit jumbo hooded cat litter pan will be great for you. 

This litter box was designed for small payments. 

Nonetheless, it is quite large and measures 22 by 20 by 18 inches. Additionally, its door space measures 10.4 x 9.6 inches. 

This means big cats can use it and will be very comfortable using it. When cats do their thing, they sometimes exhibit funny behaviours because they want extra privacy. 

This litter box was designed with cat privacy in mind. It helps cats do their thing privately and simultaneously keeps the house free from litter odour. Cleaning this litter box is easy because of its large hood. 

Additionally, there are lock-ins and easy snaps which ensure you have the right fit. This litter box comes with an in-built bag anchor that ensures the bag stays open. 

This way, your hands can be free when you scoop litter. That’s not all. 

There is a replaceable carbon filter on the litter box, which is excellent for removing odour.

Also, the litter box is durable because it is made from BPA-free material.

Features of this litter box

  • It features a replaceable carbon filter that keeps odours away
  • It has the right size for huge cats.
  • It has a swinging door that is great for your pet’s privacy, without the odour of its litter filling your apartment.


  • It offers value for money
  • It can be cleaned easily
  • Its carbon filter tons down odour


  • Some cats may not comfortable with the swinging door
  • Some cats may not like the carbon filter.

Where to buy from

The best place to buy this litter box from is Amazon.- They’ve got this litter box at the best price ever!


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2. PetSafe Hooded Cat Litter Box

This litter box comes with a good number of innovative features. One of these features is its automatic cleaning system. 

About 5 to 20 minutes after your cat is done with its business; the ScoopFree cleans the litter box. This means you will not have to get involved in refilling, cleaning, or scooping your cat’s litter box for a while.

This device comes with silica gel crystal litters that help control odour. These crystals are almost 100% free from dust and will not get attached to your cat’s paws. 

Some litter boxes leak. So, cleaning them gets a little messy. 

However, with this litter box, you do not have to worry about any mess while cleaning it as it does not leak. 

You do not have to do much to clean up this litter box. What you need to do is take out the tray and dispose of it after 30 days.

Features of this litter box

  • It has a health counter that keeps track of how frequently your cat uses the litter box.
  • It features a plastic lining that helps against leaking.
  • It measures 28.5 x 20.5 x 1.5 inches.
  • It features silica gel crystals that keep odour away.


  • It has a self-cleaning mechanism
  • Its motor is not noisy
  • Its plastic lining prevents leaks


  • It is expensive.

Where to buy from

The best place to buy this litter box from is Amazon.- They’ve got this litter box at the best price ever!


3. Good Pet Stuff Hidden Cat Litter Box

There are lots of great litter boxes. However, not all of them blend properly with your apartment. 

If you are looking to get a litter box that blends perfectly with your apartment’s décor, the Good Pet Stuff Hidden Cat Litter Box is a litter box you should consider getting.

This litter box blends well with your apartment’s décor because it is designed like a potted plant. 

It is a box you will easily confuse for a real clay pot as it has a decorative moss on its top. Beyond just being designed to blend with the environment, this litter box was built to last a long time.

This litter box measures 19x19x14 inches and weighs six pounds. This makes it large enough for large cats, as well as multiple cats. 

When the plant at its top is measured, it has a height of 42 inches.

Regardless of its dimensions, you can place it in any part of your home. Beyond just being big enough for large cats, this litter has an entry point that measures 9 x 9 inches. 

The implication of this is large cats will not struggle to get in and out of it.

Features of this litter box

  • It was designed to be used with multiple cats
  • It has a filter and vent system that keep dust and odour away
  • It was made with polypropylene.


  • It is durable and comes with a warranty of one year
  • It comes with a filter and vent system
  • It is spacious
  • It has a beautiful design


  • It could get heavy because of the large amount of litre it can hold
  • The plant may not always look real.

Where to buy from

The best place to buy this litter box from is Amazon.- They’ve got this litter box at the best price ever!


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4. Modkat Litter Box for Small Spaces

This litter box is highly rated on Amazon. Its rating is almost five stars. 

It is premium and sometimes referred to as the “iPod of litre boxes.” So long you need something in a litter box, you can almost be certain that this litter box possesses it.

You do not have to worry about leaks with this litter box as it comes with a seamless base. 

Additionally, it features a tarp liner that is reusable and a swivel lid that can be opened very easily.

Features of this litter box

  • It has a modern design and fits virtually every room regardless of how small it is
  • It is scratch-resistant
  • It features a swivel lid that ensures easy cleaning
  • It has a locking lid that plays the role of a walk-off mat.


  • It is durable
  • It is sleek
  • It tones down litter tracking


  • Some cats may not comfortable in it
  • Its size does not favour large cats.

Where to buy from

The best place to buy this litter box from is Amazon.- They’ve got this litter box at the best price ever!


Buyer’s Guide for Best Litter Box for Small Apartment

There are lots of catchy litter boxes in the market. While this has its good side, it could make it difficult for you to choose the right litter box. 

So, to avoid making a mistake when buying a litter box, you must look out for some features. These features include;

A. Materials

The material a litter box is made of is very important. If you want a litter box that will last a long time or one that your cat will be comfortable using, you will need to consider the material it is made from.

While there are many materials used in making litter boxes, the ideal litter boxes are made from polished plastic and BPA-fee materials. 

Also, they are not made from materials that could cause any harm to your cats.

B. Easy to Clean

No one wants to spend ample time cleaning a litter box. Therefore, you should consider the ease with which a litter box can be cleaned before buying it.

C. Type

Litter boxes are of different types. These different types of litter boxes are for apartments of different sizes. 

If you live in a small space, you will do well to get a high-sided litter box. With a high-sided litter box, your cat will struggle to push its litter to the floor when it is done with its business. 

Additionally, lots of cats enjoy privacy. This means they will be more comfortable when a litter box is enclosed.

Although most litter boxes that were designed for small spaces are enclosed, not all of them are. 

So, if for any reason you will not need an enclosed litter box, it is okay to go for one that is not enclosed.

Frequently Asked Questions

A. What is the Best Place to Put a Litter Box in a Small Apartment?

No part of a small apartment can be said to be the best place for the best place to put a litter box. 

However, you should put your pet’s litter box in the bathroom or bedroom for the issue of space.

B. Are Bigger Litter Boxes Always More Expensive Than Smaller Ones

The size of a litter box affects its price. It, however, is not the only thing that affects its price. 

The litter box’s brand also comes into play. So, a bigger litter box will not always be more expensive than a smaller one. 


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