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Best Nursing Colleges in Pretoria

Have you ever heard of Tshwane? If you are in South Africa you must have heard of the word several times but if you are not then this might be your first time. Well, Pretoria is also referred to as Tshwane. Pretoria is the capital city of South Africa and is one of the most developed and populated cities in South Africa

Nursing is one of the most important and relevant occupations in the world. This is due to its necessity in the health sector. Since ancient times, nurses have always been relevant; from birth delivery to direct patient care, a nurse’s role in the health sector can not be replaced.

Nurses retain a relationship with patients that makes it easy for patients to trust them with their care and share with them many of the health challenges they are facing. A nurse is the closest health person to a patient. This has made them be irreplaceable in the health sector. You can’t just find a hospital without a nurse.

When talking about nursing schools, Pretoria has a lot of them to choose from. This includes top nursing schools and research institutes that teach students the nitty-gritty in caregiving and case management. These schools are equipped with standard facilities to facilitate the training of professional nurses in Pretoria and South Africa as a country.

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If you are reading this article, it is either you are in South Africa and planning to enrol in a nursing school in Pretoria or you are already enrolled in a nursing school in Pretoria. If you are planning to enrol in one, then this article is for you. When you read this article to the end, you will be able to know the best nursing college in Pretoria to enrol in

Who is a Nurse?

A nurse can be defined as a health caregiver or someone who treats and attend to the needs of patients while monitoring their health condition and managing their case closely.

What is a Nursing School?

A nursing school is an institution that provides theoretical and practical training to individuals that intend to become professional nurses. They also give certifications and licenses to nurses.

To be certified as a professional nurse, one must graduate from an accredited and recognized nursing school. Students are expected to be familiar with four different nursing career fields which include:

  • General Nursing – General nursing is the branch of nursing that is concerned with caregiving for patients in hospitals, clinics, and medical centres.
  • Community Nursing – This entails primary health care and public health management. They aid in the prevention of disease through vaccination and testing.
  • Psychiatric Nursing – Psychiatric nurses are found in psychiatric hospitals and they take care of the mental health of psychiatric and mentally unstable patients.
  • Midwifery Nursing – The midwifery nurses are responsible for the care of pregnant women. They attend to the physical and mental needs of the nursing mother and her baby. It includes all pre-natal and post-natal care.

Top 10 Best Nursing School in Pretoria

One of the most challenging phases in attending a nursing school is the phase of choosing the perfect school. Of course, you know that the first step to success is making the right decision. When you make the right decision, your ability to succeed is high. After a lot of research work, I brought together this list of the best nursing colleges in Pretoria. I also provided comprehensive details of the schools. if you are looking for the best nursing school, then you are sure to find one here

1. University of Pretoria College of Nursing Science

The University of Pretoria is a public research institute that was established in 1908. It is located in Pretoria and is one of the oldest universities in South Africa.

Their college of nursing science is the first nursing college in South Africa and has since remained the position of the best nursing college in Pretoria and South Africa as a nation.

The university prepares students to become leaders in the nursing profession through education. This is achieved through an intensive curriculum of theoretical coursework and clinical experience.

Nursing science at the University of Pretoria is a 4-year program and attending a nursing school means that you have to spend few hours working at the hospital on a fixed shift during school periods and holidays.

To be eligible for admission into the University of Pretoria, you are required to have mathematics, biology, physiology, and physical science background. Students are admitted based on merit

2. Ithemba Nursing Academy

Established in 2002, Ithemba nursing academy is a private nursing institution that is located in the east of Pretoria. The college major in nursing and has made a significant impact in nursing education in Pretoria and South Africa. It is accredited by the South African nursing council and is capable of offering two qualifications which are the one-year auxiliary nursing certificate and two years of enrolled nursing certificates.

The program curriculum consists of series of theoretical course outlines that you are required to complete. Students will also undergo clinical training on the four major aspects of nursing. This is to allow them to acquire experience and a practical approach to medical problems in real life.

3. Thuto Bophelo Nursing Academy

The Thuto Bophelo nursing school is a private institution that was established in 1982. The school is one of the best nursing schools in Pretoria and has maintained its rank over the years.

The university is accredited by the South African nursing council and trains students according to the requirements of the South African registration council. The school is focused on bringing health care services to the interior and suburban areas of the community.

If you intend to study in this academy, you should have a background in biology and other science subjects. The university offers nursing programs such as auxiliary nursing courses, enrolled nursing courses, basic nursing care, anatomy, and physiology.

4. Life College of Learning

Life College of Learning is a private nursing school that was established in 1998. It is located in Pretoria and is owned by the life healthcare group. The institution focuses on the preparation of students to become professional nurses.

The school is accredited by the South African nursing council and is an institution recognized by the private higher education institute which is under the department of higher education. With 7 campuses in South Africa, the institution offers a conducive learning environment with a curriculum that is centred on practical training. Students are tutored and supervised by well-experienced tutors who are professional nurses.

This combination of well-equipped schools experienced tutors, and an exceptional curriculum is what makes life college of learning one of the best nursing schools in Pretoria.

5. Healthnicon

This school was established in 1995 and is one of the first private nursing schools in South Africa. It was earlier known as “the private nursing school”.

It is accredited by the South African nursing council and has since become a high-ranking nursing school in the country. The college provides a variety of nursing programs which include community health work, auxiliary nursing, paediatrics, orthopaedic, etc.

The university has three campuses across the country and has affiliations and partnerships with health centres where students spend most of their time working as part of their training. This clinical program gives them the experience of a professional nursing career.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many years does it take to study nursing?

A: It takes a total of 3 – 4 years to finish a program in nursing science. This includes working at the hospital as a nursing student. You are also expected to complete one year of horsemanship. This takes the total year of study to 4 or 5.

Q: Do I need a science background to apply for a nursing school?

A: Yes, to gain admission into a nursing school, one of the requirements is a science background. You will be required to have familiarity with biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics. These are core foundational courses before enrolling in a nursing school

Q: What are the requirements to become a professional nurse?

A: To be eligible as a professional nurse, you must attend a reputable and accredited nursing college or university and obtain a diploma or degree in nursing science. You must also have a professional license as a nurse from a recognized nursing body.


As the need for more hospitals in a country arises, so is the need for more nurses. Nurses are essential health workers and their existence directly influences life expectancy. To be certified as a qualified nurse, you need to undergo intense training that covers both theoretical nursing education and the practical experience of caregiving. This list of the best nursing school in Pretoria will serve as a guide for you in making your first decision on the nursing school you want to enroll in.


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