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8 Best Paying Jobs In South Africa Without A Degree 

Having a university degree would give you access to high-end paying jobs in South Africa, but this will always not be the case as not everybody can get a university degree or qualification.

Some people cannot afford a university education others cannot settle down to study or do what is involved to get a university degree or qualification.

Several people around the world and in South Africa particularly have different reasons why they cannot get a university qualification or any other type of college degree, but all these people still need to earn money, have high paying jobs, live a good life afforded by money.

For those without a college or university degree who wish to have high-paying jobs, there are several jobs you can do to earn legally at high-paying jobs, regardless of your degree status.

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In the 21st century world of today, you can get high-paying jobs even without an educational degree from a university.

The rate of unemployment in South Africa has continued to rise, this has been exacerbated by the fact that it is close to impossible to get a job in South Africa without a college or university degree.

In South Africa you can get high-paying jobs even if you happen not to have a degree, this article would discuss some of those best-paying jobs in South Africa even without a university or college degree.

Best Paying Jobs In South Africa Without A Degree 

What Are The High-Paying Jobs In South Africa Without a Degree?

To get these high-paying jobs in South Africa without a degree you would need to get skilled in your desired job because the services you would offer with those skills are what would guarantee you the desired high pay.

There are several high paying jobs in South Africa even without a degree some of these jobs are:

1. Web Development

2. Graphics design

3. Make-up artist

4. Digital Marketer

5. Executive Assistant

6. Project Management

7. Flight Attendant

8. Real Estate Agents

9. Music Producer & Dj

10. Heavy Duty Equipment Operators

11. Truck Drivers

12. Executive Assistant

13. Petrol Officer

14. Insurance Sales Agent


1. Web Development

Web development is one of the most sorts after skills in South Africa currently and the demand is only going to increase.

Web development is the process of creating software for both web and mobile to work over the internet using programming languages such as Laravel, PHP, Java, Share Point, Cisco, etc.

Web development is very vast and the more your experience in the space the more pay you would command.

Web developers can choose what aspect of the web they want to work on and get skilled in that area, developers can decide to become back-end developers or front-end developers.

The most sort after developers in South Africa are those that write codes on Java, PHP, C#, Android, and iOS.

You would need to acquire a specific web development skill and go ahead to begin to earn, you can acquire these web development skills through online courses, using tutorial videos, and several other free coding websites and platforms.

The good thing about web development is that you can teach your self hence you do not need to pay for a university degree to acquire web development or software development skills.

With web development skills you can build websites, build software applications, manage projects, etc.

you can also freelance and not stay stuck with one employee as a web developer.

Web developers in South Africa can work on system software or mobile software as for websites they would have desktop view mode and mobile view mode.

As a software developer, you would have to do a lot of self-teaching and learning as new skills are developed frequently as this would help you to scale up and move up on your web development career.

web development jobs can fetch you a salary in the range of R9,000 – R12,500 every month. This amount can increase if such developers get to higher positions and become advanced they would be earning over R500,000.

2. Graphics Design

Graphics designing has increasingly become massively paying and with so many opportunities in the industry, one graphics designer can handle more than five Jobs concurrently, and still pull off the jobs.

Graphics designing is another skill you can learn on your own without needing to pay for a university degree.

Graphic designers can work across industries such as the creative industry, web development, branding, manufacturing, sales, etc.

Graphics designers create designs of all sorts for whoever wants them, graphics designers work a lot as freelancers in many instances.

Graphic designers in South Africa today land high-paying jobs even without a degree they earn monthly pay amounting to the range of R7,000 – R25,9 00 depending on the firms they work with. You can earn even more when you work as a freelance Graphic designer.

3. Digital Marketer

You can become a digital marketer by learning the skill through online courses without having to get a degree from a university. In South Africa, digital marketers are in high demand and you get to make good money earning big.

This is another job that you can make do with self-teaching and learning regardless of online courses.

As a digital marketer, you work to increase the visibility and profitability of brands and agencies through advertising, social media posts, blog posts, managing of social media communities of your clients, etc.

Digital marketers have become increasingly very essential to advertising in the 21st century this is not just in South Africa but globally.

Digital marketers earn up to R14,500 monthly this can be more depending on the brand your work for.

4. Make-up Artist

As a make-up artist, your job is to transform the looks of people facially and otherwise with the use of make-up kits, creams, powder, etc. When you do this for top celebrities you can make a high-paying job out of Making up celebrities which have become a common phenomenon lately.

You do not need a college or university degree to work as a make-up artist, you can learn make-up professionally using online video tutorials and courses.

Make-up artists can earn up to R6,700 monthly in South Africa which is more than some degree holders earn in South Africa.

5. Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents help clients make decisions on purchasing property, selling property, leasing out the property, and renting property. The real estate industry in South Africa has continued to boom guaranteeing high-paying jobs, this is one of the jobs you can get in South Africa without getting a university degree.

You just need to become a legal agent by interning as an intern agent in any Real estate agency, where you will be supervised by a qualified agent for one year (12 months) where you would keep a logbook and become a real estate agent when your internship period is concluded after you have taken the NQF 4 course this course you can take online.

Real estate agents earn between R10,000 – R15,000 per month.

6. Project Management

Project managers have continuously become in high demand in South Africa. This job does not require a university degree in most cases as a lot of web developers rise to become project managers, at agencies where they require management of projects online and using programming languages.

Project managers need to have excellent communication skills, meet expectations from clients and be able to estimate the time it will take to deliver a project to clients at all times, this the project manager would achieve by working with other team members in the project.

Project managers earn between R15,000 – R17,000 monthly.

7. Flight Attendants

The job of Attending on flights is another high-paying job in South Africa that does not require a university degree you just need to take a short course on flight attending to get yourself started.

Flight attendants earn good money especially if they work for multinational airlines, but in South Africa, you can earn high pay as a flight attendant also.

Flight Attendants in South Africa earn up to R25,000 – R30,000 monthly without a university degree.

8. Waitress

Waiting on guests in restaurants might not be a typical career choice and not paying a decent salary, but without a university degree, you can earn pretty good pay working in the busiest times and streets in the country and in the expensive restaurants.

waiters take orders for food, drinks, and any other services the establishment they work at offers, they also ensure customer satisfaction and handle any concerns raised by customers on the meal served in most cases.

Waiter work long hours you must know but with good pay, the long hours are worth the work.

waiters get paid in those high street locations and expensive restaurants in South Africa from R5,800 – R10,000 monthly


Getting a high paying job in South Africa is not an exclusive reserve of the degree holders if you cannot afford a degree you can still make a living by getting the required skill and going into any of the discussed high paying jobs that suit you without worrying about owning a university or college degree.


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