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Top 7 Best Private High Schools In Montreal

Montreal, Quebec, Canada is one of the best places to have a life in Canadian Country, the whole of Canada itself is an amazing place to have a life, do business and enjoy tourism and also in its mind-blowing educational system.

Today, I will be reviewing the Best Private High Schools in Montreal.

We will be looking at various attributes of these private high schools in Montreal so I can assure you of an interesting and educative read.

Best Private High schools in Montreal

Some of the best private high schools in Montreal include;

1. St George’s School of Montreal

Tuition; $17,390 to $21,217

This is last but definitely not least, this is an exceptional school that is proudly among the best private high schools in Montreal, its main role is offering standard education, its Students are actively involved in their education, engaging in activities and programs that promotes and aid academic success with a versatile curriculum that encourages students to explore and make investigations which models them into becoming critical thinkers and well-defined people.

The staff and academic staff of this esteemed institution are highly qualified and devoted to seeing each child achieve academic, socially and emotionally prosperity, the school also has a student advisory program that enables students to communicate daily with faculty mentors which also help the school keep track of each student’s progress as well as social integration all for the better menu of said students.

2. The Sacred Heart School of Montreal

$17,355 to 62,797/year

The previous school was specially tailored for of child education, this one is for girl child education and is also one of the best private high schools in Montreal, its core values are dedicated to Girl child education, it is a catholic high school established as far back as 1861 that has been providing education for the girl child over decades and is committed to doing so for more decades to come and build these girls into intelligent, and exceptional people confident to affect society and their environment.

It uses genius techniques to bolster the educational methods such as small class sizes, which means teachers and students gets to interact on a personal level, thus removing alienation. The school offers an intensive French program and an accelerated extensive math program, as well as a rich range of subjects from arts and drama to science and astronomy. The school is actually quite popular for its robotics team that amazing.

3. Lower Canada College

Tuition: $17,625 to $22,485

Lower Canada College is one of the most reputable schools in Montreal and is one f the best private high schools in Montreal and prides itself in allowing its students to discover what they can be by stretching its academic borders and curriculums to cover areas that develop the potentials of students thereby giving these students a chance to learn about different cultures, lifestyle and ways of thinking, which assists in the development of their mind and body, the schools do this with the aim of eliminating a mainstream mode of thing and discriminatory practices in the minds of their students.

4. Kells Academy

Tuition: $ 17,800 – 35,800

This is most definitely a notable mention on the list of best private high schools in Montreal, and widely acclaimed for its pursuit of academic excellence, in which it challenges and encourages students to push beyond the averages they have set for themselves and aim for the more, this is even Aside academics, where the potentials are boosted further.

It is a really notable mention and the high school has a  100% graduate rate of its students and has a very high acceptance in CEGEP and universities in different disciplines, its students are exceptional in art and sports are opened to students’ participation as well as a number of extracurricular activities.

5. Centennial Academy

Tuition: $20,650/year

Another worthy mention on the list of Private Highschools in Montreal is Centennial Academy, a school that has quickly risen to become one of the best private high schools in Montreal. The school is specially developed for children with learning challenges and uses the fundamental principle that every child is unique and each has different learning abilities and so the school has come up with a genius idea to develop special teaching strategies for each of their special students that get the student’s and boosts understanding of the knowledge taught. It is a task that not many high schools or schools, in general, are willing to undertake but Centennial Academy has taken it upon its shoulders to adequately cater for these students that are typically resented y mainstream society.

Centennial academy prides itself as the only one of the high schools in Canada, which helps its students master their learning challenges and become autonomous, resilient learners that are ready to fit into society without the help of parents or outside tutors once they graduate. It is proudly referred to as one of the best private high schools in Montreal, in the high school, the students graduate with MEES Secondary School Diploma in 5 years which is considered amazing for the scope of work done in the school., the high school offers its teachings in both French and English and the student makes a choice.

6. Loyola High School

Tuition: $9,620

The next institution on the list of private high schools in Montreal and one of the best private institutions in their region is Loyola High school, this school has quite a long history cop ate d to the others on this list, the school is a Catholic, Jesuit, and English-language High School for boys only with the goal of raising young men into competent, spiritually mature, open-minded, individuals who have a fierce n undying love for justice..

The school is quite competitive and academically driven evidenced by its extensive curriculum and the students are challenged to maintain academic excellence and break their limits.  The school is not entirely focused on academics as it holds on a firm to the objective of the total formation of the boy child, which covers the academic potentials, skills and spiritual formation of each student in order to create amazing men that would benefit society, it achieves this with a host of extracurricular activities in athletic programs and clubs with Modern facilities which include auditoriums, media centres, athletics complex amongst many more facilities.

7. College Prep International

Tuition: $12,500 to 15,000/year

College Prep International is a world-class high school that deserves its position as one of the best private high schools in Montreal, it is multi-diverse and accepts students from all around the world without restrictions us chi as in language, colour race and gender. College Prep International prides itself in fairness and equality of its students no matter what sphere of life they originate from making it one of the best private high schools in Montreal and one of the best high schools in Canada.  The seamless and unique ability that College Prep uses to pursue a zero xenophobic and zero discriminatory environment, providing an environment that ensures academic excellence to all is awesome.

When it comes to learning, the badge that College Prep International has as one of the best private high schools in Montreal shines, as the Teachers at College Prep international are exceptional and highly qualified and trained in  The use of traditional teaching methods as well as modern practice methodology to get students involved in the learning process. The system of equal treatment and fairs is also deeply ingrained into the minds of these teachers so they treat each student with respect and equality.

Frequently Asked Questions About Highschoools in Montreal

How Many High Schools are there in Montreal?

The region of Montreal is home to 16, which makes the city of Montreal the largest  English School Board in the Province of Quebec, Canada.

At What age Do People Graduate?

Normally, the typical time for high school graduation is 17 or 18 especially for the province of Quebec. In Quebec, high school starts at grade 7 to grade 11

What is the Teaching language?

Montreal is a French-speaking city, but the English language is as common in classroom usage as French and sometimes children choose which language to learn in especially for children who have had some level of English,  most private high schools are bilingual, teaching English and French languages.

How long is high school education?

The High school education in Montreal and anywhere else in Canada is five years, which when completed, students are awarded a high school diploma from the government.

Is Tuition-Free?

Education in Canada as a whole is free for elementary, post-secondary and colleges but students attending private institutions like the private high schools just mentioned would be asked to pay.


Private high schools in Montreal and  Canada can cost anywhere between 4,000 CAD (2,977 USD) to 26,000 CAD (19,349 USD) yearly.

 Acceptance Rate for Private Highschools in Montreal

Centennial Academy: Average of 300 students

College Prep International; Average of 250 students

Loyola Highschool: 50% acceptance rate, the average number of admitted students not published

Kells Academy: 60% acceptance rate, the average number of admitted students not published

Lower Canada College: Average of 150 students

St. George’s School of Montreal: Not Certain but an average of 38 students per grade

The Sacred Heart School of Montreal: Average of 200 students

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