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Best Private High Schools in Toronto 2022

private high schools in Toronto

The debate about private and public schools and which ones are the best continues to have varying areas of valid points. If you are a party to the school of thought that private schools are better for your ward(s), then this article on the best private high schools in Toronto will provide you with insight on the schools to send your kids to for the best of education.

If you are looking to send your kids to high school, these are some of the best private schools in Toronto:

  1. Crescent School
  2. AVRO Academy
  3. Linden School
  4. Branksome Hall
  5. Hudson College
  6. Braemar College
  7. Lowell Academy
  8. Havergal College
  9. Royal St. George’s College

Aside from the many reasons why private schools are rated better than public schools, one distinct reason why the former is preferred than the latter is because of the former’s level of education brought about by its staff is almost commensurate with the tuition fee paid. As we progress, I will show you some details about each of these schools I have outlined as the best private schools in Toronto and help you make a decision on which is best.

9 Best Private High Schools in Toronto

Crescent School

Crescent School is an independent day school established in 1913. It is an all-boys school founded by John William James with the intention to raise men of notable values from a tender age. The school is committed to their mission of molding young boys into men of character. They try to achieve that with a variety of academic program and extracurricular activities, providing mentoring and relational learning.

Crescent also provides athletic facilities, professional equipped theatres, state of the art learning technologies, and libraries. They foster students’ excellence academically in arts, athletics, and business and also in outreach and robotic, training students to be champions in robotic and technological courses.

Location: 2365, Bayview Ave, North York, ON M2L 1A2, Canada.

Phone: (416) 449-2559

Grades: 3-12

Tuition: $36,090

AVRO Academy

AVRO Academy is a co-ed private school that encourages students to believe in themselves and become the best version of themselves. Students are motivated to excel academically through listening to the needs and interest of each students and discovering what learning style best suits a student.

Teachers at AVRO are trained to be good listeners and observers to sufficiently communicate with students using the right learning strategy. AVRO offers courses and programs that provides students the opportunity to explore their interest, enhance academic excellence, and prepare them for university education. They also offer counselling and academic support to their students.

Location: 1640 A Avenue Rd, North York ON M5M 3X9, Canada.

Linden School

The Linden School is one that is known for its holistic approach to girl education. The school provides an environment where girls are groomed into visionaries and leaders. Students of Linden are gifted with exceptional teachers recognized nationally for their novelty in girl education. They are committed to building student academically, socially and emotionally, providing full-time guidance and learning counseling to students.

With the programs and courses offered at Linden, students stand a 100 percent chance at getting into a good university and soaring to the highest heights of academic excellence.

Location: 10 Rosehill Avenue, Toronto, ON M4T 1G5, Canada.

Phone (416) 966-4406

Grades: JK-12

Tuition: $19,550-$26,350 per year

Branksome Hall

Branksome Hall founded in 1903 as an independent day and boarding school, just for girls. The school is one that is intentional in promoting girl education and ensuring that women occupy relevant positions in the society. With their liberal arts curriculum, students can find themselves as well as harness their potentials. It encourages creativity, making a difference, and a sense of community and inclusiveness.

The school is an international baccalaureate (IB) world school offering all three IB programs including primary year program, (PY), middle year program (MY), and international baccalaureate diploma program (DP). It has an enrollment of 909 students yearly.

Location: 10 Elm Ave, Toronto, ON M4W 1N4, Canada.

Phone: (416) 920-9741

Grades: JK-12

Tuition: $35,700-72,500 per year

Hudson College

Hudson College is a co-educational, non-denominational private school with the goal to challenge every student to reach their maximum potential and equip students with the skills and values they need to attain personal and academic success in the future.

The school looks to promote excellence academically as well as student’s personality. They are equipped to attain success academically, socially and emotionally through a peculiar teaching style adopted by teachers to ensure learning.

Furthermore, the school provides a platform for creative learning where students are challenged to become better, creative thinkers and independent learners in a conducive learning environment.

Location: 21 Ascot Avenue, Toronto, ON M6E 1E6, Canada.

Phone: (416) 631-0082

Braemar College

Braemer College, founded in 1995 is one of Toronto’s leading private high school, located in downtown Toronto, on St George campus of the University of Toronto.

The school offers lots of programs designed to help students realize their academic, personal, and social potential. They are committed to ensuring that students get the best education with the support of teachers, tutors, and course mentors.

At Braemar, students are challenged to stand out academically thanks to the various programs offered in the school. Additionally, the school houses facilities and allows students to engage in activities which spurs them to become improved versions of themselves.

Location: 229 college st, Toronto, ON M5T 1R4, Canada.

Grade: 9-12

Lowell Academy

Lowell Academy is a school dedicated to meeting the academic needs of students individually by hiring the best of Ontario’s certified teachers with adequate teaching experience. The school offers one-on-one professional tutoring and counseling to provide each students with a customized study plan.

There is a conducive learning environment in the school with comfortable and fully-equipped facilities to aid studying and enhance learning. The school incorporates an-after school program for international students which includes all subjects and grade levels.

Location: 3601 Victoria Park, Ave suite, 501, Scarborough, ON M1W 3Y3, Canada.

Phone: (416) 800-9007

Grades: 9-12

Havergal College

Havergal College is one of the reputable schools in Toronto with a passion to build students into leaders ready to take on the world. The school is one of the private high schools in Toronto that is committed to providing girl child education.

It offers enriching educational programs to prepare girls for tertiary institution and ultimately life. One of the benefits of attending the Havergal College is its conducive learning environment and staff dedication to student’s excellence. Havergal students’ receive guidance and mentorship from experienced staff who motivate them to be confident and innovative in finding their path.

With Havergal College, students have a greater chance at studying in any university of their choice.

Location: 1451 Avenue Rd, Toronto, ON M5N 2H9, Canada.

Phone: (416) 483-3843

Grades: 9-12

Royal St. George’s College

After presenting two schools with focus on girl child education alone, I felt it would be good to add the Royal St. George’s College which is an all-boys school founded in 1961 to this list of private high schools in Toronto. The school is an independent day Anglican School located in the Annex neighborhood of Toronto with a student population of 520.

Royal St George’s College challenges boys to be better while training them to be well mannered and ambitious. The school promotes relationship among students as well as student to teachers, which encourages students to ask questions where they are not clear and also get answers.

Committed to ensuring the growth and development of students, the school provides extracurricular activities and programs which are aimed at developing students athletic and musical skills.

Location: 120 Howland Ave, Toronto, ON M5R 3B5, Canada.

Phone: (416) 533-9481

Grade: 3-12

Tuition: $34500 per year


Are Private High Schools in Toronto Expensive?

Private school in Toronto can be considered quite expensive especially when compared to public schools in the city. The average fee for a private high school in Toronto can start from $12,000 to as high as $40,000 per year.

How Many Private High Schools are In Toronto?

35. There are about 35 registered private high schools in Toronto, Ontario.

How Do I Apply For A Private High School In Toronto?

To apply in any private high school in Toronto, you can visit the school’s website to get directions in how to apply online or visit the school’s location.

Are There Public Schools in Toronto?

Toronto has lots of public schools. There are about 500 public schools in Toronto from kindergarten to universities and colleges.

Editor’s Recommendation

If you are overwhelmed and almost carried away by what school to choose, I am going to show you my pick on the best private high schools in Toronto. Generally, I will go for Crescent College or Lowell Academy. These schools are highly rated in the province and exceptional for the quality of education they offer.

For my girl child, I will probably take her to Havergal while I send my boys to the Royal St. George’s College. They are a good choice if you want to get gender-based education and discipline for your children. Branksome Hall is also a good choice for girl child education in Toronto.


Knowing the benefit of education, it is important that when choosing a school, the choice must be based on what school challenges her students to work hard and excel in all areas of life. Make a list of your interest, potentials, and academic strength and go for a school that has a track record of bringing the gold out of every child.






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