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Top 7 Best Private Schools in Calgary

One of the most significant aspects of life is education. It enables us to find purpose in everything and contributes substantially to the improvement of people’s lives.

Education is one of the most valuable gifts a parent can offer their child. When it comes to selecting a school, there are two alternatives: private or public. Parents prefer sending their children to private schools in Calgary because of the higher standard of education, better physical facilities, and reputation. However, this isn’t always the case, as some public schools provide similar or even greater benefits.

If you’re a parent in Calgary looking for a school for your child, you should do more than just pick one at random among the nearby schools. Enrolling your child in one of Calgary’s best private schools is one method to ensure that they receive an excellent education. Because private schools have a smaller student population, they can more easily provide your child the attention he or she requires.

Student-centred learning will assist your child in developing healthy study habits, abilities, and talents that will benefit him or her in the future. Apart from these behaviors, they might also help your child develop self-esteem and independence.

With hundreds of private schools to select from in Calgary, it’s nearly impossible to choose the ideal private school for your child’s needs. This is why we have come up with this article, the information contained in this piece will not only provide you with viable alternatives but will also lead you to the best.

Best Private Schools in Calgary

Here are the 7 best private schools in Calgary.

1. Bearspaw Christian School

Bearspaw Christian School (BCS) was established in 1998 and is one of Alberta’s best Christian private schools, as well as one of Calgary’s best. Through Bible studies and church service opportunities, Bearspaw Christian School integrates Christian education into the standard Alberta curriculum. Bearspaw Christian School pledges to transform your children into whole beings that contribute to their chosen community through this style of education.

In addition to following the Alberta school curriculum, BCS offers speciality programs such as theatre, robotics, civil law, and psychology to its roughly 720 students. The school offers educational programs to learners of all levels, from junior kindergarten youngsters to grade 12 students. This ensures a favourable teacher-to-student ratio.

BCS has also partnered with the Alberta Distance Study Centre to provide senior high students with online and self-paced study resources.

Address:15001 – 69 Street NW Calgary, Alberta, T3R 1C5 Canada

Grade: Junior Kindergarten – 12


2. Webber Academy

This Calgary private school was founded in 1997 with the goal of preparing students for success after university.  It focuses on preparing students for college. Core courses, language lessons, and special topics such as computers, drama, and art are all available.

A Kindercentre, the main campus building, two massive gymnasiums, a Performing Arts Centre with a 500-seat theatre, a new High School Science Centre, a soccer field, and a 400-meter running track are among the facilities. It fosters a culture of accomplishment, service, and ethical behaviour in students, equipping them to be responsible citizens in their communities and society as a whole.

Address: 1515 – 93rd Street, S.W. Calgary, Alberta, T3H 4A8

Grade: JK-12


3. Delta West Academy

Delta West Academy, founded in 1993, provides a unique learning experience for students in kindergarten through high school. This school, which is now located on the Bridgeland School campus, has a small class size and offers great real-life experiences to promote and support its students as they grow and make a difference in their community and the world at large.

Delta West Academy (DWA) is a school that values academic success as well as social responsibility. Because of its liberal arts-focused curriculum, they are one of Calgary’s best private schools.

Their liberal arts program fosters a global mindset in their pupils by providing opportunities for them to gain confidence, efficiency, and independence. They engage in a variety of activities, ranging from academic study to athletic activity.

What sets them apart is that before forming student organizations, they undertake surveys to learn about their students’ best interests.

Grade: Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12

Address: 414 11a St NE, Calgary, AB T2E 4P3


4. Clear Water Academy

ClearWater Academy was founded in 1995 with the purpose of providing the highest quality education and producing Integrally Formed Christian leaders who are committed to establishing a society of Christian principles that are not only taught but actively practised.  The four tenets of Catholic formation include Intellectual Formation, Character Formation, Apostolic Formation, and Spiritual Formation. Grades 4 through 9 are gender divided for all classrooms, while Clear Water runs from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade Twelve. 

For several classes, such as religion and physical education, high school is divided by gender. Uniforms are mandatory for all pupils. Its students are educated with a balanced educational and spiritual basis thanks to the adoption of its unique medium of teaching.

This Calgary private school educates and mentors kids in order for them to become the future leaders that society needs.

Grade: Junior kindergarten – 12

Address: 3910 Quesnay Wood Dr SW, Calgary, AB T3E 8G1, Canada


5. Master’s Academy & College

Master’s Academy, a Calgary-based K-12 private school, was founded in 1997 with the goal of going above and beyond academic excellence. It prepares students to be 21st-century creators, innovators, and change leaders.

 It has attracted international attention for its efforts to move education from the Industrial Age to the twenty-first century. Students frequently outperform provincial standardized test criteria, and this private school assists them in preparing for the future.

This school aims to prepare students beyond academic success by encouraging them to be creative, imaginative, and life-changing agents.

Grade: Kindergarten – 12

Address: 4414 Crowchild Trail SW, Calgary, AB T2T 5J4, Canada



6. Calgary French and International School 

This Calgary private school has risen to become one of Alberta’s top French immersion schools, owing to its capacity to cater to each student’s unique interests and needs. It encourages academic excellence and leadership with a focus on global impact.

Through the teaching of UNESCO values in every grade, Calgary French & International School adopts a strong global viewpoint and cultivates peace. This private school hires the top teachers in the world to offer high-quality instruction in both Spanish and French. It maintains an 8:1 student-to-faculty/classroom ratio and tries to provide every student with cross-cultural and first-hand experiences through the UNESCO framework of values.

To promote your child’s complete development, their Early Child Education Division (ECE) uses research-based and participatory teaching approaches. CFIS provides tailored and personalised programs to help older students find work in their chosen fields.

Grade: Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12

Address: 700 77 St SW, Calgary, AB T3H 5R1


7. West Island College 

West Island College, Calgary was founded in 1982. Calgary West Island College has a track record of success, leadership, creativity and growth. This Calgary private school offers its unique Class Afloat program, which provides an excellent educational experience to students while sailing around the world. The watchword of the school is “Praestatantiam Consectemur” or “The Pursuit of Excellence”.

West Island College offers a robust school experience that will enable each student to reach their full potential. Moral values, social responsibility, and sound ethics couched in a global perspective help prepare the students for success in their school careers as well as later in life.

Grade: 7 – 12

Address: 7410 Blackfoot Trail S.E. Calgary, Alberta




In conclusion, Calgary is blessed to have reputable private schools and we hope we have made your search for the best private schools easy. The schools discussed above will give your child the best and he/ she will surely receive all the attention they require and deserve.



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