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Top 6 Best Universities to Study Hospitality Management in South Africa

You have probably heard of the word hospitality and have an idea of what it means to be hospitable. In everyday language, it means to be accomodating, receiving, and kind.

The business of hospitality has been in existence for the longest period. Hospitality and tourism have added several branches, expanded their scope, and have become a part of formal education.  Unlike the traditional methods of entertaining guests, people now receive formal and systematic training on hosting people, which will leave them satisfied. Hospitality is not just limited to hotel management alone but has been greatly spiced up with food and beverage, accommodation, maintenance, spa, housekeeping, reception, etc.

As a person working in the field of hospitality and tourism, you will handle customer and consumer complaints, ensure the smooth day-to-day running of the business, ensure the safety of the guests, budget and accounting, training, and management of staff and facilities.  You can work in restaurants, airlines, bars, hotels, exhibition sites, the tourism sector, events, etc.

South African tourism and hospitality is one of the best in the world, known for its famous safari parks, beaches, mountains, savannahs, and rich culture. South Africa receives an estimated number of 9,549,236 international guests annually. Hospitality and tourism are one of the major sources of revenue to the country. With this record, institutions will naturally spring up to train people who want to be involved in the business of hospitality.

Top 6 Best Universities to Study Hospitality Management in South Africa

Best Universities to Study Hospitality Management in South Africa

Some of the best universities and institutions to study hospitality and tourism in South Africa includes;

1. IIE School of Hospitality and Service Management

This IIE School of Hospitality and Service Management has campuses located in Stellenbosch and Rosebank, they offer distance learning opportunities for interested students, this includes a higher certificate and Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management for 1 year and 3 years respectively.

At this university, you will be taught how to identify target markets for your brand, quality service delivery, management skills, problem-solving techniques in hospitality and hotel management, entrepreneurship, law and ethics, finance, general management, etc.

Their courses train you on the much-required technical and interpersonal skills to prepare you for a whole new experience out in the real world. Once you have completed your time here at this university, you emerge to have valuable skills and expertise in hospitality and tourism to build your career.

2. International Hotel School

The international hotel school is located in Cape Town, South Africa. At this university, you get to acquire a Bachelor of Business Administration in Hospitality Operations Management for 3 years, a Diploma in Hospitality Management for 3 years, with an AHLEI recognition. AHLEI is an acronym for American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute, Higher Certificate in Hospitality Management for one year.

At this university, the courses offered are diverse some of them includes; introduction to Hospitality, guest care, food and Beverage Management, Sales and Marketing, Managing housekeeping Operations, Hospitality Facilities, Management and design, Current Hospitality trends, Food production Theory and French culinary Terminology, sales and marketing, New business Development, etc. This school offers a vast range of courses from which students can readily learn. Seize the opportunity and learn from the best.

3. Cape Peninsula University of Technology

The Cape Peninsula University of Technology is one of the best schools of hospitality in South Africa you can attend. They have campuses in District six, Wellington, and Granger Bay campuses. Learning hospitality here, you are most likely to be employed in guest houses, Gamelodges, Hotels, Banqueting and event facilities, public and private institutions, etc.

The university offers a Diploma in hospitality and hotel management, a Diploma in Hospitality Management and professional cookery, Advanced diploma in Hospitality and Hotel Management. Some of the courses offered here at the institution include; Travel and Tourism operations, communication, Tourist guiding, Destinations, Business Computer Applications, Tourism marketing, etc.

You will also learn skills like housekeeping, finance and management, reception, and General hospitality operations. The diploma in Hospitality management and professional cooking lasts for 3 years, that of Hospitality and Hotel management also lasts 3years full-time study.

4. The Aleit Academy (in Academic partnership with César Ritz Colleges Switzerland)

The Aleit Academy is in partnership to build a brand and continue the legacy of César Ritz. The man César Ritz was a seasoned entrepreneur in the hospitality industry, he set an enviable and desired standard for those who are in the hospitality business. All over the world, his standards are being applied to different brands and have recorded huge success.

At the Aleit Academy, the focus is on innovation, excellence, and entrepreneurship. As a student of this school, you get to be involved in internship programs to partner with global brand leaders. You can also get a Bachelor of International Business in Hotel and management by simply taking your 2-year diploma and transferring to the swiss campus for just a year. The package is juicy and student-centered, looking for a touch of excellence with a global brand?? This school is definitely for you.

Some of the courses you would be learning while at the school include; fine dining Operations and management, Hospitality and Tourism Law, Nutrition, Health, and Special Diets, Business Statistics, Microeconomics for Hospitality Managers, Hotel and restaurants Design, German, Financial Accounting, Science for sustainable Hospitality and Tourism, Introduction to Foodservice, etc.

5. University of South Africa

The University of South Africa is dynamic in its study of hospitality. Their flexible programs allow for distance learning and time to complete all required courses at a maximum of 8 years. They are committed to producing graduates who will make their mark in the hospitality industry notwithstanding the sector they are into.

Being a student at this university requires that you are smart, demonstrate high leadership and management skills, and can study for long hours to emerge as a high flying student. Offering a diploma in Tourism and Management, you are sure to emerge a refined and highly trained personnel.

6. Central University of Technology

The Central University of Technology campus located in Bloemfontein offers a diploma in Hospitality Management and you are expected to spend a maximum of three years at the institution. You are trained and prepared to become caterers, chefs, entrepreneurs, etc. Some of the courses offered here at the university include; Advanced diploma in Hospitality Management for one year, offering courses like Hospitality industrial law, Research Methodology, Strategic management, etc. The post-graduate studies run for one year. They are committed to integrated learning and a suitable curriculum to ensure the standard is maintained.

Skills Required for Hospitality Management

As a Hospitality trained personnel or student, you need to have the necessary skills to maximize your team’s efficiency, give you good ratings and patronage and subsequently increase the company’s profit. They include:

  • Leadership skills: As a student of Hospitality and Tourism, you are consistently working with people as clients, superiors, colleagues, team members, etc. You will need to demonstrate a high level of leadership skills. Be always ready to carry members of your team along so productivity will increase. Everything rises and falls on leadership. If your leadership abilities are not trained or sharpened, you begin to fail at your craft. Your network of employees, parts and others should be highly profitable. Also, remember that leaders are made not born, So always work on yourself.
  • Organizational skill: One skill you must have is the ability to organize tasks, breaking them into bits to make work easier and less boring. Organisation also has to do with how efficient your communication systems are at your company. Your workspace should be organized, staffing, interior, and exterior decorations, food and drinks, etc. You must give attention to detail.  Remember the aim is to keep your customers satisfied and impressed. The goal is to produce customer-oriented service and a good public relationship.
  • Problem-solving ability: Ability to solve problems; you should be able to solve critical problems and have the ability to withstand pressure in the shortest amount of time is critical for being a successful person in the hospitality business. You should analyze a given problem and give solutions that apply to it.
  • Language proficiency: Having an understanding of other cultures asides from yours is a plus, and being proficient in other languages aside from your mother tongue will be of immense value to you and your company. This will give you an edge over your competitors. Learning about the diverse culture of your prospective client will leave them impressed and make them likely return or make recommendations.


Q: Where can I work if I study hospitality ??

A: The career opportunities that exist in the field of hospitality are many, making it nearly impossible to find a job. You can work as a tourist guide, hotels, restaurants, recreational centers, airlines, etc. All these can be in the public and private sectors. As a trained professional in hospitality, you are always in demand.

Q: Can I study hospitality and Tourism online?

A: Many Universities and schools for Tourism normally allow their students to study from anywhere in the world. The duration of study is however subject to the school.


As tourism increases, so does the need for hotel and hotel services increase. Hospitality management has become a necessary profession for businesses that are focused on the hospitality industry. You need to know how to care for visitors and tourists to be able to keep them glued to your hotel. This includes accommodations for food and other important needs. Hospitality management is a great profession and if you want to major in it, then you should pick one of the schools from our list.

Also check for the list of:


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