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Best 14 Businesses You Can Start From Home in Nigeria

Want to know the business you can start from home in Nigeria? If yes, then this is the best article for you. In a country where it’s getting more difficult to find gainful employment, self-employment seems to be the norm of the day.

With a dwindling economy, unfair labour force, and fewer and fewer jobs by the day, it’s no strange thing that more and more people desire to embrace the relatively secure world of self-employment.

Even so, self-employment has a high price tag attached to it that is a result of the sum of its logistics, cost of acquiring a location, and various other factors that are expensive, that is why most people look for businesses that they can do from home and today, with this article, that question will be adequately answered. This article will get an in-depth look into various businesses you can do from home in Nigeria.

Before that, though, please these factors to consider before venturing into the home business.

Home businesses are not always cheap to start.

You might have the preconceived notion that since it is a business that you can do from home, that it will not be relatively expensive to start. This isn’t a fact, although some of these businesses that you can do from home in Nigeria are quite cheap to start, most of the higher paying ones require substantial capital to start and will pay you quite well, although if you factor in all the costs, it’s still a bit cheaper than approaching the business conventionally. Most people believe that businesses that you can do from home in Nigeria are businesses that require #5000, #10,000 to start, like it was mentioned above, this isn’t always the case. This notion is actually propagated by hundreds of online articles on the internet that tend to confuse low-cost business ideas with home business ideas leading people to believe that the two are synonymous.

Home Businesses are not Get Rich Quick Schemes

This is another misconception people get in business you can do from home in Nigeria; they believe it is a business where you put little effort and time, yet it pays you handsomely and heftily. This is entirely wrong; you will need to dedicate substantial time to any business, especially home businesses, to get the type of profit you imagine. But, perspectively, it would take you up to 6 months to get heavy profits from any home business, so be patient, it will pay off.

These Businesses are not always new.

It would be best if you were expecting odd-sounding business ideas that you haven’t heard of before, but that is not the case; you are about to find out that these businesses are not new businesses but rather intelligent businesses. To aid you to make a better choice of the type of business you want to go into, I have divided the businesses into several classes, they are:

Online businesses you can do in Nigeria

Low-cost Business you can Do in Nigeria

Most lucrative businesses you can do from home in Nigeria

Business You Can Start From Home in Nigeria

1. Graphics Design

You must have heard of this particular business before; Graphic designers are in charge of anything from animation to posters, logos, business cards to banners, flyers, etc. The possibilities are endless in the profession, and they are in high demand as every company or individual requires their services in their endeavours. The best part is that it is a deficient cost business to start; learning the skill isn’t hard; countless tutorial videos on YouTube can teach you what to do and start making money. All you need is a laptop to work with and then advertise yourself through your social media handles such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; the pay is quite handsome too.

2. Blogging

This is one business that I am sure that you must have heard of, if you have a flair for writing or providing information for people, then blogging may be for you.     Of all businesses you can do from home in Nigeria, blogging is perhaps the most popular. All you need to start up this lucrative business is means of connection to the internet, good research skills, and a genuine interest in information dissemination, a laptop, and time, you will need a lot of time as this business is quite time-consuming, so start saying goodbye to your social life. You will also need to hire an SEO expert or have one as a consultant to optimize your posts and promote a high search index. All you need to do is set up a free blog with various platforms like WordPress or Wix, then fill your blog with some top-notch content that is sure to attract viewers and populate. It drives traffic to the blog in so many ways, ranging from social media to ads, monetizing your blog with Google AdSense, or displaying adverts for people on it.

3. Website Design and Maintenance

Nigeria is a country that has embraced the digital trend; more and more people need websites to promote their businesses, themselves, or their cause; because of this reason, the demand for web designers is the highest it has ever been. It is a legitimate way to make some cool cash, and it is one of the best businesses to do from home in Nigeria; all you require to start up the business is a laptop and the relevant skills set which can be acquired through online tutorials, meaning that if you can build excellent websites, you are set. Your skillet is the most important thing you are bringing to the table, so it’s advised to learn it successfully. You will get more clients if you can design professional websites, create responsive and interactive web graphics, and upload web pages to the server. You will also require the know-how on domain name registration and web hosting. Please note that a web design and maintenance business is not an easy task. It requires lots of time, determination, and ambition to make it work out for you. You will always have to be on top if you plan to make anything out of business, and you must also be ready to deal with impatient clients, so a bit of patience is required. In addition, it’s advised to have a good knowledge of coding and programming as it helps boost your profile and saves you from embarrassment at times.

Steps to Take to Begin a Web Design Business in Nigeria

The process of getting a successful web design business is quite long and complex, but for clarity purposes, I have compiled a systematic list of relevant things to do to make it work out for you. It is recommended you follow the list below carefully; 1. The first thing to do is to Acquire relevant and top-notch web design skills 2. Do a costing of the various facilities and types of equipment that will be required start-up, i.e., Hardware, design software, etc 3. The next thing is to Establish Your Brand and make it as unique as possible. 4. Then create a Create Portfolio Website for yourself and do relevant research on pricing that is affordable yet not too cheap. 5. Choose your own personal Sales Cycle that works well for you 6. Advertise on all platforms to get clients, and lastly, outsource for clients.

4. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is a highly sought-after skill in the world today; as more and more people take to the digital space, the need for someone who knows how to optimize these contents to achieve more visibility on the web grows day by day. Among the businesses you can do from home in Nigeria, SEO is one of the best and one of Nigeria’s highest-paying online businesses. However, despite its lucrative nature, it requires a lot of time and skill, but if you are patient, I can guarantee that you will be rich with it.

Steps to Starting an SEO business in Nigeria

Like I said before, starting this business is not easy, it takes a lot of time and determination to successfully execute it, but the steps I have compiled below should give you an overview of what is required. They are

1. Get the necessary skill set, there are tutorial videos that can help with this particular conundrum

2. Advertise yourself in order to start getting clients, social media and ads can help with this, Outsourcing is also quite useful Please note that if you are to succeed, you should have an in-depth knowledge of what you claim to be, this means that you can adequately show proof for what you are bragging about.

Suppose you are going to be referring to yourself as the best SEO Company in Nigeria.

In that case, you will need to be at the top of the list when people research that keyword, thus proving your authenticity in understanding the indexing algorithm.

5. Email Marketing

Personally, Email marketing is one of my favourites and is one of the best businesses to do from home in Nigeria, email marketing has become accepted as a way of advertising and people are willing and ready to pay good money for someone who can advertise their business using this platform, and you can capitalize on this, to make a quite hefty profit.

Starting your own e-mail marketing business can be the business Idea for you; it just requires a good knowledge of email marketing and an internet-accessing device.

Your job will help small, medium, and large businesses connect online with existing customers sell more goods and services.

You will need to possess an element of design in you that will create templates that will persuade customers to purchase the product that you are marketing.

It is advised to have an understanding of Internet marketing in order to succeed in targeted works and target advertising campaigns.

How to start an Email Marketing

To successfully start email marketing in Nigeria, please follow the steps outlined below to give you an overview of what you need to do.

They are;

1. The first thing required is to get the relevant skill set necessary for the task; there are lots of articles online that can help with this.

2. Get a business plan

3. Do the research and give a feasible and plausible service offer.

4. Never stop observing your competition; you will figure out loopholes to capitalize on and figure out new things you can add to yours.

5. Determine a feasible and plausible price range 6. Get a working strategy to attract clients.

6. Content Marketing

Another business you can do from home in Nigeria and one that I love personally is Content Marketing.  

It is a very lucrative business, and demand for it is increasing day by day, it is an essential part of social media, SEO, and email marketing and is quite important in all these forms of marketing.

Content marketing is a form of marketing that mainly consists of creating and sharing online material like posts and videos that aren’t designed to promote a brand but are actually aimed at stimulating interest in a product or service.

It is used by up to 87% of all businesses in Nigeria, so you see a lot of prospect in it.

Low-Cost Businesses you can do in Nigeria.

1. Tomato Farming Business

Everyone knows agriculture is a lucrative venture and when it comes to businesses you can do from home in Nigeria, Tomato farming is a good one to invest in, it’s rewarding, yet not expensive to finance, your backyard and some seeds are basically what you need to start.

However, like any other business, it is advised to do some research before you begin to produce in order to understand demand needs, you can get this from seed suppliers who will be able to tell you popular demands and high-demand locations.

2. Ice block Production

Considering Nigeria’s unreliable power supply yet extreme temperatures, there is always a demand for ice blocks in the country, as homes need to maintain their supply of cold water and at least prevent themselves from dehydrating. This is obviously one of the best businesses you can do from home in Nigeria, it’s quite lucrative considering its high demand, and requires low capital to start. You never run short of customers as your customers include but are not limited to; individuals who require cold water to drink, households around your neighborhood, various retail shops that sell beverages, restaurants, bars, and mini-shops that need to keep their drinks ice-cold at all times, so you see, you aren’t short of potential customers. It isn’t capital intensive and you can start with the little you have, all you need to start up is basically a deep freezer and a medium-sized generator. You can scale up later when you get more money and then acquire an ice block-making machine.

3. Liquid Soap Production

If you are looking out for a business to do from home in Nigeria, liquid soap production is your sure banker, this is because the demand for the product greatly surpasses the supply, and that’s your opportunity to make some nice money. Unfortunately, it is evident that the well-established liquid soap production brands are not meeting demand, and because of this, people resort to locally produced ones sometimes. If you research, you will discover that there are numerous homemade liquid soaps sold for low prices with absolutely no branding. This is your opportunity, you can learn the skill from YouTube or various workshops organized in schools, churches, and various other organizations, the raw materials required are also very cheap and negligible relative to the gain, this is one of the best businesses to do from home in Nigeria. You always have a booming customer list from supermarkets to retail shops, supermarkets to restaurants, bakers, caterers, and individuals themselves. It’s advisable to create a good name for your product by fine branding and fine packaging.

4. Production or Customization of T-shirts

If you have a passion for fashion and an eye for trendy stuff, then this might be your home business plan.

It is one very popular business that you can do from home in Nigeria, and to make things even better, it’s extremely low cost. It would help if you had meager capital to start the business.

You buy already produced shirts and add your designer taste to them and then market it around your locality or using social media.

Just like the one above it, there are countless tutorial videos on how to do this, too; I advise you to try it out.

Most Lucrative businesses you can do from home in Nigeria

1. DropShipping

Drop Shipping is a very lucrative, meagre capital, and relatively stress-free business. Moreover, it is one of the relatively new businesses you can do from home in Nigeria.

It is a type of business that one can start with very low capital and will pay you back handsomely.

You only need your laptop or Smartphone and social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, these could be your online shop.

The idea of dropshipping is simple, it’s a lot like importation but on a smaller scale.

You buy goods from eCommerce sites like Alibaba, AliExpress, etc., they send it to you, and you resell and deliver it to people at your prices.

Its skill lies in identifying what product people desire significantly and selling that to them, and you control the prices thus maximizing profit.

Many people have become immensely rich using Dropshipping, and it is very low capital to start; you can start with any amount you want and buy those products and upgrade to bigger products later on.

But, as I said before, Identify people’s demands, tastes, and then procure them and satiate their desire and they will always keep coming back to you.

2. Affiliate Marketing

This is another lucrative money-making business that is relatively easy to start, and yet it pays pretty well.

An affiliate marketer is anyone who helps companies or individuals sell their products and earn a commission for this purpose, you collaborate with big companies, mostly eCommerce sites, and they pay you for each referral or sale that came through your site or website.

You can sign up with as many affiliate programs as you want; there is no limit and then use the affiliate links you will be given to referring people to the site either through social media or by creating a dedicated website for such purpose.

It might interest you to know that countless people have become rich through this method; affiliate marketing is one of the best businesses out there that you can do from home in Nigeria.

Please note that you won’t become an overnight millionaire, it requires a bit of patience and knowledge of how to drive and generate traffic, however before I dive right into the specifics of how the business works, let me explain a few things would like to clarify the different types of affiliate marketing;

We have established that affiliate marketing is a business where you are rewarded for helping a business promote and sell its products by driving traffic to the site.

The best thing about it is that the traffic doesn’t always have to make a purchase for you to be paid; this is because there are three types of affiliate marketing;

Pay per Sale: this works by paying you a percentage of the sale price when the purchase is completed, e.g. Affiliate Program.

Pay per Click: Here, you are paid based on the number of visitors you redirect to the company’s site, whether or not a sale is made doesn’t concern you.

Pay per Lead: This type of affiliate marketing is unique; your payment is when the referred visitors provide their contact information on the company website through an online form.

How to start an Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria

Please note that affiliate marketing is not an easy business, it requires quite some skill and a lot of patience to see its true worth but you can’t question its lucrative worth, you need a process that works for you as well as adequate research and skills to aid you to generate and drive sufficient traffic. Just like the ones above it, I have compiled a checklist to aid you in successfully setting up an affiliate marketing business.

1. Make sure you acquire the necessary and top-notch affiliate marketing knowledge and skills. This will be your game changer and will ultimately decide if you will profit from the business or not.

2. The next step is to join a profitable affiliate niche, it is advised to do adequate research on this before choosing, make sure you choose one that you are very comfortable with.

3. Setup an affiliate marketing website, you can either do this or you can generate traffic using your social media handles, it’s your choice

4. Get a working and efficient marketing strategy for promoting the products. Get a working email list; affiliate marketers commonly use this for promotion

3. Copywriting

If you are someone with an excellent grasp of grammar and can persuade people with words, this business might be just for you, and it’s so affordable because it requires only an internet connection and a laptop to start. All you need for this business is digital and email marketing skills. It is one of the best businesses you can do from home in Nigeria.

Steps to start a successful Copywriting Business in Nigeria

Copywriting is a business that requires you to put your English and grammar skills to the test, so you need to have a good command of these. Like the others, I have compiled a list of steps you need to take to have a sound copywriting business. You must get the necessary knowledge. I am sure there are tutorial videos that offer these in details

1. Do adequate research into what type of copywriting you prefer and choose very carefully the one that suits you the most.

2. Get your writing portfolio ready(references, resume, samples)

3. Get an excellent catchy and easy to remember the business name

4. Get a good website where people can validate your authenticity

5. Get a business card and logo to promote your business please note that copywriting relies heavily on your written English, so please proofread your work at least three times before sending it.

A marketing campaign could become a laughing stock because of a wrongly placed apostrophe, also read up on how to persuade people; you really need these skills to survive in the world of copywriting.

4. Digital Marketing

This is one of the more lucrative businesses to do from home in Nigeria.

Everybody who has services or products to sell requires marketing, so you see the broad spectrum that this particular business offers; digital marketers are sought after to help people to help them create awareness about the services they have to offer, think of it as an online advertiser.

Please note, though, that the digital marketing realm is based on results, your results determine your success and subsequent adequate payment, so take note that it is basically measurable marketing and ROI.

Although there are lots of competitions out there in this business, if you choose the right digital marketing path, I can guarantee that you will greatly benefit from this particular business.

It is actually advised that if you wish to become a digital marketer then you have to start your own digital marketing agency. Digital marketing is among the topmost lucrative businesses you can do from home in Nigeria, it’s not as easy as most businesses and requires time and energy to successfully execute. You have to undergo various stages before you can start making it big with this particular business.

However, before you begin your digital marketing business, in order to bring trust and authenticity to your business, it is advised to register the business with the Corporate Affairs Commission along with its certificate of incorporation and RCC number.

As you read above the business of digital marketing is result-based and so requires extensive knowledge and skill to start. Because of this, so many people who rush into this business never succeed in it because they feel that because they have used a few digital marketing tools, they are experts in the field and go on to open their own agency.

This is not advised, spend enough time learning the skills, and acquiring the knowledge required to be a successful digital marketer.

Steps Required to Establish a Digital Marketing agency in Nigeria.

As I have said before, digital marketing is an excellent business to do from home in Nigeria, but it isn’t easy to do yet it brings hefty profits.

So in order to aid you with your plan, I have compiled a list of things you need to put into consideration in order to become a successful digital marketer:

1. Make sure you Acquire sufficient digital and content marketing skills. There are also tutorial and training videos on these topics on YouTube to identify your endeavours; then, Create a professional email address as this will make you seem authentic and professional. Don’t use your email.

2. It is advised to Create Your Business on Google+ so you can be found easily on the web with just a few searches

3. Take your time to decide precisely what you have to offer in your digital marketing plan, don’t promise things you can’t fulfill, as this breeds distrust and repels potential clients.

4. Make extensive research on your competition to understand ways in which to surpass them and also learn from them

5. Choose your prices for your different packages; pick affordable prices but don’t make them too cheap.

6. Choose the type of strategy you will use to market your business

7. Create a website

8. Always survey your clients in order to get their honest feedback on you and understand where to improve


I am a student with passion and hunger to help individuals and students get more useful, legit, accurate, and up-to-date information by providing them with valuable resources and information.

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