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Canada Agricultural Farming Jobs 2023 With Free Work VISA – Apply Now

Most In-demand Farming and Agricultural Jobs in Canada 2023

1# Vegetable/fruit Picker Jobs in Canada

Vegetable/fruit-picking jobs in Canada are announced for recruitment. The duty of a vegetable or fruit picker is to pick vegetables and fruits based on their ripeness, size, and nature of it; while, discarding the rotten or over-ripened ones. The vegetable picker job is considered one of the most physically demanding work since a worker has to make repetitive body movements such as bending, squatting, ladder climbing, and picking. Therefore, these sorts of jobs are well suited for people who are physically fit. The average salary of a vegetable or fruit picker job in Canada is over $15/hour.

2# General farm Worker Jobs in Canada

The general farm worker’s job duty is to carry out proper harvesting of vegetables/fruits, fertilizing, spraying crops, and maintaining farm machinery and equipment. The jobs for general farm workers are offered for recruitment all over Canada with an average salary of $15.50 per hour.

3# Farming Labour Jobs in Canada

The labor jobs in Canadian farms are offered in large numbers since a shortage of labor workers is on a rise in Canada. The job duty of farming/agricultural labor is seeding/planting crops, harvesting, managing/raising poultry and livestock, and taking care of agricultural infrastructure and equipment.

4# Farm Manager Jobs in Canada

Farm managers are responsible for managing the crops and livestock farm, and their workers efficiently. Farm managers are required to carry out all administrative duties, keeping a close eye on crops and animals by supervising labor and other staff under them. Farm managers also make purchases of feed, fertilizers, and other supplies, make budgets, play role in making business relationships and make sure of making their farms profitable. If you are interested to start a farm manager job in Canada then you would be required to provide a farming/animal husbandry diploma certificate. The salary of a farm manager in Canada is over CAD$20/hour.

5# Agricultural Engineer Jobs in Canada

Agricultural engineers are in high demand in the Canadian market. The Canadian agricultural market is paying all-time high salaries to agricultural engineers. The job role of agricultural engineers in Canada is to troubleshoot malfunctioned farming machinery, provide innovative solutions to concerning agricultural problems, reduce environmental or pollution concerns, optimize agricultural processing and storage efficiency, and design farming projects/feeds/fertilizer dose, and other agricultural products. The average salary of an Agricultural engineer in the Canadian market is over CAD$50/hour or over CAD$100,000 per year.

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