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Applying For A Canadian Student VISA: All You Need To Know

Canada is home to one of the most prestigious institutions that you could ever imagine. Beautiful atmosphere, good study facilities, quality educational histories and prestigious international awards, and so much more, perhaps these are what made it one of the most visited places in the world. And the best part is that relocating to Canada for a degree is an extremely achievable goal without stress.

Canada is a gorgeous nation with an economy constantly evolving, and living standards are very high. Check out how much it can cost you to live in Canada via this article. Mind you, if you need to apply for a good job that can complement your standard of life, then you need to know how to apply for Job in Canada now.

Moving to Canada through the help of a Canadian student visa is an additional advantage for anyone, as you get offered world-class education as well as a variety of life-changing opportunities.

As a Canadian student, or someone studying in Canada, you aren’t just seen as a student,  but it also lets you integrate into the system after you have completed your studies.

All these amazing attributes are somewhat the major contributing factors to Canada being the most popular destination for international students seeking to advance their studies or begin completely.

More than 50 % of international students choose to pursue their studies in Canada because of its many opportunities, its diverse opportunities and the many advantages which come with being in Canada.

Who wouldn’t love to have an experience that will change your life and attend a high-quality school in a country that is advanced like Canada.

The truth is that almost everyone who is interested in international studies has thought of Canada due to its ease of access and accessibility of the Canadian student visa, which is simple to obtain with the proper details.

All you need to do for yourself to be a beneficiary of Canada’s great opportunities is to just get started with the application procedure.

Do you want to know how you can apply for a Canadian student visa?

Don’t be worried This article was written to be a guideline for you and I can guarantee you that, after reading this comprehensive piece, you’ll be among the next group of Canadian students waiting to board the plane and start their journey.

Below are the steps and documentation you’ll need to speed up your application and allow you to study in Canada.

how to apply for canadian student VISA

Documents that you require to aid in the process of completing your Canada student visa process.

  1. You will require an acceptance certificate from a government-approved organization in Canada.
  2. An authentic passport, or other travel documents that allows you to return to your home country after you have completed your studies.
  3. A financial document that proves that you are able to take care of yourself living in Canada.
  4. A transcript of your previous results.
  5. Two recent passport-sized photos with date and name on the back
  6. The letter of intent
  7. A medical report which proves that you are healthy and in good health.
  8. English proficiency test results are typically for people who do not originate from countries that have English as their primary language. Find out whether you’ll require one.


If you have all these documents in hand,  then you can begin the visa application.

How to apply for a Canada Student Visa


1. Apply to a Canadian University and get acceptance results: Research or search for the most reputable institution in the subject you’d like to work in.

Be sure to verify the school’s requirements on the school’s website to make sure you’re meeting the standards.

Once you’ve ascertained your eligibility, begin your school application and then wait for it to get started. As soon as the school is able to accept your application and provides you with an acceptance letter, then processing your application is the next step.

Do not worry, your next move is simple and your goal of studying in Canada is set to become a reality.

2. Get Your Applications Started: To get this started, on collecting the application letter from a recognized government institution, you’re now able to apply for a visa using the admission letter you received. A student’s visa is referred to locally as a study permit.


3. Visit The CIC: When you have all the above-listed requirements in check, the next step is to visit CIC. Citizenship and Immigration Canada website, and then apply to get your visa for a student online.
Check that you have all you need again, such as a printer and scanner before you begin your application. Perhaps, visit a reliable cafe to get this done.

Complete the form properly and submit the relevant documents online. If you are not able to submit the document online you can mail them through the Canadian immigration office. where they will examine your application and decide whether to accept or deny the application.

Make sure to submit all pertinent applications documents as listed above. You should be sure to submit your medical report if required.

If you do not provide any of the documents, you might have to begin your registration from scratch. The fee for registration is to be paid every time you register. So you have to be careful not to make a mistake.

The process for submitting a student visa typically takes 2 to 3 months.

4. Biometrics appointment, and interview: This depends on your country of origin since some countries don’t require you to submit biometrics.
If your country is one of the countries that require biometrics to be captured, this means that you must go to a visa application center to get your biometrics recorded.

The process of processing the application for your Canada student visa could take between two and one month at the minimum. If you have relatives in Canada or who has recently had a job permit, then this perhaps could cut your processing time extremely very short.

Take note that the validity of your Canada visa is 90 days after the completion of your studies. It is possible to remain within Canada as well as travel to explore during this period.

If you intend to stay in Canada for about 3 months after the completion of your study period, then you may need to apply for a Canada work permit, which permits you to pursue a part-time or full-time job within Canada or even self-employed it is the only method to stay in Canada after having completed your program of study.

With all this information, you are able to begin making applications and working towards your goal of moving to Canada as a student.

We wish you the best while you continue striving to fulfil your dream of studying in Canada. You might find this post interesting too if you need a scholarship abroad, Bible School Full Scholarships for International Student in Canada.



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