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Canadian Jobs Offering $50/hour Salary – Apply Now

Canadian market is flooding highly paid job opportunities in every field. Therefore, finding a Canadian job paying CAD$50 per hour salary is not everyone’s cup of tea. Finding a job in the Canadian private and government sector is not a walk in the park for everyone. There are countless job opportunities available in Canada but all of those jobs require competent employees to fill the spot. Therefore, it is highly essential for everyone to align well your resume, academic documents, and experience certificates to beat other applicants.

While international applicants looking for jobs in Canada to settle there, one of the main reasons to find a stable high-paying Job in Canada is to work there to make a good amount of money. Many people work to fulfill their financial obligations to their families and to lead a good life. But what can be more frustrating than being underpaid while putting in all the hard work?

People prefer jobs that can fulfill their needs so they can make the most out of their effort and time in providing a good life for their loved ones or themselves. However, cheap labor has been a major problem these days in Canada. The rising inflation globally has been tough for companies hence causing workers to get underpaid. But Canada is a standout amidst the crisis.

The labor shortage in Canada means that various highly-paying jobs in Canada provide you with a ray of hope to secure your financial future. Therefore, this article will list 10 Canadian jobs that pay $50 per hour or more.

Salary of $50 Per hour Jobs in Canada for International Applicants

Here is a list of the Canadian jobs options that pay $50/hr or more:

1# Physicist and Astronomer Jobs in Canada

Physicists and Astronomers enjoy higher pay because of the crucial roles that they play in the ecosystem. The professionals undertaking these positions are tasked with studying the fundamental nature of the environment to come up with informed conclusions. They are also required to use the information gathered through their studies to introduce new technology that can contribute to the knowledge that is already available to humans regarding the environment.

Therefore, Physicists and Astronomers play an important role in increasing knowledge about the environment which can help various other fields. The minimum education required to take up these positions is a doctoral or a professional degree. CASCA Jobs and the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) Jobs are some of the organizations that pay a good salary to hired astronomers or physicists.

2# Executive Jobs in Canadian Companies

Executives enjoy relatively higher pay because of their senior position in the organizational setup. The Executives are in crucial decision-making positions which defines their higher salaries because these decisions are highly important in organizational success. Goal attainment remains the primary job of the Executives. They are required to devise appropriate strategies or plans to ensure that the set goals are met.

Moreover, they are required to oversee the operational activities of the company to ensure smooth functionality that can help meet industrial demands. Executives are required in every organization to ensure a coordinated ecosystem. However, some of the companies that promise this pay rate are the Canadian National Railway, Scotia Bank, Royal Bank of Canada, etc.

3# Financial Manager Jobs in Canada

Financial Managers hold a key position in an organization. They oversee the financial activities of the organization and work toward their management. The production of accountable financial reports is the responsibility of the Financial Managers.

They are also responsible for crafting strategies and goals that can facilitate the goal attainment of organizations concerning their financial activities. The position of Financial Manager is available at each large-scale organization. The companies offering these pay rates include the Toronto Dominion Bank (TD), Bank of Nova Scotia (Scotiabank), Canadian Bank of Montreal, etc.

4# Nuclear Engineer Jobs in Canada

Nuclear Engineers are required to craft relevant strategies to benefit from nuclear energy and radiation. This nuclear energy is used for various purposes that carry immense importance. Therefore, Nuclear Engineers are paid relatively higher. Their job is to develop relevant processes, instruments, and systems that can help in extracting increased benefits. The top Canadian companies recruiting Nuclear Engineers include Cameco, Bruce Power, Fission Uranium, etc.

5# Scientific Research Manager Jobs in Canada

A Scientific Research Manager is responsible for carrying out scientific research. He/she may also be tasked with analyzing the data collected from the research projects. The Scientific Research Manager is also responsible for the management of experiments.

The job is highly demanding but promises a good reciprocal for the time and effort that you put in. The Scientific Research Managers are employed at laboratories or hospitals. The average hourly salary for Scientific Research Managers in Canada is $56.41/hr. The top research institutes offering salaries within this range include Canadian Nuclear Laboratories, Reality Labs, Meta Careers, University of Toronto Jobs, etc.

6# Sales Executive Jobs in Canada

Sales Executives are highly paid employees in Canada because of their vital role in their relevant organizations. Being a Sales Executive requires outstanding communication and negotiation skills. This is mainly because the Sales Executives have to promote the business or the products it offers.

Moreover, they have to negotiate business contracts and earmark feasible business prospects for business expansion. Due to these crucial responsibilities, Sales Executives enjoy an average hourly salary of $51.28/hr in Canada. Sales Executives can be employed in any organization in Canada such as Sunlife, Allstate, and so on. However, only top Canadian companies as mentioned before may offer a salary of CAD$50/hour.

7# System Architect Jobs in Canada

Computer and networking systems have significantly grown in demand with the future belonging to them. In such a situation, the demand for professionals who can operate these systems has also grown. These professionals are also required to configure and design these systems.

Responsible for the IT components of computer and networking systems, System Architects are responsible for the software, hardware, and frameworks of the system. The average hourly salary for System Architects in Canada is $56.41/hr. Some Canadian companies offer a higher salary which includes Rogers Communications, Shaw Communications, Bell Canada, etc.

8# Realtor Jobs in Canada

Working as a realtor does not ensure a fixed salary all the time. It is a field that focuses on performance because the realtors get the commission on the sold or rented properties. The main role of the realtors is to serve as a third party between the buyers and the sellers helping them to form an agreement. This may be between the tenants or the landlord or during the selling of a property.

The commission varies according to the value of the property. Selling the expensive property will ensure a higher commission enabling you to lead the good life that you have been dreaming of. The top real estate companies in Canada offering jobs of $50/hour salary or more include Shape Properties Corporation, Westbank Corporation, Pinnacle International, etc.

9# Site Superintendent Jobs in Canada

A Site Superintendent is responsible for managing all the tasks relating to the project at hand. While the Site Superintendent is commonly involved in construction projects managing the onsite proceedings, he/she can also be required to manage other projects.

The job is highly demanding because it requires you to give extra hours, prolonged effort, and cope with high or low temperatures because you are exposed to environmental conditions. Due to these demanding conditions, the pay for Site Superintendents is relatively higher. The top construction companies in Canada which offer $50/hour jobs include PCL Construction, Aecon, Ellisdon, etc.

10# HR Manager Jobs in Canada

The HR Manager is highly important for the progress of an organization or business. The main objective of the HR Manager is to train new members of the staff according to the demands of the organization in which they work. The HR Manager must have adequate communication skills, an understanding of the organizational objectives, and the required technical knowledge to convey to the recruits. The job of the HR Manager is not only restricted to providing training.

They also work toward solving the problems faced by the staff at the workplace. Definition of feasible standard operating procedures between the staff members and outlining of adequate guidelines is also the job of an HR Manager. Applicants can submit a CV to start working at a $50 per hour salary in various Canadian setups including schools, businesses, industries, etc.

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