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Cheap Universities in Canada for International Students

You can now study in Canada as an international student because there are now cheap universities in Canada for international students 2018.

  1. Brandon University
  2. Canadian Mennonite University
  3. Dominican University College
  4. Memorial University of Newfoundland
  5. Simon Fraser University
  6. University of Prince Edward Island
  7. University of Winnipeg
  8. University of New Brunswick
  9. University of St. Paul
  10. Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

Have you been dreaming of ever studying in Canada and still pay cheap/ affordable tuition fees? Then, this article of best universities in canada for international students is for you!
Over a thousand number of students from all over the world are now wishing to study in Canada. Due to the fact that Canada has a very high ranking of top-notch Universities. Universities such as University of New Brunswick, University of Prince Edward Island, and Southern Alberta Institute of Technology and Canadian Mennonite University.
Also, these Canadian Universities are cheaper compared to the public Universities in Canada for international students in other developed countries.

Cheap Universities in Canada for International Undergraduate Students

University Name International Undergraduate Tuition (Average) International Graduate Tuition (Average)
Brandon University $9,500 $6,000
Canadian Mennonite University $9,600 $5,600
Dominican University College $11,200 $16,800
Memorial University of Newfoundland $11,500 $5,000
Simon Fraser University $11,500 $2,500
University of Prince Edward Island $12,000 $10,000
University of Winnipeg $13,000 $12,000
University of New Brunswick $14,000 $7,000
University of St. Paul $14,000 $12,000
Southern Alberta Institute of Technology $14,000 $16,000

Brandon University tuition fees

Brandon University

Brandon University Tuition Fee
Brandon University is a very cheap university in Canada for international undergraduate students which was established in 1889. It is one of the cheapest Canadian university with low tuition fees in arts, science, education, music, and nursing. There are over 3,000 undergraduate students currently attending Brandon University, and you can become one too!

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