Top 5 Cheapest Universities in Canada For International Undergraduate Students

One Secret Most people don’t know is that studying abroad is not as expensive as they think. But a place like Canada is even cheaper than every other foreign country. In this article, you will get to know the top 5 cheapest universities in Canada with low tuition fees for international undergraduate students.

If you have been looking forward to studying abroad and earn a degree but haven’t decided on the best place to get an affordable degree, then Canada is the best option for you. Canada offers the cheapest tuition for international undergraduate students. Canada’s education standard is undoubtedly among the best of its kind in comparison with top universities in the likes of the U.K and the U.S.

Many are the reasons why most students from foreign/international countries prefer to study in Canada, most of which are indeed very genuine and valid. Here are the top reasons why we believe most international students prefer to go and study in Canada either for their masters or doctorates degree;

  • Low tuition fee
  • Comfortability
  • The proximity of schools to hostels
  • High-class degrees

Therefore, for those seeking cheap but quality degrees, here are the top cheapest universities in Canada For international Undergraduate Students you may want to consider.

First, let’s talk about some major important reasons why you should consider studying in Canada. Or let me put it straight, what are the distinguishing feature that makes it unique while considering to apply for any university in Europe with low tuition fee

Reason Why People Prefer To Study In Canada

Students in cheapest universities in Canada
Students in Canada

Here are four(4) Major reasons why students want to study in Canada;


A major feature that distinguishes a good institution is its affordability and quality. In the case of most universities in Canada, their degree is easily very much affordable in contrast to many other English-speaking countries’ universities like U.S and U.K.


Of no doubt, affordability isn’t just enough of a reason to determine whether a university is good to apply to or not. In fact, in the real sense, Most universities in most countries are very much expensive compared to Canada’s and yet, still runs a very poor educational standard.

In the case of Canada’s Universities, they offer a very high educational standard, quality degrees, and they have an unbeatable reputation as one of the best top-notch educational countries in the world.

Low Cost Of Living

An adventure to study in another country may sound to be an unpredictable one, having a very minified knowledge of how cheap or expensive living there could be a student from an international country.

But in Canada, it isn’t as an adventure as it sounds, why? Because the cost of living over there is very low compared to other countries. Living in Canada is much easier than you can ever imagine for international undergraduates.

General Tuition Fee for International Students in Canada

On a general note: the rate of tuition for international students differs concerning the choice of course or degree and also the institution factor. Those are the two basic factors that influence the amount of tuition fee. The tuition fee is as follow;

Degree Tuition Fee / Annum
Bachelor $7,203-$49,800 
Masters $3,222-$42,850
Tuition fee for Masters and Bachelor’s Degree

Top 5 Cheapest Universities in Canada

Top 5 Cheapest Universities in Canada for international Undergraduate Students

University Of Toronto

  • Tuition Fee: international students-$6,100
  • Tuition Fee:Citizens-$21,560-$64,810

Univeristy Of Calgary

  • Tuition Fee: international students-$3,693.48-$12,695.88
  • Tuition Fee:Citizens-$1,627.38$5,593.50

Concordia University

  • Tuition Fee: international students-$6,284 – $20,000
  • Tuition Fee:Citizens-$12,532-$13,000

McGill University

  • Tuition Fee: international students-29,200 CAD
  • Tuition Fee:Citizens-2,391 CAD – 7,000 CAD

University Of Ottawa

  • Tuition Fee: international students-$7,300 – $10,700
  • Tuition Fee:Citizens-$14,800 $ – $32,400

University Of Toronto

Year Established 1827
Type Public
Tuition Fee $24,900
School Website utoronto.ca
University Of Toronto quick Description

The University of Toronto is one of the most famous universities in Canada. It is popularly known as U Of T or Toronto. Established in the year 1827 in Toronto Ontario, Canada.

With over 50,000+ students from all over the world, the university is among the leading populated institution in the country ranking 24th best university in the world in 2019

This is surely one of the best universities you can ever come across if you want to study abroad.


Also: Further information on the school admission requirements and registration guidelines can further be seen on the official university website.

University Of Calgary

Year Established 1996
Type Public
Tuition Fee  
School Website www.ucalgary.ca
University of Calgary quick description

On the list of the top cheap tuition universities in Canada is the University Of Calgary also known as U of C or Calgary. The university is among the top leading university in Canada.

One of the best features of the institution is its high percentage of admitting international students. A very good percentage of their students are from foreign country which makes it, even more, easier for you to vet admitted.

The university was founded in the year 1996, located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The motto of Calgary is Mo Shùile Togam Suas which in English means I will lift my eyes

Calgary University is ranked between 151-200 according to the 2019 Academic Ranking of World Universities ranking. is ranked in the top 10 best Universities in the country.

The school’s tuition fee ranges around $3,693.48-$12,695.88 for NON citizens and $1,627.38$5,593.50 for citizens

Further information on the school admission requirements and registration guidelines can further be seen on the official university website.

Concordia University

Year Established 1974
Type Public
Tuition Fee  
School Website Concordia.ca
Concordia university quick description

When you talk of best-rated university with good atmosphere of learning Concordia University is a top option for you to consider. Concordia University is among the best and cheapest universities in Canada.

Founded in the year 1974 and located in Boulevard De Maisonneuve Ouest Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The unique features of the university have kept it on high status since its existence.

Ranked among the top best 10 best Canadian businesses Universities and featured among the top 100 in the world.

The university is best known for its excellence in the field of art and design, education, communication, and media studies, accounting and finance, and psychology.

Although Montreal is the largest French-speaking city in the world, which makes it a perfect place for one to study any french related course but still, Concordia University is an English-speaking school, they take most of their lectures in English language.

The University has over 50,000+ students of almost 40,000+ undergraduates and 9000+ postgraduates. 10% of the school’s population percentage are from international countries.

The tuition fee for a masters degree ranges from $6,284 – $20,000 and for Ph.D., It costs between the range of $12,532-$13,000

Further information on the school admission requirements and registration guidelines can further be seen on the official university website.

McGill University

Year Established 1821
Type Public
Tuition fee  
School Website mcgill.ca
McGill university quick description

The University of McGill takes the center stage on the list of top best and cheapest universities in Canada for international Undergraduate Students. The university was established in the year 1821 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

With a population of over 40,000+ consisting of almost 30,000 undergraduates and 9000+ postgraduates. The percentage of international students studying in the school constitutes about 10% of the population.

The university is a public research institute popularly known for its internationally diverse research-intensive university in the country.

Of no doubt one of the cheapest in the country paying just 29,200 CAD for international students and 2,391 CAD – 7,000 CAD for the citizens.

Further information on the school admission requirements and registration guidelines can further be seen on the official university website.

University of Ottawa

Year Established 1848
Type Public
Tuition fee  
School Website uottawa.ca
University of Ottawa quick description

Last but not least on the list is the University of Ottawa It is one of the ancient universities in Canada but still the reputation it has accumulated lingers still.

the university of Ottawa was established in the year in 1848, located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.   Famously known for its very vast passion in the field of law but still it offers over 450 programs across Arts, Education, Engineering, Graduate and Postdoctoral studies Health Sciences, Medicine, Science, Social Science, Civil Law, and Common Law

The population of the school is about 41,000+ with a large percentage of international students. The most beautiful part about the school is their tuition fee, the school’s tuition fee for foreign undergraduates is about $7,300 – $10,700 while for the citizens it’s about $27,552$ – $49,390. For doctorate degree, the tuition fee for international student is $8,000 – $15,500 while for the citizens it is $14,800 $ – $32,400

Further information on the school admission requirements and registration guidelines can further be seen on the official university website.

This is all we can take on the topic “top 5 Cheapest Universities in Canada for international Undergraduate Students”

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