Cheap Universities In Dubai [Affordable Tuition Fees In 2021]

Cheapest Universities in UAE (Dubai): Here are all you need to know about the best and low tuition universities in Dubai as far as 2021 is concerned as well as the application requirements and application guidelines.

There have been several debates and opinions concerning the system of education in Dubai. As some see it as a coin with two sides which you surely cannot see the two sides together at the same time.

Different questions emanating from different people, some of which include, “whether there is free education in Dubai? Is education free in Dubai? Are there free schools in Dubai? Is education in Dubai Good? What is education like in Dubai? Is education in Dubai cheap? The general cost of living in Dubai” and many among others.

All these above questions are what I have put into consideration which prompted me to write this article after series of research and consideration of people’s opinions in other to bring up a more acceptable and detailed view on how the education in Dubai is like, and also to show you some highly cheap and affordable Universities in Dubai you may want to explore even though everything over there seems very costly.

Overview of people’s opinion about studying in Dubai

So many are those who believed that Dubai’s cost of living is very cheap and that the educational system is relatively something close to being good, while most also believe that Dubai is just a beautiful crown filled with thorns. It has so much beauty, but very little or nothing to offer in terms of education. Judging by the cost of living in the educational system, it is just nothing to write home about.

Although one may want to think that with the way everyone calls and rushes to go to Dubai, like a heaven on earth, that completing your education over there should make you get your desired job anywhere in the world, well, I am sorry to tell you that that is a very incorrect hypothesis. Many people believe that Dubai offers the costliest educational system in the world. Most especially when you are coming for any of your postgraduate studies which is even not a guarantee of getting a good job.

I had an interview with a couple of some college graduates from Dubai and from all indications and what they said. They expressed a very high level of dissatisfaction with the standard.

Some said that the quality of the teacher is just very poor compared to the money they are earning, irrespective of where you are studying over there, the quality is just absent in them.

Talking about their campus life, although generally in all institutions, you may not really enjoy living on the campus as compared to living outside the school premise, the case of Dubai’s campus is extremely worse than the rest of the world. They have very poor, little, or no campus life experience to write about.

The quality of education in Dubai is very cheap, when I say cheap I didn’t mean this in terms of affordability, I meant cheap in terms of quality. This of course depicts that they will be producing nothing but incompetent graduated who will become useless to the labor market. Although this doesn’t apply to all schools over there, although for the majority of them.

You may also consider studying at a public university in France as an international student

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Most times one prefers to sacrifice and pay for quality even when the amount is huge to getting cheap with a cheaper amount. Here in Dubai, you have both cheap and yet highly expensive education, and the cost of living is very outrageous compared to other countries that even offers a more preferable education than they.

The cost of living in Dubai is extremely high and therefore even most ex-pats prefer to send their children to their respective counties for education because of the low and costly education offered in the UAE.

The only set of individuals who may enjoy a cheaper education are the Indians, Pakistan, and some UK’s curriculum schools. Apart from those aforementioned, you will see nothing but very costly education here.

Cheap Universities In Dubai [ Cheapest Tuition Fees In University IN UAE 2021]

cheap universities in dubai

Here are some Universities you can consider to be a little cheaper despite all the aforementioned indices in pursuit of your education. Some of the cheap Universities in Dubai are;


The University of Wollongong in Dubai [167,500-225,000] (AED)

Canadian University of Dubai [57,000-67,500](AED)


Alhosn University [9000-1300]AED


Al Ghurair University [1000-2500]AED/Semester


American University of Sharjah [45,760]/annum 


British University in Dubai [25,000-75,000]AED


Studying in Dubai can be great and interesting as well as expensive for some people. Probably you really think the above institutions aren’t that cheap as you would have wanted, why not check up on some low tuition universities in Ghana.


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