4 Cheapest Universities in New Zealand 2022

New Zealand’s universities are known for having some of the lowest tuition fees in the world, and they offer a wide range of courses to choose from. It’s not always easy to find the best university or course, so here is a list of all 4 cheap Universities in New Zealand that I have looked at and rated based on what they offer.

New Zealand is a popular study destination for international students as it offers quality education, top-notch institutes, and affordable tuition fees. Moreover, the living expenses in New Zealand are less than in other countries like the USA, UK, Germany, etc., but it is not free of cost.

The average tuition fee for universities in New Zealand ranges between NZD 20,000 – 25,000 per year. The cost varies depending on the course and institute.

Apart from this, you need to keep a track of many other expenses such as accommodation charges, food expenses, transportation costs, and other miscellaneous expenditures.

There can be no iota of doubt that New Zealand isn’t a good country for International students to study. New Zealand has an authority profile in the world, with an awesome educational system that has contributed to the growth of their educational system, thereby allowing International students to always choose their Universities as the number #1 most preferred place to study abroad.

Interested students, who want to study in New Zealand but don’t know which University they can afford? Learn more about the Cheapest University in New Zealand for International Students today.

The following is a list of the cheapest universities in New Zealand for undergraduates based on annual tuition fees and living costs. The tuition fee is the most important cost and the amount can change depending on which university you choose.

Do you want to know more about cheap universities in New Zealand? Relax as it’s what you’ll see below.

Cheap Universities in New Zealand in 2022

1. The University of Canterbury

University of Canterbury
University of Canterbury cheapest university in New Zealand

The University of Canterbury in New Zealand’s second-oldest university, having been founded in 1873 as Canterbury College, the first constituent college of the University of New Zealand. Its original campus was in Christchurch’s Cathedral Square. The university moved to its current Ilam campus in 1975. Its predecessor, Canterbury College, was the first constituent college of the University of New Zealand and was established in 1873.

The University originated as a constituent college of the old University of New Zealand which was founded on May 27, 1871. In 1881 Canterbury College joined with the proposed School of Fine Arts to form the College of Art and became one of the four founding colleges for the restructured New Zealand University (now known as Victoria University) which had been renamed from Canterbury College in 1889. It became a fully independent university in 1961, after the dissolution of the federal system of tertiary education in New Zealand in 1961.

The University of Canterbury (a public university) is one of the cheapest universities in New Zealand for international students. According to Wikipedia, It was established in 1873. The University is located in Christchurch, New Zealand. It offers a large number of courses at affordable rates for international students. The University of Canterbury has a wide range of scholarships for undergraduates as well as students who are admitted on scholarship.

Courses Offered in the University of Canterbury:

  • – Medicine courses
  • – Engineering courses
  • – Natural sciences
  • – Humanities
  • – Business Administration

2. Massey University

Massey University New Zealand
Massey University cheapest university in New Zealand

Massey University is one of those universities in New Zealand that has ranked itself as one of the cheapest universities. Massey University was established in 1927 as a public university.

Massey University is the largest university in New Zealand. It is offering a large number of scholarships for international students coming from all over other countries such as Nigeria, Europe, Canada, India, Bangladesh, Spain, London e.t.c

Courses Offered in Massey University

3. Lincoln University, New Zealand:

The campus of Lincoln University in New Zealand is located in Lincoln. According to the wiki, It was established in 1878 as an independent public university. It is one of the cheapest universities in New Zealand for international students. Scholarships are being offered by this school to International students who have high grades in their academics. They offer low tuition fees in exchange for awesome academic performances.

Courses Offered in Lincoln University, New Zealand

  • – Engineering
  • – Medical courses
  • – Natural sciences
  • – Business courses
  • – Social sciences

4. Laidlaw College:

One of the cheapest universities in New Zealand for international students is called Laidlaw College. Laidlaw College was established in 1922 as a public college.

This university is famous for its biblical, pastoral, and different historical courses. Laidlaw College is located in Henderson, New Zealand. The College is offering affordable courses for international students coming here from all over the world.

Courses Offered at Laid law college:

  • – Bible studies
  • – History
  • – Management
  • – Theological studies
  • – Pastoral studies

How to Apply To  Universities in New Zealand

There is no centralized application process in New Zealand. Each institution has its application and selection criteria. Details are available from the individual institutions, which can be contacted directly.

Applications can be made online or via post. Some institutions may have extra fees to pay for processing applications.

Academic requirements for entry vary between institutions, but most will include:

  • Above-average grades in the recent previous study;
  • Satisfactory scores on an English language test, if your first language is not English.

Most institutions will also require you to provide a personal statement and references.

Once you have selected your preferred students and submitted your application form, it’s important to keep on top of your visa requirements and any further documentation that may be required by the institution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to the frequently asked questions on the topic discussed.

Can I Study in New Zealand for Free?

The answer to this question is no as well as yes. No, you cannot study in New Zealand for free, as the government does not offer any scholarships or financial aid to international students. But yes, you can study in New Zealand for free, as some top universities in the country offer tuition-free programs under certain conditions.

New Zealand is one of the most popular destinations for international students. The country offers high-quality education, diverse culture, and a safe environment for students. However, it is not known as a cheap destination, especially if you compare it with other countries like Germany, Sweden, or France. For this reason, many students are asking whether they can study in New Zealand for free.

The only way to study without paying tuition fees is by obtaining a scholarship from your university or a private organization. Most scholarships offered by universities and colleges are merit-based and require an excellent academic record.


It’s true, the education system in New Zealand is not as challenging as the one in America. That’s why so many international students have decided to study in New Zealand.

Unlike international students in other countries, they can easily get student visas, scholarships, and good jobs once they finish university. Hopefully, this article can help you make a good choice concerning your studies.


I am a student with passion and hunger to help individuals and students get more useful, legit, accurate, and up-to-date information by providing them with valuable resources and information.

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