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Cheapest Place to Live in Canada for Students

Looking out for the cheapest place to live in Canada for students? If yes, this is the best article for you.

Canada has a lot in common with the United States. However, it seems a lot more open to people from various parts of the world and it has just the right cities for people coming in for third world countries and very advanced countries all at once. Canada might seem like a great place to live in. Nonetheless, it is generally regarded as an expensive place to reside.
In as much as Canada is not a very cheap place to live in, you do not have to deep a hole in your pocket because you want to reside in Canada. This is very important for international students that work and study and do not earn so much yet.
If you do not earn so much yet but want to live in Canada and study, there are cities you can live in and enjoy amazing amenities without having to spend so much money.

Cheapest Place to Live in Canada for Students

Contained in this article are some of the cheapest places you can live in Canada as a student without the need to create a hole in your pocket.

Thunder Bay, Ontario

Also known as Lakehead, Thunder Bay is located right at the top of the Great Lakes. Also, it is surrounded by national parks and wilderness. Thunder Bay plays host to Lakehead University and houses over 108,400 people.
Thunder Bay might be famous for being an affordable place for students. However, just beyond being an affordable place for international students, it has very good quality air. As a matter of fact, the air in Thunder Bay is considered one of the cleanest in Ontario. Furthermore, people in this part of Canada can always get great drinking water from the Lake close by.
Although Thunder Bay is technically a university town as it is host to lots of university students, it is not only associated with the education sector. There are quite a couple of sectors that are prominent in Thunder Bay. Some of these sectors are forestry, manufacturing, mining, and transportation.
Thunder Bay is not exactly one of the most famous cities in Canada. Also, when compared to other prominent cities in Canada, it is not a very expensive place to live in. Renting houses or even purchasing them is not so pricey in Thunder Bay. So, if you earn a fairly different income, you will be able to get a decent apartment or even buy a beautiful home.
There are quite a number of amazing things about Thunder Bay. However, the affordability that it is associated with is one reason lots of people choose to reside in it. This is also the reason it is a great place for international students to live in. In addition to the level of affordability associated with Thunder Bay, it is very easy to get to Toronto by flight from this part of town. The cost of flying is cheaper than lots of people will ever envisage.
As an international student that has plans of living in Thunder Bay, you will be paying about $818.75 for a one-bedroom apartment out of the city monthly and $925 in the city center.

Moncton, New Brunswick

Accommodation in this part of Canada is so cheap an international student will only need to part with $642.08 a month for a one-bedroom apartment outside the city center and $734.29 for a one-bedroom apartment in the city center.
Moncton is accessible by train or plane and is located in Maritime. This city is officially bi-lingual. However, beyond simply being bilingual, is the only city in Canada with this status. The implication of this is you will thrive easily in this city if you speak either French or English.
Moncton is home to about 140,000 people and is a great place for lovers of nature. This is because it is located between beaches and national parks. So, if you are an international student that is looking to reside in an affordable part of Canada and also loves nature, you should consider living in Moncton.
The natural life that Moncton offers is greatly enjoyed by inhabitants of this neighborhood. However, beyond people living in this city, people in surrounding cities often visit to enjoy what it has to offer.
Moncton might be famous for its affordability. However, there is more to it. Since it is home to people that speak English and French, it is a great city for anyone that is looking to thrive in business so long as Canada is concerned.
This affordable city is not associated with the traffic issues that lots of big cities in Canada and other parts of the world are associated with. The implication of this is you will be able to get to your destination easily without any need to get worried about issues of traffic. That’s not all, if you live in this city and do not own a car, you will do better if you are resident in the city center. This way, you can enjoy the public transport system.

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Kitchener, Ontario

Kitchener is a very affordable city to live in. Nonetheless, this is not exactly why it is popular. It is more popular as a good location for doing business. Due to its thriving business scene, its rate of unemployment is very low.
While Kitchener is generally an affordable city, Victoria hills is a neighborhood in this city that is considered one of the most affordable. So, if you decide to reside in this city because of its affordability, you might want to consider living in Victoria Hills.
When looking to live in Kitchener, you should be willing to pay a monthly rent of $957.14 if you reside outside the city center and $1,168.33 if you reside in the city center.

Sherbrooke, Quebec

As an international student, if you live in Sherbrooke, you will have to pay just $405 monthly for a one-bedroom apartment outside the city center and $475 for a one-bedroom apartment in the city center. This monthly fee is an attestation to how affordable living in this city is. Also, its affordability makes it a great place for young people that have just started earning and students that do not have a lot to splash on accommodation.
Sherbrooke is not just an affordable city for international students. It is also the 6th biggest city in Quebec. That’s not all. It is home to the highest number of students in any city in Quebec.
This city is attractive to international students because of its affordability. However, beyond just being affordable, it has an amazing outdoor life and this is a major attraction to lots of people.
Around Sherbrooke are lakes, rivers, ski hills, and mountains. The implication of this is it is a major tourist destination.
Sherbrooke is located between Magog River and St. Francis River. This makes it a hub for business. This is to be expected as goods are always coming into this city or leaving it. Since goods are either finding their way into this city or leaving, it is a great place for anyone looking to set up a business.
Generally, the rent in Sherbrooke is cheaper than rent in lots of cities in Canada. However, beyond rent just being cheaper, other things that one needs to live a regular life are also cheaper.

St Catharines, Ontario

The monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment outside the city center in St Catharine’s is $905.56 and $998.18 for a one-bedroom apartment in the city center. This might not be the cheapest in Canada. Nonetheless, it is one of the cheapest.
St Catherines is popular as the Garden City due to the fact that it has trails, parks, gardens, and lush green surrounding it. It is very closely situated to Niagara Falls that is a major tourist attraction and gets lots of people to visit.
The cost of rent n St Catherines is cheap. Additionally, the entire cost of living is affordable. If you decide to live in this city, you will be spending about 0.5% less than the average cost of living in Canada.
Due to the cheap cost of living in this city, it is a great place for international students. However, beyond simply being a great place for international students, it is the sixth-largest city in Ontario and the second largest in Niagara. Furthermore, since there are two universities situated close to this city, students can always reside here without thinking so much about the cost of the rent.

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London, Ontario

This city should not be mistaken for London in the United Kingdom. It is home to more than 366, 000 people. Additionally, people that live on the outskirts of this city will have to pay a monthly rent of $908.33 and $1,060.87 if they live in the city center.
London, Ontario is a great place for people that love arts and music. This is because there are lots of art exhibitions and music festivals in London. That’s not all. It has great healthcare and educational system. Due to this, lots of people in this city are students or healthcare professionals. Since this set of people are always moving, rent in this city is very affordable for people that will only be staying for a short time.
London is close to the border between the United States and Canada. Going by this, if you always have to travel to the United States, this is a great place to live in. Also, if you have a family and plan on living in London, neighborhoods such as White Oak and Fairmont will be great.
In London, you get to enjoy the amenities that are available in huge cities while still enjoying the feel of living in a small town.

Abbotsford, British Columbia

Abbotsford is a city in British Columbia that plays host to more than 141,397 people. It is located close to the United States. Also, it is not very far from cities such as Burnaby, Richmond, and Vancouver.
Although quite famous for its affordable cost of living, Abbotsford is associated with a great educational system and is able to attract lots of young families and students due to this. In Abbotsford are four private schools, 46 public schools, and the University of Fraser Valley which is one of the biggest in Canada.
Abbotsford has a very vibrant social scene because of the diversity of culture it is associated with. A lot of people might choose to reside in Abbotsford because of its affordability and its educational system. Nonetheless, its diverse cultural representation is another reason lots of people are comfortable living in this city. So, regardless of where you are from and what phase you are in life, this city has a lot to offer you.
Since Abbotsford is a major farming center, residents can always have access to fresh food. That’s not all. In addition to eating fresh foods, residents of this city can have fun by hiking and engaging in other related activities without having to spend so much money.

Weyburn, Saskatchewan

This city is generally considered one of the most affordable in Canada. It is generally associated with modem homes and a low cost of living. Beyond just having modern homes available, these homes are not pricey. The implication of this is if you live in Weyburn, you will be able to enjoy modern amenities without having to spend so much. That’s not all. This part of Canada is relatively warm. So, international students that are not comfortable in very cold environments can live here comfortably.

Quesnel, British Columbia

This city is very small and makes it comfortable to the list of smalls cities in Canada. It is a city that keeps you very close to nature and has a rent demand of about $850 monthly. This is very affordable and one student might not struggle to pay.

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Why Do International Students Love Canadian Universities

Canadian universities are popular among people from various parts of the world for several reasons. Chief among these reasons is Canadian universities are highly ranked. As a matter of fact, lots of the best universities in Canada can go head to head with prestigious universities in Europe. So, if you study in Canada, you get to enjoy the same quality of education as you would get in Europe. This is great. However, there is more. Unlike Europe that is obviously associated with a high cost of living, there are cities in Canada that offer good education and are very affordable. This means international students that do not earn so much could study in a great university and pay just a little to survive while studying. Additionally, international students can always get scholarships from lots of these universities.

Beyond just the availability of scholarships and affordable cities, the tuition fees in many Canadian universities are affordable.

How Much Does it Cost to Live in Canada as an International Student?

Apart from tuition fees, international students in Canada are expected to spend an average of $1320 every month. This covers fuel, entertainment, food, transportation, rent, and health insurance.

What Province in Canada is considered the Cheapest to Live in

Of the provinces in Canada, Quebec City is considered the most affordable among the big cities. According to estimates, you can live in this city for C$1600 every month.


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