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How To Check BVN For GTBank

How To Check BVN For GTBank And All Other Banks

Have you always wanted to link up your bank BVN number to your other bank account? But don’t know how to go about it. Don’t worry since we’ve got you covered in our in-depth article which will tutor you and tell you all you need to know on how to check BVN on MTN, Airtel, Glo and Etisalat (9mobile).
Right from the moment when the Central bank of Nigeria, (CBN) made it imperative and necessary for all account holders to undergo Biometric Identification Number (BVN) a lot of people thought it was a new way to scam people which is not; Its the other way round.
The BVN is usually an 11-digit number and is a universal identification number which originally identifies every customer across the Nigerian Banking Industry with their biometric details. (I.e your thumbprint, face, gender and all others) no matter the number of accounts an individual possess/have – You only require one BVN (Bank Verification Number) to link them up all.

Benefits of Having a BVN Code in Nigeria

– Having a Bank Verification Number will protect your account from unauthorized access. I.e from fraudsters and hackers.
-It is an easy and acceptable ID means across all Nigerian Banks.
– It reduces the risk of identity theft and fraud cases.
– BVN has a unique identity which is acceptable by all banks.
– BVN code smooths credit system and banking operations.

How To Enroll For BVN in Nigerian Banks

– Visit any branch of a bank you have an account with.
– Meet the bank customer care and pick up a BVN enrollment form and fill.
– Present yourself for biometric data capture; this would take 5 minutes or less of your time.
– Enrollment Ticket ID will be issued to you on completion of the biometric capture.
Within 24 hours, your Bank Verification Number, usually an 11 digit code (NUMBER) will be sent to your phone number associated with your bank account number.

check bank verification number with mobile phone

How to Check BVN on MTN, Glo, Airtel, and Etisalat (9Mobile)

Dial *565*0# to check BVN on MTN, Etisalat, Airtel and Glo and boom!!! Your Bank Verification Number will be displayed on your smartphone screen.
It is not hard to memorize the 11-digit code displayed and it may be quite hard to memorize so this code comes in handy. Note that a total of Ten Naira only (N10) naira will be deducted from your sim network and not your bank account after checking the Bank Verification Number.

NOTE: Again, the ten naira would not be deducted from your bank, it will be deducted from your sim network either 9mobile, Glo, Airtel or MTN.

This method also implies to other banks – how to check BVN for GTBank, Zenith Bank, Access Bank, Diamond Bank, First Bank, Union Bank and all banks established in Nigeria.
For businessmen and businesswomen who may have more than one bank account, it is imperative of you to link up the BVN code to your other bank account. You can do this by dialing the code yourself or walk up to a local bank branch of your choice and meet the customer care personnel you want to link your BVN.Don’t tell him/her you want to enroll for BVN, its otherwise.

Another alternative to link your BVN to your other banks is to visit your bank’s website online, its fast and easy to use.

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