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How To Check Your IJMB Result in 2022

This is to inform the general public that the Interim Joint Matriculation Board (IJMB) has released the result for the 2022/2023 academic session.

IJMB is considered the best JAMB alternative and has an advantage over JAMB in the sense that the candidates will begin the academic journey at 200level.

So this article will guide you through how to check your IJMB result.

Checking your IJMB result can be so very easy as following the below steps.

How to check your IJMB result

For now, the IJMB result is not released online but through exam centres/IJMB centres and you will have to receive the hardcopy of your exam after being released.

Candidates are to get the IJMB result by proceeding to the institution or study centre where they had the programme. Notably, through the programme coordinator or the notice board of the faculties or related platforms in the school.

Most times, students need to pay a token to have their results collected (amounts varies by institution/study centre). The result will be indicated in the form of A, B, C, D, E and F which literally stands for 5pts, 4pts, 3pts, 2pts, 1pts and 0pts respectively.

Can I check my IJMB result online?

No, IJMB result cannot be accessed online, you will need to visit the IJMB centre for your result (IJMB centre is where you receive your IJMB lecture.

IJMB Grading System

IJMB uses similar grading system as to that of JUPEB. Being the same type of sustainable regulatory system.

70% – 100%A5 Points
60% – 69%B4 Points
50% – 59%C3 Points
45% – 49%D2 Points
40% – 44%E1 Point
39% and LowerF0 Point

How long does it take for IJMB result to be released?

IJMBE result takes maximum of three(3) months to be released because the exact date is usually at the discretion of the regulated body. In conclusion, the delay is due to marking of the scripts, grading of the scores and in the processing of the results.


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