China Is Now Allowing Couples Too Have Three Children

China Is Now Allowing Couples Too Have Three Children.

The Chinese government has changed a longstanding rule that no family should have more than two children.

Chinese government announced last year that it would allow each couple to have up to two children.

China has announced that each couple will be allowed to have up to three children, marking the end of a strict two-child.

The source you cited reported that the change was approved by President Xi Jinping in a meeting.

Latest census showed that China’s population grew at its slowest pace in decades.

In an effort to address the falling birthrate, experts have suggested that Beijing should accelerate a series of proposed reforms.

The number of babies born in China has dropped significantly since 2016, and the lowest recorded since the 1960s.

The recently released Chinese census data shows that the number of newborns in China last year is the lowest since 1960s.

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