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Top 6 Best Colleges in Calgary for International Students

There is no doubt that Canada serves as a home of study for international students all over the globe. All the schools in Calgary and Canada as a whole are recognized all over the world because they offer high-quality education to students.

Calgary is a prominent city in Alberta, Canada. It is an incredible place to live, with vast spaces, mountains, rivers, and more sunshine than any other Canadian city. The city is recognized for its fun activities and has the world’s largest bikeway system. The city welcomes all eligible applicants from across the world to apply to one of Calgary’s many colleges.

When you visit Canada, you will notice that their colleges differ from their universities. The difference is that unlike universities in the United States, colleges in Canada do not award degrees. However, by virtue of provincial legislation or with the authorization of the provincial Minister of Education, some institutions may grant degrees through combined programs with universities.


What are the requirements for international students seeking admission to Calgary?

International students must usually meet their admission requirements at each college or university in Calgary before they can be admitted.

International students, on the other hand, must meet the following general entrance requirements:

  • A passport that has been updated
  • Evidence of English or French proficiency
  • Evidence that you can afford to pay for your education and living expenses.
  • An intent letter
  • CV or resume
  • Diploma/certificate of graduation
  • a completed application form
  • Two recommendation letters


What is the procedure for overseas students applying to colleges in Calgary?

Here are the processes to follow when applying to any college or higher education institution in Canada.

  1. Comply with the specifications

Meeting the necessary prerequisites for any college in Calgary, or perhaps any Canadian university is the initial step toward your application. Keep in mind that each Calgary college or university has its own set of criteria.

  1. Decide on a course and an institution.

After that, you select a course and an institution (college). Make sure the college you intend to attend is a recognized educational institution (DLI). To put it another way, make sure the college has received approval from the Canadian government to admit international students.

Meanwhile, you shouldn’t be concerned because we’ve gathered a list of DLI-accredited colleges in Calgary for international students in this article. To see the list, keep reading.

  1. Take an English or French proficiency test and pass it.

Register for an English or French language competency test and take it. English tests are commonly accepted in Canadian colleges and universities, particularly those in Calgary include IELTS, TOEFL,  and also Cambridge English: Advanced.

  1. Submit an application to a college or university.

The application process for any college or university differs depending on the institution and degree. So, before you send in your application, call the college to get their requirements emailed to you.

You can apply to as many institutions as you want, but keep in mind that you’ll need enough money to cover the costs of several applications.

It can be beneficial to have the option of applying to a dozen universities, but you must consider the application fee.

Once you’ve submitted your application(s), you’ll have to wait to hear back from the college or institution to see if you’ve been accepted.

If you are accepted, let the college know you want to go, and they will issue you an acceptance letter.

  1. Submit an application for a Study Permit

Don’t wait to apply for a study visa in Canada after you’ve received your admission letter. Online or at a local visa application centre, you can apply for a study permit.

You must submit a copy of your college acceptance letter, a current passport, and proof that you can financially support yourself in Canada when applying for a study permit.

Biometrics, other proofs, and an interview may be required on some occasions.

  1. Get ready for your trip

It’s time to start planning your trip to Calgary for your studies once you’ve received your study permit.

The majority of study permits have a date on them. To ensure that you arrive in Calgary on time, double-check the date on your study permit. You will not be permitted to enter Canada, specifically Calgary, for your studies before the expiration date on your study permit.


  1. Arrive in Calgary and begin your studies.

When you arrive in Canada, immigration agents will conduct a background check to determine who you are and why you are visiting. As a result, make your documents available for them to verify. After you’ve been validated, you can go to your college and begin your studies.

So, if you are an international student who dreams of studying in one of Calgary’s universities, don’t stop reading. This article contains a list of colleges in Calgary for international students that deliver good educational quality and are suitable for your needs.


1. University of Calgary 

The University of Calgary is a leading research university in Canada. It is ranked eighth among the best institutions in Canada, with about 30,000 students and 160,000 alumni. According to the QS world university ranking 2020, the University of Calgary is ranked 233rd.

Multidisciplinary programs, as well as international study, volunteer, employment, and research programs, are encouraged at the university since they provide an international framework while promoting variety and excellence in learning.

The university has four campuses and 50 research centres in the area. 14 faculties offer over 250 academic programs.

The University of Calgary also houses the region’s premier medical and business schools. Apart from housing both Canadian and international students, the University of Calgary also sends students abroad for semesters through collaborations with over 140 nations.

It boasts a vibrant international community dedicated to fostering a fair, diverse, and inclusive environment in which its students can thrive.

They provide a variety of high-quality curricula, great paid job experiences through internship programs, and several possibilities to make a difference and contribute to a variety of research aims through our Undergraduate PURE award program to their foreign students.

Address: 2500 University Dr NW, Calgary


2. Mount Royal University 

Mount Royal University was established in 1910 and is a well-known public university. Since then, it has given high-quality, affordable education through certificate, diploma, and degree programs, all of which are geared toward preparing students for a lifetime of opportunity. International students can begin their university studies in a concentrated setting thanks to this high-quality educational experience.

Mount Royal University is noted for its academic achievements and commitment to the success of undergraduate students. With an average class size of 29 students, the university currently offers 12-degree programs and 32 majors. Interior design, finance, environmental science, policy studies, broadcast journalism, and child studies are just some of the majors and degrees available to students.

This institution has several faculties that cover a wide range of courses. For a holistic learning environment, the faculties combine research, technology advancements, and other alternative learning techniques into their curriculum.

The Institute for Community Prosperity, Institute for Environmental Sustainability, Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Institute for Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, and Institute for International Education are just a few of the institutions within this university.

The Centre for Community Disaster Research, the Centre for Child Well-Being, and the Iniskim Centre are among its centres. Riddell Library and Learning Centre, which opened in 2017, is another feature of this university. The library has 34 study rooms, 3-D printing equipment, and a cafe with a seating capacity of 1,700 people.

Address: 4825 Mt Royal Gate SW, Calgary



3. Bow Valley College 

Bow Valley College is a community college that offers certificate, diploma, and degree programs. In comparison to most other colleges in the area, they have reduced tuition prices. Career training, adult upgrading, university transfer courses, and English language learning are among the educational programs offered by the college.

This top-ranked college is one of the few that can offer academic accessibility and educational services to students with one disability or hee other.  Their curriculum contains innovative solutions and methods that prepare students for the workforce by providing them with practical skill sets.

For newcomers to the city, Bow Valley College also provides language and skill training. Airdrie, Banff & Canmore, Cochrane, High River, Okotoks, Strathmore, and The Entrepreneur Centres are among its seven campuses.

They help overseas students achieve their goals by providing academic and student-life support. Their devoted and experienced instructors and staff assist international students in gaining the skills they require to live, study, and work in Alberta.

Address: 345 6 Ave SE, Calgary



4. St. Mary’s University 

St. Mary’s University, founded in 1986, is a private Catholic university in Calgary, Alberta. It offers liberal arts, science, and education degrees. Ethics, morale, social justice, and diversity of belief and opinion are all highly encouraged and fostered values. The typical class size is between 25 and 30 pupils, with a total enrollment of roughly 900 students.

Its mission is to instil in students the value of passion, self-assurance, and personal integrity. From the start, the importance of striving for social justice and the larger good is emphasized. Its golden motto is to mentor, volunteer, and give back to the community at every stage of life. Its policy of selective admission is based on prior academic experience and grades. International students are also accepted at this college.

Speakers series, academic symposiums, theatre performances, and social justice initiatives are all held regularly to enable people to become more compassionate citizens and future leaders.

Because it is a non-profit organization with a Catholic intellectual tradition, it can deliver a high-quality education at a moderate cost. Tuition is charged per credit hour and typically ranges from $253 for Bachelor of Arts and Science students to $330 for Bachelor of Education students. Financial aid and support for post-secondary education are offered through scholarships and awards.


Address: 14500 Bannister Road SE, Calgary, AB T2X 1Z4, Canada


5. Alberta University of Arts

Alberta University of Arts was founded in 1926 and is a public Arts and Design University in Calgary, Alberta. It serves as a focal point for the province’s creative brains. It promotes the development of creativity and innovation on a local and global scale. Its primary purpose is to foster critical thinking skills, sophisticated creative ability, and innovative modern craft discussions. For each kid, they provide a specialized curriculum.

The University’s program areas include Drawing, Glass, Sculpture, Visual Communication, Jewelry and Metals, Fiber, Ceramics, Media Arts,  Painting, Print Media, and Photography.

 Students are enrolled in classes with the smallest possible class sizes and receive individualized instruction and training from renowned artists. International artists are also invited to conduct workshops and share words of inspiration at the university.

Fees are based on the number of credits students have. Learning Assistance Resources assists students with disabilities in developing personal skills and achieving academic success by fostering an equitable and fair environment. Students can apply to join the AUArts Awards Advisory Committee and apply for a variety of scholarships to get financial aid and support.

Academic assistance is also available in the form of a tutor and counselling services. There are also resources and support for international students.

Address: 1407 14th Avenue NW Calgary


6. Southern Alberta Institute of Technology 

Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, Calgary is a highly competitive polytechnic university with approximately 12,000 students representing 97 nationalities. Apprenticeships, corporate training, and continuing education programs over 43,000 students.

SAIT has the highest employment rate in the province, with a 90 per cent employment rate. It offers over 100 career programs in business, trade, and technology, over 1,300 educational courses, and training courses for around 200 companies per year. SAIT connects entrepreneurs, industry partners, researchers, and students to secure $7 million in research funding each year.

It is in charge of nine academic schools, which are as follows: Tourism, Information and Communications, Manufacturing and Automation, Transportation, and Advanced Digital Technology are just a few of the fields covered.

It offers certificate, diploma, and applied degree programs, as well as baccalaureate programs, apprenticeship degrees, continuing education, and non-credit courses, thanks to its extensive industry contacts and training-intensive curriculum.

They even have Applied Research and Innovation Services, which turns ideas and technology from collaborating students, faculty members, and entrepreneurs into marketable goods.

Address: 2336 53 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T3E 1L2, Canada



Conclusively, the quality of education and living standards in Calgary are among the highest in the world. You will not only gain information and talents in analysis and communication under Calgary’s extremely powerful and hands-on academic environment, but you will also develop communication skills, demonstrate your creativity, and increase your self-confidence. So we hoped we have greatly helped you in your search for colleges for international students in Calgary. 



I am a student with passion and hunger to help individuals and students get more useful, legit, accurate, and up-to-date information by providing them with valuable resources and information.

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