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Colleges in Oshawa | Where to Study in Oshawa

Colleges in Oshawa

If you’ve ever thought to yourself “What are the top colleges in Oshawa?” you’re in luck. I have compiled a list of the best colleges in Oshawa. These schools are excellent in their provision of sound education and if you would like to study in Oshawa, you can pick one of the schools as listed below.

There are three (3) colleges in Oshawa which includes:

  1. Ontario Tech University
  2. Durham College
  3. Trent University Durham

These schools are noted for their dedication to producing graduates with skillful and capable hands, experiences and creative minds that can change the globe, technologically. Students looking to study in any of these schools will be making one of the best decisions ever. Yes, I said “one of the best decisions ever”.

You want to know why?

Then, follow me through this article, as I will be reviewing these schools and showing you what they have in store for you, if you eventually decide to study in any, whether as a resident or an international student.

Colleges in Oshawa

Though not many options to select from, yet, these colleges offers you so much. You will not want to miss out on the amazing benefits each of these colleges have to offer.

Ontario Tech University


Ontario Tech University

With the unprecedented changes in our world today, the need for enhanced technology is on the increase daily. More creative and competent hands are needed to push the tech world forward. This is one sole purpose of the Ontario Tech University, training technologically sound individuals for the future.

This tech school is committed to its goal of raising students who will contribute positively to a tech-focused world and in turn facilitate economic and regional growth, development and social innovations. To achieve this goal, it offers a wide range of academic programs to undergraduate and graduate alike. Students can select options they intend to pursue.

Learning and research has been one of its major strongholds. Professors and students undertake lots of research, creating experience and enhancing technological knowledge. Staff are committed to student’s learning, seeking new teaching strategies to communicate adequately, knowledge and ensure learning.

Facilities in the school includes, the Campus Library, Science building, Energy Systems and Nuclear Science Research power generation (OPG) building, Software and Informatics Research Centre (SIRC), Business and Information Technology building, the exceptional Automotive Centre of Excellence (ACE), Campus Recreation and Wellness Centre (CRWC), University Pavilion (UP), Student Life building, and housing. Plus, it offers various services which includes IT services, security, and parking services among others.

Durham College

Durham College in Oshawa

Students who are interested and passionate about arts can be sure to get the best artistical knowledge from Durham College. DC is a school for applied art and technology, offering courses in applied arts, business and technology as well as health sciences. It also provides for adult training.

The college offers full-time and part-time learning with a wide range of market-driven programs across various disciplines in its nine academic school. They include; business, information technology, engineering technology, media, design, art, general arts, skilled trades, justice, sciences, health and emergency services.

The lecturers are known for their expertise and professional skills in various fields of study. Each lecturer is designated to a class where such professional skill can be utilized for the benefit of students. Staff students both enjoy a conducive and well fitted learning environment. The school has different facilities that makes learning experimental and promote accurate information.

In partnership with the Ontario Tech University, facilities at the school are shared, this is possible because both school are co-located. They also have a First Peoples Indigenous Centre, where residents through the traditional teachings gain knowledge of the medicine wheel, with focus on the mental, physical, emotional as well as the spiritual soundness of students.

Additionally, student housing options, sports and recreational activities, shopping, transportation, parking, health and medical facilities, campus safety, and franchise of food options are also provided by the school. Various services are also offered, such as first year information, career services academic support resources, and Student Academic Learning Services (SALS).

Trent University

Trent University in Oshawa

Trent University has an extensive and extraordinary dedication to teaching and learning, with the goal of raising leaders and patriotic citizens ready to give back to the community and the world at large. Using its special academic programs, students are all levels are given ample opportunity to learn, grow and develop their minds to become creative and positive-based.

Regular programs in Business, Communications & Critical Thinking, Law, Social Work, Child & Youth Studies, Computing Systems, Policing, Anthropology, English Literature, Media Studies, Teacher Education, History, Psychology, Philosophy, Sociology and Journalism are offered at the school.

One notable factor about Trent University is its reputable workforce. Its faculty members are known for their expertise and recognition. These recognition includes; award-winning authors, distinguished historians, renowned social scientists and top researchers. At Trent, students get professional teaching and expert knowledge from their lecturers. The curiosity of students are given efficient answers, which is a major ingredient for academic and life success. It offers academic programs to undergraduates and graduate respectively.

If you seek a personalized learning experience, Trent University Durham is your explicit answer.


Are colleges in Oshawa good?

Yes, colleges in Oshawa are great choices for your post-secondary education. They offer a wide range of technological and business-driven programs which can enhance your chance of utmost success in a tech business driven world.

Are colleges in Oshawa affordable?

Yes they are. Tuition fee at these schools are affordable especially for indigenous students which will be required to pay an average fee of $4,000 per year.

Are collages in Oshawa open to international students?

Yes. International students intending to study in Oshawa can get admitted into any school of their choice, bearing in mind, they must meet the requirements of the school to which they apply.

Editor’s Recommendation

Three schools were reviewed on this article, all of which are promising schools for students willing to take on the challenge. However, for individuality and career choice constrain, you will need to choose a school that offers your prospective career line.

If being in the tech industry is a goal for you, choosing Ontario Tech University is your best bet as it centers so much on technological development.

Also, if arts is what you are passionate about, go for Durham colleges. Know what you want and then choose a school that best fits you need.

Final Thoughts

Colleges in Oshawa are open to students who are willing to be game changers in society. What is your take? What college would you go for if schooling in Oshawa is the thing for you?


I am a student with passion and hunger to help individuals and students get more useful, legit, accurate, and up-to-date information by providing them with valuable resources and information.

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