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Top 7 Best Community Colleges in Calgary

Canada has long been at the forefront of establishing standards for the best educational quality, and Calgary is quickly becoming one of the most prominent study destinations for international students. If you want to study in Calgary, you should know that the city has several internationally recognized community colleges and colleges that are both affordable and deliver high-quality programs and academic possibilities.

Community colleges and colleges, on the other hand, may seem to be similar, but they are completely distinct and exist as two separate institutions. Conversely, they might apply identical training routines, but they are still independent entities and you’ll understand their discrepancy.

So, how do you tell the distinction between a community college and a college? A community college is a higher education institution that serves the needs of the community. In essence, you will be taught typical academic subjects including English, Mathematics, and History. These lectures will help you get ready for entry-level careers in a variety of organizations.

A college, on the other hand, is a four-year educational institution that receives students. There is a large list of accredited programs, so students can take the program in any subject they want. The first two years of college are spent learning about general educational requirements, while the last two years of college are spent learning about the practical and research facets of their chosen program.

Community colleges furnish young people with the chance to study subjects that will prepare them for available job opportunities. Community colleges in different countries charge different tuition fees to their students. Compared to institutions, the costs are reasonable, making it easier for people to join in the program.

Both community colleges and colleges, on the other hand, clearly prioritize helping students or learners in improving their understanding of a subject area while also preparing them for good positions in organizations.

Even though Calgary has a plethora of community colleges for both national and international students, we have chosen the best to assist you in making your decision.

Community Colleges in Calgary

The top community colleges in Calgary are listed below.

1. Southern Alberta Institute of Technology 

In Calgary, Canada, the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) is a polytechnic institute. SAIT is Calgary’s second oldest post-secondary institution and also  Canada’s first publicly-funded technical institute, having opened its doors in 1916.

The Southern Alberta Institute of Scientific Technology (SAIT) is a community college in Canada that delivers over 100 courses in crafts, technology, and business to international students.

The college is among the province’s oldest higher education institutions, located in Calgary, Alberta. Kalaneng is home to all three university establishments. SAIT provides 11,023 full-time positions, 1,270 part-time positions, 8,777 on-the-job training opportunities, and 34,622 cooperative as well as continuing education positions.

The institution, on the other hand, has 850 faculties and over 11025 students. This community college is ranked 94 in Canada and 6385 globally, according to webometrics.

Address: 2336 53rd Ave SW, Calgary, AB T3E 1L2, Canada


2. Bow Valley College 

Bow Valley College’s objective is to support foreign students in their growth and to educate them for success in a global, knowledge-based economy.

They are, nevertheless, a resourceful world-class college with a strong community focus that encourages people to learn to earn a better living. Bow Valley College is a public community college with a long history of delivering high-quality adult education and training programs.

This community college is ranked 106 in Canada and 7142 globally, according to webometrics. International students can enrol in a range of courses from 10 different disciplines at Bow Valley College. Through its six academic locations, the college also delivers career programs and advanced courses.

With a 37 per cent acceptance rate, the college has very competitive entrance criteria. It is Alberta’s largest community college, with 15,000 students enrolled.

Address: 345 6th Ave., SE Calgary, Alberta T2G 4V1 Canada


3. Nova Scotia Community College 

Nova Scotia’s public college is noted for its Applied Arts, Health Sciences, and Polytechnic programs. The Nova Scotia Nautical Institute, the Center of Excellence, the Geographic Intelligence Center and the School of Citizenship are among the college’s 13 campuses and six study centre centres result. As compared to other universities, tuition fees are considerably lower. For international students, it is one of the cheapest public schools in Canada. Scholarships, incentives, and a variety of school and student services are also accessible to students.

This community college is ranked 94 in Canada and 7592 globally, according to webometrics.

Address: Address: 2336 53 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T3E 1L2, Canada


4. Mount Royal University 

For more than a century, Mount Royal University’s prestige for customized learning in smaller class sizes has attracted students to the campus. Mount Royal is known for its academic brilliance, commitment to undergraduate student success, and priority on scholarship-informed teaching and learning.

The university delivers a wide range of bachelor’s degrees, as well as diploma and certificate programs, all of which are designed to equip graduates for a lifetime of opportunity as active citizens. Finance, interior design, policy studies, environmental science, broadcast journalism, and nursing and midwifery are just a few of the majors and degrees available to students.

Professors at Mount Royal address their students by their first names. Faculty members bring their research into the classroom and directly involve undergraduates in projects that are relevant to them.

Address: 4825 Mt Royal Gate SW, Calgary, AB T3E 6K6, Canada


5. Reeves College 

Reeves College is committed to providing its students with quality education and the best training possible. Regulatory agencies and other industry organizations have set educational criteria, and Reeves curriculum meets those standards.

Instructors are well-trained and experienced professionals with  enthusiasm for what they do and a lot of information to share with their students 

Their graduates are well-prepared to join the workforce with a competitive advantage after obtaining standardized and recognized diplomas and certificates.

Address: 6624Centre St S #9, Calgary, AB T2H 0C6, Canada


6. Devry Institute of Technology 

DeVry Institute of Technology in Calgary is one of the top schools for electronics and technology-based business education. It’s part of the DeVry University system, which is known for providing high-quality degree programs that prepare students for high-tech jobs all over the world. College prepares you for life after graduation. It not only gives you a fundamental education, but it also teaches you how to achieve by teaching you problem-solving, teamwork, and communication skills.

DeVry Institute of Technology, based in Calgary, is a well-known name among the city’s top employers. Companies recognize that this is one place where they may find students who are well-versed in the skills they require.

Address: 2700  Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2A 7W4, Canada


7. Ambrose University 

This university offers top-ranked programs in the arts, sciences, education, and business, as well as dedicated academics that empower students to grow in their knowledge while incorporating a Christian perspective into their studies.

Ambrose University offers academic excellence in science education as well as liberal arts that prepares students to think critically, solve issues, adapt, and communicate.

Address: 150 Ambrose Cir SW, Calgary, Alberta T3H 0L5, Canada




Conclusively, the above community colleges are well renowned in Calgary and have accredited courses. You should, however, choose the community college that best suits your needs.


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