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Complete Guide to Studying in Leeds University UK

Leeds University is one of the largest universities in the Uk. Leeds University is known worldwide for high-quality research and teaching. One of their famous Alumni is the actor Chris Pine.

Complete Guide to Studying in Leeds University UK

Leeds University is filled with historical buildings and diverse artworks such as the Great Hall (built in the 1880s)  and a sculpture of a floating sleeping woman. The Leeds University campus is filled with beautiful scenery and interesting art. Leeds University was ranked amongst the top 100 universities in the world on QS World University Rankings 2021 and 35th for the most international university in Times Higher Education rankings 2020. Based on these rankings, it is obvious that Leeds University is a place dedicated to excellence.

Online Courses

The University of Leeds offers free online courses through Future Learn and  Course. These courses give you an idea of what it is like to learn at Leeds University in addition to helping you gain useful skills that would help when you finally enter university. These free online courses are designed for high school/secondary school students. Each course focuses on a specific field of study, enabling you to have an idea of the topics you would encounter during your undergraduate study. This equips students with the right skills and knowledge before their undergraduate journey begins. Categories of courses available from Leeds University are STEM online taster course, Business studies taster course, Academic skills online taster course, Art, Culture Design Online taster course, and Health science online taster course. Since the courses are free, you would benefit from it even if you do not get admission to Leeds university at the end of the day. Besides gaining new skills, learning via these online courses can serve as evidence of prior learning for university on your UCAS application.

Providing evidence of prior learning and preparation for university as part of a UCAS application

Undergraduate Course

All applicants(European Union, Uk, and international students)  for full-time undergraduate degrees are to apply through UCAS. The UCAS code to use is L23. Applicants applying for part-time undergraduate degrees are to apply directly to the university. It is important to note the UCAS application deadline dates to prevent late application. The earlier international students apply and get an offer of admission, the earlier they can start their visa application.

Before you start your UCAS application it is important you research on the Leeds University Website the course you want to study. Entry requirements usually include academic requirements and a personal statement, it is important that you at least meet the minimum requirement.

Each undergraduate course on the Leeds University website has a webpage where all the details about the course are specified including but not limited to course tuition fees, academic requirements, and career opportunities. International students who do not meet the minimum academic requirement may be advised to take a foundational year course. For students who do not meet the English language requirements, an undergraduate pre-sessional English course is available for them to take. About 5 different types of qualifications are accepted for undergraduate study at Leeds University, ensure you meet the minimum requirement required for the qualification you possess or want to attain.

Master Taster Courses

As free online courses listed above are for students that are about to enter university, there are also free online master taster courses for graduates or skilled professionals planning to start a master’s degree at Leeds University. Examples of master taste courses available at Leeds University are Transport Systems: Global Issues and Future Innovations and Business Ethics: Exploring Big Data and Tax Avoidance.

Masters Courses

Whether you are furthering your education or change career paths Leeds University has a course for you, with over 300 master’s degree courses to pick from. Applications for master’s degrees at Leeds University are submitted online. Applicants are required to find the details of the chosen master’s course on the Leed University website before applying. Applicants are to pay attention to entry requirements, application deadline dates, and course start date on the course webpage. This is important as entry requirements, application deadlines and course start dates vary from course to course. For your country’s equivalent to the state academic qualifications, do check for country-specific requirements here.

There are different study options for studying for a master’s degree at Leeds University namely, full-time, part-time, and Distance learning. The most common study option is full-time and it lasts for 12 months. Do make further inquiries to the school if your course has a part-time or distance learning option to be certain that that study option is the most suitable to you.


Research Degrees

The entire application process to study for a Research degree at Leeds University is online.

Before you start the application process you must have either have chosen an existing research project or are starting your own. If you chose an existing research project, do check that you meet the entry requirements. The minimum English language requirement at the research postgraduate level is an IELTS of 6.5, however, check the requirements of the project you are working on, it could be higher. If you a starting a research project on your own, it is important to search for professors at Leeds University with interests in a topic like yours and to ask such professors if they are willing to be your project supervisor.

It is also important to check the tuition fees of the department under which you would be carrying out your research.

Documents needed alongside your application are;

  • Your Curriculum Vitae
  • A well-detailed research proposal
  • Official Transcripts and certificates of any academic qualification you have received. (Official English translation to these documents if they are not in English)
  • Certificates of English Qualification.
  • Passport data page, Visa and Immigration documents.
  • Name and contact details of your referees(You should have at least 2 academic referees)

After submitting your application, you would be assigned a student ID number. Scholarships and funding opportunities are available at Leeds University.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

To whom can I send questions concerning my international qualifications at Leeds University?

You can send your questions to [email protected]

Are the tuition fees of Leeds University affordable?

Yes, they are in comparison to universities of a similar calibre.

Does Leeds University provide school accommodation for its students?

Yes, it does.


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