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Cost of Studying in the Netherlands for Indians

Are you an Indian student looking to study in the Netherlands either for a Master’s degree or a Bachelor’s degree? If yes, you are definitely making a good choice as the Netherlands is home to some of the oldest and finest universities in the world.

Beyond having several universities that are highly ranked all over the world, there are several courses in universities in the Netherlands that are taught in English.

This makes it easy for students from English-speaking countries like India to study in the Netherlands without having to learn a new language.

There is a lot the average Indian student that is looking to study in the Netherlands has to know. Chief among them is the cost of studying in the Netherlands.

So, are you an Indian student that is looking to study in the Netherlands? You are not alone. Contained in this article is the cost of studying in the Netherlands for Indians.

What is the Cost of Tuition in the Netherlands?

The tuition fees for Indians looking to study in the Netherlands are different from what people from European nations will have to pay. For a Bachelor’s degree in a public university, the average Indian student should expect to pay a tuition fee that ranges from 6,000 to 15,000 EUR annually. Additionally, Indians looking to study for a Master’s degree in the Netherlands will pay between 8,000 to 20,000 EUR annually.
Just as expected, the price to be spent when studying in a public university is less than the amount attached to studying in a private university. The average cost of tuition in private universities in the Netherlands is 30,000 EUR yearly for Bachelor’s degrees. Although this is already quite high, the amount to be spent when studying courses that are related to business and medicine is even higher. The implication of this is Indian students looking to study medicine in private Universities in the Netherlands will have to be ready to pay more than 30,000 EUR.
What is the Cost of Living in the Netherlands for Students?
Studying in a university in the Netherlands is a lot more than just the tuition fees. Students coming in from India will have to consider the cost of living in the Netherlands. This is for obvious reasons. When studying in the Netherlands, you will not live in the classroom. You will need a place to stay. So, you have to make plans for the cost of living in the Netherlands.
The monthly expense for Indian students covers leisure activities, clothes, books, transport, food, and accommodation. Going by this, every Indian student studying in the Netherlands should be ready to spend between 800 to 1200 EUR monthly.
In as much as the average cost of living in the Netherlands for Indian students is 800 to 1200 EUR every month, this price is a lot dependent on what part of the Netherlands the university is situated in. So, as an Indian student, you will need to make your research to discover the cost of living in the city the university you plan to attend is situated in.

What is the Average Cost of Accommodation?

In the Netherlands, anyone looking to rent a studio apartment should be ready to pay between 300 to 600 EUR every month. While the above is the average price for accommodation in the Netherlands, students might not have to pay as much as accommodation built with students in mind is usually cheaper. That’s not all. A couple of universities in the Netherlands have accommodation for students on campus. So, if you end up in such a university, you will be spending even less on accommodation.
As an Indian student looking to study in a university in the Netherlands, before getting out of India and moving into the Netherlands, you should get in touch with the university you will be attending. When you do this, they can help you get accommodation before you move into the Netherlands. Well, if you are not comfortable with the idea of living in an apartment for students, it is okay if you pay for a single flat. You could also decide to get a larger apartment and share it with other people. If you decide to go this route, you might pay a little less.
If you will be paying for a single apartment, you should be ready to spend between 500 to 1,000 EUR every month on accommodation. This could reduce to 400 to 700 EUR every month when you have to share an apartment.
Now, as an Indian student in the Netherlands, you should realize that the actual cost of accommodation does not cover utilities. So, when paying for accommodation, you must realize that you will still spend on utility. Going by this, before going ahead to pay for a room, it is important that you know how much you will have to spend on utilities monthly. This way, you can be sure if it is something you want to deal with.
That’s not all. Apart from paying your regular rent and other associated bills, everyone looking to get an apartment in the Netherlands will have to put down some deposit which most times equals the rent for a month. If the place is intact at the time you are living, you will get back the money you deposited.

Cost of Feeding

Every Indian student looking to study in the Netherlands must give thoughts on how much they will be spending on feeding before going on to pay tuition fees. I am certain no one wants to spend all their money on tuition only to be left with nothing after paying for tuition.
Generally, students that live alone will be appending between 150 to 170 EUR on food every month. In addition to this, to ensure you do not get to spend more than you are willing to, you might have to shop in cheap supermarkets. Some of the cheap supermarkets in the Netherlands are Heijn, Albert, Aldi, and Lidl. While there is an average price to be spent on food and groceries, a student’s lifestyle is a strong determinant of how much they will end up spending.
If you do not plan to make your own meals, then you should be prepared to spend 10-20 EUR on meals.

Cost of Transportation

Not every Indian student looking to study in the Netherlands will live on campus. So, if you fall into the class of people that will not be living on campus, you will need to make adequate plans for transportation. All things being equal, the amount spent on transport by students studying in the Netherlands ranges from 35 to 70 EUR. If you are trying to cut down costs, then, you must learn to ride a bike and rent one anytime you have to go out. The average amount for renting a bike is 10EUR for a day.
If you are not comfortable with the idea of renting a bike, you can get a second-hand bike.

Other Costs

Beyond the regular costs, an Indian student studying in the Netherlands can plan for, there are lots of unforeseen expenses that students have to be prepared for.
In as much as students will not have to pay as other people because of the existence of the student discount, they should still be prepared for medical expenses. Now, the average person probably always has medical costs in mind. However, the truth is medical expenses in the Netherlands are higher than they are in India. So, every Indian looking to study in the Netherlands must be prepared for this.
Although there is a Dutch Government’s health plan for residents of the Netherlands, it is not accessible by Indian students.


Indian students on scholarships in the Netherlands will not have to spend on tuition. However, they will have to prepare for the other expenses associated with living in the Netherlands as their scholarship might not cover this.



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