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Top 10 Best Film schools in South Africa

If you’re interested in becoming an actor, actress, film producer or any other role related to filmmaking, you should know that attending a film school will increase your chances in the movie industry. There are over 20 film schools in South Africa but in this article, I will be reviewing 10 film schools in South Africa I believe offers good training in film making.

Just like we have listed some of the best Pilot schools in South Africa, top Law Schools in South Africa and so many other great Institutions in South Africa. We shall in this post, list out the best film schools in South Africa that those looking out to start a career in that area should look out for.

Film schools in South Africa

Top 10 Best Film schools in South Africa

These are the top 10 film schools in South Africa (in my opinion)

  • AFDA The South Africa School Of Motion Picture Medium
  • Auteur School Of Independent Filmmaking (Cape Town, Western Cape)
  • AVEA (Johannesburg)
  • Beyond Borders Film School (Plettenberg Bay, Western Cape)
  • Boston Business College Media Studies
  • Cape Peninsula University of Technology Film School
  • Cityvarsity Film School
  • Durban Institute of Technology Film School
  • Dzhatsha Film Academy (Thohoyandou, Limpopo)
  • Jintek Media Institute

The above schools are all great film schools, each having its uniqueness. Though they are all great, some may offer what you need and some may not, so, selecting the film school that best fits your need should be a priority to you.

I have selected these film schools as my top ten for some good reasons. If you want to know my reasons for selecting these schools as my top ten film schools in South Africa, you should read through this post especially if you are considering any of the above film schools.

1. AFDA the South Africa School of Motion Picture Medium

AFDA is one of South Africa’s leading film schools, it has over the years taught and trained students to turn what they love doing into an occupation; in this case, filmmaking. Students are trained not only to make a living from this market but to be employers of labor.

Its learning system empowers students to be creative, innovative and professional, in this way promoting the economy and the world in general. The schools’ facilities are top-notch; they continuously advance their facilities to meet the ever-evolving movie industry.  Undergraduate degrees, higher certificates and postgraduate degrees in film making can be obtained at the school.


Phone: JHB: 011 482 8345-CPT: 021 448 7600 – DBN: 031 569 2252 – GQ: 041 582 1266

2. Auteur School of Independent Filmmaking (Cape Town, Western Cape)

The Auteur School of Independent Filmmaking founded in 2006 is considered one of the best filmmaking schools in the country. It offers part-time training to individuals. I selected this school among my top ten film schools in South Africa because of its commitment to giving the best training through running a part-time program.

Its environment is conducive and allows for dedication, focus and thorough learning with the limited time allocated to training individuals. It offers a five-month course in scriptwriting, editing, Guerrilla filmmaking, directing and digital cinematography.

Address: Suite 52, Private Bag X3 Plumstead Cape Town, Western Cape 7801 South Africa

Phone: +27 078 591 2044

Email.: You can reach out to them via the contact form

3. AVEA (Johannesburg)

AVEA is a professional filmmaking institute committed to its motion of making films fun, enjoyable and attractive. It provides an environment that is accommodating, creative and productive, making it one of the best film schools in South Africa.

It offers graduate and post-graduate programs where you can earn a graduate degree in Master’s or a PhD. The institute is open to international students who will love to study filmmaking with the school.

Address: 8 Vardon Road Greenside Johannesburg 2193 South Africa

Tel. +27 11 646 5565

Email. via the contact form

4. Beyond Borders Film School (Plettenberg Bay, Western Cape)

Raising competent filmmakers is a goal for the school. It is on my top list because of its enthusiasm to promoting competence and ensuring it gives excellent training to students. To effectively train students, it accepts a maximum of six (6) students per course and gives them quality and professional training in film art.

All you need to know about 3D filming and video editing will be properly communicated to you. At Beyond Borders Film School every knowledge and practice you’ll need to assist you to become all you ever desired will be handed over to you through its beautifully crafted programs. Cinematography, directing and production are some of the fundamental lessons you will be taught as a beginner during your one-year filmmaking program. Other advanced courses are available at the school.

Address: Trogon House and Forest SPA Animal Alley The Crags Plettenberg Bay, Western Cape 6602 South Africa

Tel: +27 44 534 8191

Email: You can contact them via this contact form


5. Boston Business College Media Studies

Boston Business College Media Studies, a school that offers you a wide range of media programs. Whatever career path you have chosen, this media school gives you quality training to get you rowing. Its tutors are well trained and ready to give adequate training to students of the institution.

Whether you have chosen to be a creative director, animator, DJ, radio presenter, journalist, advertising executive, marketing strategist or graphic designer, you can always find your place at Boston Business College Media Studies. They also offer a Bachelor of Business Administration in Media Operation Management.


Contact: You can call and send message via this here

6. Cape Peninsula University of Technology Film School

Cape Peninsula University of Technology Film School offers a 3-year National diploma program focused on modelling students into professionals who will be able to compete in the world of film production. To achieve this, students are actively involved in producing, writing, editing, directing, shooting, lighting and recording sound on; music videos, documentaries, short fiction films and public service announcements.

They offer a National diploma in film & video technology, a National Diploma in photography, a National Diploma in journalism, Baccalaureus technologies in photography and Baccalaureus technologies in journalism.


Email: [email protected]

Phone: +27 21 959 6767

7. Cityvarsity Film School

The School of Media Studies and Creative Arts College; Cityvarsity Film School supports and celebrate creativity and unique talents. They believe in the power of creativity making it a school where you can express yourself and your unique talents without fear or judgment.

Over 2 decades, the school have nurtured and grown various individual talents and prepared them to fit into the film industry. Products of the film school are notable for creativity and various talents. They offer a wide range of courses which includes:  Adobe Design Application, brand strategy for creative, certified digital marketing associate, digital journalism, the foundation of photography, Introduction to copywriting, javascript, Mindpower for successful creative, principles of graphic designs, professional certificate in digital selling, specialist certification in digital strategy and planning and more.


Phone: CPT: +27 21 466 6800 – JHB: +27 11 242 6360

Email: [email protected]

8. Durban Institute of Technology Film School

If you’re looking to venture into television or video programming, you will need to be trained by very qualified hands and Durban Institute of Technology Film School offers you such professional training through the hands of highly trained personnel with good technical skills.

The school also has great facilities that assist students in completing their projects. These facilities include professional digital camera kits, TV studios, an outside broadcast vehicle, jimmy jib, additional laboratories, digital editing suites and specialist underwater housing. With a combination of theory classes and practical classes, Durban institute offers the following courses as part of the student’s courses;  public service announcements, music videos, inserts, dramas, reality shows, magazine programs, corporates, documentaries and webisodes.

Address: Video Technology : Television School PO Box 1334 Durban, Kwazulu Natal 4000 South Africa

Phone: +27 (0)31 2036627

Email. via the contact form


9. Dzhatsha Film Academy (Thohoyandou, Limpopo)

Aside from making great movies, the Dzhatsha Film Academy also provide quality training and programs to interested individual. Though the school is located in a remote area, it has continued to thrive and make heads way in film production.

The owner of the Dzhatsha Film Academy popularly known as Chidino, completed the following courses which are also available to students; information system management technology diploma, public relations and filmmaking. He has two awards to his name. He is committed to providing you with good training in filmmaking

Address: P.O. Box 294 Tshakhuma 0951 Thohoyandou, Limpopo 0951 South Africa

Phone: +27 (0)736120155

Email. via the contact form


10. Jintek Media Institute

Jintek Media Institute is an alternative school where you can get university-like education and earn a living from it. The institute offer courses and qualifications that are open for job opportunities. They offer full-time media courses.

These courses include film and television production, system development, journalism, radio and broadcasting, system support, end-user computing, music production, producing, directing, scriptwriting, editing, camera work, lighting and marketing and distribution.


Address: Film and Television Production 405/410 Pretorius Street Pretoria, Gauteng 0001 South Africa

Tel. +27123202455


Does South Africa have a film industry?

 Yes South Africa has a film industry referred to as the cinema of South Africa.

Is film school expensive?

The cost of a film school will depend on individual film schools, the type of program and the duration of the program. The most expensive film schools in the world cost about $35,000 annually. They offer programs from 1-3 years to obtain a bachelor’s degree.

Does South Africa have good film schools?

Yes, South Africa has good film schools all over the country. The country houses over 20 film schools ready to give you the needed training in cinema art. I have listed a number of them in this article.

How long is a film course?

Film courses can last for 1-4 years if you’re looking for full-time courses, while shorter durations can be 1-2 years for shorter courses or part-time courses.

What are the requirements to get into film school?

You will likely need the following: cinematic art personal statement, visual sample, a writing sample for film school, creative portfolio list and letter of recommendation.

Can I get into film school with no experience?

It’s possible to get into a film school with little or no experience. If you have a passion for filmmaking yet with no experience, there are great film schools willing to take you in and teach you the basics of filmmaking to get you started on your journey.

Do grades matter in film schools?

Grades matter in film schools especially in prestigious film schools where the competition is high. You’ll need to meet a required grade point to be on the safer side. 


Whether you have little or no experience or you are experienced, there is always room for improvement and becoming better at what you do. Finding a great film school provides you with quality and professional training to boost your chances in filmmaking. After reading through this article, I’m certain you have found a good film school that befits you.


I am a student with passion and hunger to help individuals and students get more useful, legit, accurate, and up-to-date information by providing them with valuable resources and information.

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