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Free Online Ear piercing Certification – Complete List

Body Piercings have become more popular as a fashion style and statement in recent times. It is also practised as a form of art by a number of people.

If you want to get an ear piercing as an adult you would want to get it done by a specialist as this is very important to avoid the risk of getting infected or getting an injury to the ear lobe. This also applies to mothers wanting to pierce the ears of their infants at that young age.

To become an ear piercer you would need to get certified this does not have to do with too many qualifications you just need to know the required procedures and rules for carrying out a piercing operation through a short course it could be paid or free.

You can get the training online or physically by interning at the location of an experienced ear piercer or in a training institution for body piercing or ear piercing specifically.

This article would be discussing what you need to do to get certification to practice ear piercing.

Before continuing let us find out what ear piercing is before knowing how to get a certification to practice it either as a form of art or a fashion style.

Free Online Ear piercing Certification

What is ear piercing?

Ear piercing is the process of making a hole or holes on any part of the outer ear especially on the ear lobe using a needle or a needle gun. Ear piercing is done for the purpose of wearing earrings or other jewellery and ornaments primarily.

Ear piercings can lead to infections and inflammations which are meant to last only for a few days.

To perform body piercing of any kind including ear piercing, you need to know and understand the human body and how to placemarks to make piercings.

This is a course that trains you on the details of how to make Ear piercings on the human ear. The course is meant to be highly informative with practical demonstrations on how to perform the ear-piercing operation from start to finish.

Getting Certified online To Perform Ear Piercings

For you to perform Ear piercings there are several places to learn the craft from to be able to learn and practice and to get certified as an ear piercing practitioner or expert.

Most of the training places for getting certified on ear piercing are paid for just like the courses on ear piercing are paid for. But there are a few certifications that are free to acquire and those are the ones we would be looking at how to get in this article.

Steps to Getting a Free Online Ear Piercing Certification

You need to find a trainer of your choice there are quite a number of options you can choose from online to perform your training with using tutorial videos after which you would get certified as an ear-piercing practitioner.

When looking for a trainer for your certification as an ear-piercing practitioner ensure that the training course in whatever format contains these course content basically for a beginner course at least:

Preparing yourself and the work/service area

Find out the client characteristics and possible health issues

proper use of the ear piercing devices of mechanical stud and clasp

Blood pathogen types and ways of preventing bloodborne transmission of communicable diseases.

Proper Hygiene

Sanitary and safe use of single-use equipment such as but not limited to gloves, wipes for disinfection, and towels

Side effects of Ear piercing

After Care service and advice to clients

list of instructions to clients

Places that offer Ear Piercing Certification

There are several locations that offer free online ear-piercing courses around the world you can enrol in any of these body piercing institutions for the best body Piercing courses. Some of the best free online ear-piercing courses can be obtained in these countries at several locations in these countries:

  • United States of America
  • The United Kingdom
  • The Netherlands
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Sweden
  • South Africa
  • Spain

Some Piercing Institutions where you can get a free certification through a scholarship in the above-listed countries include:

British School of Body Piercing Essex, UK

This school prides itself on offering piercing training beyond the actual act of piercing the school will teach you more to make you become that excellent piercer. The school would train from an absolute beginner stage to an expert piercer.

E-mail: [email protected]


Piercing Works Amsterdam, Netherlands

The school has a piercing and tattoo studio and are the first piercing shop to be licensed by the Dutch health department to carry out piercings and do tattoos.

E-mail: [email protected]


Australian Institute of Body Art Athol Park, Australia

The school aims to provide you with all the necessary skills you require for body arts in the firm of piercings necessary to become confident, skilled, knowledgeable and professional in any of the body art courses you wish to undertake.

Address: Athol Park SA 5012

Phone: 0408 060 086


European school of Tattoo and Piercing (EETP) Barcelona, Spain

The school teaches you how to perform piercings and other body arts extensively, with practical sessions included in their training schedule. The school offers other courses such as tattoo courses, micro-pigmentation courses etc together with its piercing course.

E-mail: [email protected]


Skinart Tattoo Training Academy, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

The school provides you with professional training in piercing and also provides you with your working equipment to continue in your piercing career.

E-mail: [email protected]


Ear Piercing courses online

Here is a list of websites and institutions offering Ear piercing courses online with certifications which you should consider to get your training and certification on ear piercing from:

List of some video Tutorial courses on Ear piercing training which you should explore and use for free.

Training videos on ear piercing from Studex

Training video on ear piercing from watch here

After studying these body piercing courses you should do well to ensure you answer the questions that follow to get your certification if you obtain a passing score after the grading of your response to the questions asked.

This is as seen using the state of California in the US as an example case study. Other institutions, states and countries have their certification models and procedures which you would find out for the specific location where you wish to practice as an expert ear-piercing practitioner.

A sample certification from the state of California is here ear-piercing certification form

For you want to get certified as an ear-piercing expert a piece of extra information you should let your prospective clients know is that ear piercing is not just for beautification and as a form of art to some people. Ear piercing has health benefits besides the two obvious uses of it which are for beautification and as a form of art some of the health benefits of ear piercing include:

1. Reproductive Health

Ear piercing helps to maintain a healthy menstrual cycle in women and girls.

2. Healthy Brain

Ear piercing at a young age is said to help ensure proper brain development in children as the ear lobes have the meridian points that connect the right and left hemispheres of the brain.

3. Energy Balance

Wearing earnings is said to ensure that energy flow is maintained in the body.

4. Prevents anxiety, nervousness, and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)

Ear piercing helps against hysteria, nervousness, etc as the pierced area is where the master cerebral which governs the working of the brain is located.

5. Ear Health

Ear piercing helps to improve the health of your infant by relieving the symptoms of tinnitus (buzzing or ringing of the ear).


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