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Georgia Tech Transfer Acceptance Rate

If you’re looking to get transferred to this prestigious school, then this article will help you as I will be discussing the Georgia tech transfer acceptance rate. Just like we did in Cornell University Acceptance Rate, Tuition Fee & Admission Requirements and Northeastern University Acceptance Rate, Tuition Fee And Admission Requirements, we shall also be taking you through the Georgia tech transfer acceptance rate.

Georgia Tech has a transfer acceptance rate of 29.3% which is quite competitive, students willing to get transferred into this school must be able to meet a set target to be considered.

Individuals wishing to get into this school must be ready to prove they are worthy of being admitted into the tech school. There are certain requirements that are needed by the school which will help in determining whether or not you should be accepted into the institute. All of these requirements will be discussed in this article.

Just before we discuss in detail the Georgia tech transfer acceptance rate and the necessary requirements, allow me to do a brief review of the tech institute.

Georgia Tech Transfer Acceptance Rate

Review of Georgia Tech

The Georgia Institute of technology known popularly by Georgia Tech is a public research university established in 1885 and located in Atlanta, Georgia. It offers a wide range of technological courses.

The school is rated among the top 100 schools in the world and it’s committed to maintaining its place by providing quality education through research and practice. Facilities at the school help to conduct practical learning with the aid of qualified teachers and the workforce.

The tech school also looks to promote students’ potential and interest outside the walls of the classroom. Students can get involved in extracurricular activities of interest and will find the support they need from the school. They maintain a global network with its alumni which can be an inspiration to upcoming students looking to take on their world.

Giving no place to discrimination, the school welcomes different students from different races. Students from different cultures, tribes and races can find a welcoming environment in Georgia tech as the school promotes unity in diversity.

Let’s discuss the Georgia transfer acceptance rate and the needed requirements.

Georgia Tech Transfer Acceptance Rate

As seen earlier the Georgia institute of technology is a very competitive school in that it has a low transfer acceptance rate of 29.3% making admission into the school difficult.

With the transfer acceptance rate, students looking to get transferred into this school will have to work harder and cover up any deficiency to be considered for admission, plus they must meet the requirements stated by the school for transfer students. These requirements will be discussed next.

Requirements for Transfer Applicants

  • Transfer applicants must be high school graduates before the application period and one seeking to earn a degree to be eligible for transfer application.
  • The applicant must have completed a minimum of 30 semesters to 45 quarter credit hours. This will also include students who have completed and earned college credit through dual enrollment.
  •  Before the course requirements deadline, applicants must have completed the course requirements for their proposed major. 
  • You are required to presents an official transcript from all past colleges or universities home and abroad. For students who studied outside the states, a foreign credit evaluation will be required in addition to the official college transcript.
  • As proof of English proficiency, the student must submit an official transcript that shows the completion of 2 English composition courses which must be equivalent to Georgia tech English 1101 and English 1102 courses.
  • Transfer applicants must have a minimum grade point average of 3.3 on a 4.0-grade scale

Deadlines and fees to meet

Application for fall semester: transfer applicants can apply from Jan 15 to March 1, the document must be submitted latest April 15, course requirements deadline: June 1 and decision release TBA

Application for spring semester: transfer applicants can apply from Aug 1 to Sep 15, a document must be submitted latest Oct 1, course requirements deadline: Oct 1 and decision release November.

Application for summer semester: transfer applicants can apply from Dec 1 to Jan 15, the document must be submitted latest Feb 1, course requirements deadline: Feb 1 and decision released March.

Deadlines expire at 11:59 in your time zone. 

Application fee: the transfer application fee is $75 and for international students $85 and it is non-refundable. They also offer fee waivers to citizens and permanent residents of the U.S after satisfied they can’t afford the fee.

The Georgia tech uses a holistic review process, competitive admission policy and discipline review policy to fetch out students who are fit to receive education into the institute, not every transfer applicant get admitted as the school seeks to admit only great minded students who will be plus to the school and students around.

The school offers a variety of transfer pathways for transfer students, check out programs you are interested in and apply for them. Programs marked with an asterisk (*) are available only to eligible students who had applied as a first-year applicant to the Georgia institute of technology.

All of these are basic requirements that must be met by transfer applicants if you must stand a chance of being considered for admission into this tech school.


What GPA do you need to transfer to Georgia tech?

A GPA of 33.0 on a 4.0-grade scale keeps you on levelled ground. You should aim for a GPA of 33.0 and above.

Can I transfer to Georgia tech?

Yes, you can transfer to Georgia Tech as the school allows for the admission of transfer students when you need all the stated requirements. The transfer application is available online on the school’s website.

Can you transfer from Georgia State to Georgia tech?

Sure you can. At any time you can apply for transfer as long as you meet the school’s requirements.

Is it easier to get into Georgia Tech as a transfer?

Georgia Tech has a very low transfer acceptance rate of 29.3% and if you must attend this tech school then you must be up and doing as the institute seeks to admit worthy students into its learning environment.


Georgia Tech is one very competitive school, though it is open to transfer students, its transfer acceptance rate is low. In this article, I have discussed Georgia tech transfer rate and have outlined the requirements needed to stand a chance of admission.


I am a student with passion and hunger to help individuals and students get more useful, legit, accurate, and up-to-date information by providing them with valuable resources and information.

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