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Heart Touching Questions for Teachers

Being a teacher is one of the greatest jobs ever, you get to train people, monitor them, and watch them grow through your instructions, nothing makes you happier, isn’t it?

Also, as a teacher, there are things you need to work on and develop yourself in too. For instance, answering interview questions, answering questions from your students, and so on. You will also have to prepare yourself to answer questions concerning your relationship with students and other teachers.

To prepare well for such tricky questions, below is the list of heart-touching questions you should be expecting.

Questions About Life Outside School

  • Is there any other thing you are good at apart from teaching, like a hidden talent?

Situations arise when teachers have to introduce other talents and areas of expertise outside teaching to make things clearer to either the students or other teachers, this question will reveal how vast he/she is.

  • Is there something your students will be stunned to know about you?

This question will reveal how much the students know about the teacher and the little they don’t know.

  • What’s a typical weekend like for you?

This question will trigger answers about how that particular teacher spends his/her weekend and how that affects their whole week.

  • Do you unconsciously or consciously teach or behave like a teacher at home too?

Asking this question will reveal how much impact the teaching profession has on their life generally.

  • Are you a pet lover, if yes which pet do you have?

Owning a pet means he/she has experience in teaching, and it also reveals the level of tolerance he/she has. Pets are a little bit annoying, so as students, this question will reveal all this information.

  • Where would you like to go for vacation?

This question will reveal the teacher’s fantasy and dream vacation.

  • Are you a good cook, what can you cook to satisfaction, and can you teach your students how to?

This question is maybe personal but it reveals other things the teacher can do apart from teaching.

  • What can make you quit teaching?

This question is a little bit tricky but it also will reveal other career plans the teacher has apart from teaching.

Questions about teaching and school life in general 

  • Are there any superstitions you have heard about the first day at school as a teacher?

There are countless superstitions about teachers’ experiences in school on the first day, this question will make that teacher reveal the ones she has had and those she believes in.

  • What’s your definition of a good day at school?

We all have what qualifies as a good day in our profession, this question will reveal what determines a good day for the teacher.

  • What makes you proud to be a teacher, what achievement makes you proud?

Different things make us proud of our job, asking the teacher this will make him/her discuss what part of teaching makes him/her proud of that prestigious profession.

  • What’s your favourite meal at the school canteen?

This question will trigger an answer that will reveal whether the teacher eats from the school canteen or not?

  • What does your morning activities look like that puts you in good spirit for the days class?

With this question, you will get information about the teacher’s morning routine and how it affects their whole day.

  • What’s your greatest inspiration?

We all wonder why people do what they do or what motivates them to keep trying, asking this question will give you an insight into what’s driving that particular teacher.

  • Do you think technology makes teaching easier or harder?

This question is to find out the teacher’s view about the impact of technology on teaching.

  • Since you have started your teaching career, have there been any embarrassing moments, and would you like to share?

Well, there are times in all our professions or individual jobs that we have been in one awkward situation or the other, this question will prompt the teacher to probably share hers.

  • What do you think is the best thing and worst thing about teaching?

Asking this question will prompt the teacher to share what they think makes the teaching profession better than the others and what makes it challenging too.

Questions about relationships with students

  • What current trend do you think is affecting students negatively and why?

One thing about the trend is that the excess of it affects, asking this question will prompt the teacher to give details about what trend she thinks is affecting the students, why and how can it be avoided.

  • What kind of teacher are you, the strict one or the kind and principled one?

That’s just the two kinds of teacher that exists, the kind of answer that is given to this question by the teacher will determine which kind she wants to be. We all know the LATTER kind of teacher is the best.

  • Is there any difference between morning classes and afternoon classes, which one do you prefer?

Some teachers will never fix classes in the morning and some don’t like afternoon classes. The teacher’s answer here will determine what time of the day they prefer to teach.

  • If you could pass one of your traits to your students, which trait would you like to share?

As a teacher, one of the greatest joys is to see their students follow their instructions, and most of their instructions are influenced by their characters. Asking this question will make the teacher talk about their best traits and which one they will like to share with their students.

  • How many of your students’ names do you know and how do you keep their names in mind?

This question is asked to know whether the teacher is interested in the students more than just teaching them, knowing their names in mind shows a level of intimacy between the teacher and the students.

  • Do you enjoy inter-house sports and why?

Some teachers do not like sports while some do, asking this question will reveal which category that particular teacher falls into.

  • If you are given the opportunity, funds, and time to take the students for a trip, where would it be?

With this question, the teacher will give details about his/her favourite place in the world and why she would like to visit the place with his/her students.

  • What inspires your students about you?

As a teacher, there will always be something the students admire about you, asking this question will give you insight into what part of that teacher inspires the students.

  • How would you handle a stubborn student?

Teaching is all about student management and relationships, this question will make the teacher shed light on how he/she handles stubborn or difficult students.

  • What kind of relationship do you want to establish with your student’s parents?

This question will trigger the teachers to give details about the kind of relationship they want to have with the parents of their students. This kind of relationship will show how much the teacher wants to be involved with the students.

  • Can you give details about a particular time you worked with a set of students to solve a major problem?

Asking this question will prompt the teacher to talk about how much of a team person he/she is, as this is one of the most important traits a teacher should have.

  • Can you succinctly take me through a particular topic of your choice?

This question is essential to know how vast the teacher is and how good they are when it comes to imparting knowledge to the students.

  • Has there been a time in your teaching career that you have had a significant impact on the success of a particular student, give details?

This is to know whether that teacher has had enough impact on students in his/her career or not. 

  • How do you sort yourself out when you are worked up or overwhelmed?

Teaching can get tiring and overwhelming sometimes, the teacher knowing how to work herself around the hassle will show how good of a professional he/she is.

  • How do you maintain cooperation between yourself and the students in the classroom?

A teacher who doesn’t have class control will not be able to pass any knowledge to the students. This question will trigger the teacher to explain how he/she attains class management and cooperation.

  • Why did you choose teaching as a profession?

We all have reasons for doing what we choose to do, the teacher’s reason for choosing that profession will determine his/her performance in the classroom. This question will prompt the teacher to reveal that.

  • Can any of your past students or administrators say anything good about your tracking career, can we call to confirm?

Asking this question will make the teacher talk about her past teaching experience and at the same time give you clarity of the kind of person the teacher is, especially if his/her past acquaintance says something good about her.



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