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Here Are The Most Useless Job You Should Know As A Student In 2021

David Graeber, an American anthropologist, spoke out about “bull-shit job”, which he refers to those jobs he believes are mostly ineffective and not beneficial to society.
He talked about the decline in blue-collar work and the rise in white-collar work, which are completely unnecessary and can be avoided.

He believes that administrative and managerial jobs are unnecessary and should be less paid for

Instead, we should appreciate professionals such as teachers and nurses because they are more valuable and make a significant contribution to the nation and individuals.

Are there any jobs that aren’t worth doing?


To answer your question, I’d say “useless” is relative. It may seem insignificant to one person, but it could be very important to another person based on their needs and preferences.

So I’d say that there are jobs which aren’t needed, but are still available and paid for. Although these choice of job are relative as what appeal to Mr. A might not appeal to Mr B. So before we run through the list of these useless Job, let us see what make them useless in the real sense.

What Makes A Job Useless?

A job is considered useless if it does not make a meaningful contribution to society.

This is relative, as some jobs have a direct impact on society while others don’t. However, this does not mean that jobs with an indirect impact on society are ineffective.

If a job does not have any impact on society either directly or indirectly, it is most likely ineffective.

It can also be considered useless if a job is easy to do and doesn’t pose a problem. These jobs, which are not needed, can be considered useless.

What is the point of taking on useless jobs?

There are many reasons why people might take on useless jobs. The first is the fact that they might not consider it to be useful.

They may consider it an important job and feel it is worthy of their efforts.

People also take on useless jobs because they want to make a living and get good pay. A job can give you the money you need, regardless of how small.

Because they don’t have the money to pay rent or work, many people choose to take on some of the most inefficient jobs.

1. Gumologist

These people taste and bubble test gums to get their opinions for them to get paid.

2. Chocolate Taster:


These people taste chocolates from different brands to find out their taste, texture and smell.

It is not as simple as it looks. First, one must smell the chocolate and then taste it.

What can people do to recognize the dignity and value of these jobs?

To see value in work and feel dignity, one must take pride in it and have a deliberate approach to completing it.

It is about having a work ethic and understanding that, no matter how small or insignificant, the work actually fulfil

ls a person’s needs at a given moment.

You will also feel more valued and dignified when you work with people who are experts in your field.

3. Odour Detector:

The responsibility for detecting the smell of objects and people is the responsibility of an odour detector. This can include sniffing out people’s arms, breathing, and detecting perfumes or food smells.

It is important to be able to smell the pleasant and unpleasant odours of something.

4. Manufacturers of CD Racks

It is long gone the days of purchasing racks to store CD sets. People rarely purchase CDs to listen to or racks to store CD sets.

CD Rack Manufacturers are better at engaging in activities than producing things people don’t necessarily need.

5. Lifeguard at the Olympics

This is an unusual job that only happens once every four years.

It is also pointless because the Olympic swimmers are experts who have learned the art of swimming. They don’t require lifeguards.

They can be useful in the event of a professional swimmer drowning. But, it is unlikely.

6. ATM Guard:

These guards are placed at ATM points to protect them and assist ATM users. They also prevent ATMs from being burglarized.

This is not a necessity, since ATMs are designed to replace bank teller work. ATM guards are almost absurd since they can be used to do more rewarding work.

They can be very useful in helping new users of ATMs to use the machine.

7. Parking Attendants:

They are responsible for directing people on how to properly park their cars in public spaces. Although this might seem helpful, it is not necessary. People should be able and comfortable to park their vehicles in a public parking space.

They may be useful for people who are in a hurry and need to park their cars in order.

8. Elevator Operator

These professionals are trained to help people use and operate elevators. It is an inefficient job as elevator use is very simple.

These individuals are simply asked for the elevator number and enter it for them. They also try to talk to the elevator users as they go up the stairs.

In a situation where an individual is using the elevator for the first time, they might be able to help.

They are also useful in emergencies such as when an elevator jams.

9. Pet Food-tasters


These professionals taste the food before it is given to pets to verify its quality. These professionals don’t eat the food.

This is an absurd job as if the right ingredients and procedures are used in the production of the food, it doesn’t require that a person actually tastes the food to determine its quality.

They can however be used to test for the texture and taste of food.

10. Pet Psychologists


Pet psychologists are professionals who can read pets’ minds and understand their thoughts. They work primarily with cats and dogs.

Pet psychologists are nearly useless because an animal can be understood easily without having to understand their thoughts.

11. Restroom Attendants


The restroom attendants are professional workers who assist people using the toilets. They can do things like pour the soap into their hands and give them a tissue.

This is a wasteful job as you would be able to use the bathroom without the assistance of attendants.

They are useful, however, because they can help maintain decorum and adhere to bathroom rules.

12. Professional sleepers

These professionals are employed by bed-making companies to test their beds for strength and other purposes.

This is a wasteful job since the quality of these beds can easily be determined without professional sleepers.

13. Sign spinners

Sign spinners are people who spin signs boards to relay information to others.

This is a wasteful job as some people might not be able to read the information properly while it is being spun. The sign would be easier to read and understand if it was hung somewhere that is stable.

On second thought, sign spinners might also be a great way to draw attention to signs, since they dance and spin the signs.

14. Professional Snuggler

People have the job to snuggle with people for them to fall asleep. These professional snugglers are employed by an agency that sends them to those who need their services.

This job is nearly pointless as you need to be able to sleep comfortably without being curdled into bed.

Notwithstanding, Some people have trouble sleeping, and their teddy bears are unable to comfort them. These people require professional snugglers to help them sleep.

15. Professional Paint-drying Watcher

This person is responsible for watching paint dry on a painted surface. These people are often employed by paint-producing firms to monitor the drying time of their paint.

This job is a waste of time because it’s almost an unneeded task. A timer can be used to determine how long paint takes to dry without the need for someone standing around and watching as it dries.

Notwithstanding, the employers may also be justified as this information is needed to provide useful details for their clients on the amount of time need for the paint to dry off after use or appplication.

How To avoid doing a useless job?


In deciding on the kind of career to go for as a student, It is highly necessary to make some very important decisions as plans that will work. Any decision you want to make must be in line with your passion and what you love to do best as well as how you actually want to serve humanity or the world at large.


The financially rewarding aspect of a career is also important, however, more factors should be considered, before a final decision is made as to the career path to delve into.

Here are some steps to take, to avoid doing a useless job:

1. Know Your Interest And Passion


To avoid doing a job that doesn’t worth it, it is important that you do a job that suits your interests and one that you are very passionate about. Passion is critical in whatever one wants to do in life, as so should not be taken with levity. It is what will keep you going even when you are tired of what are doing. So try and know your area o interest and ensure you are working in that field to become a master.

2. Develop A Relevant Skill


It is also very necessary for you to have a skill you can master personally. You most time do not have to depend on some employers to feed you with petter monthly salary that can’t feed a bachelor talk more of a whole family.

But with good skill at hand, it is more or less like graduating with good certificates as it places you in the position of problem solvers and selling values to people in exchange for money. And the sweet part of it is that you are likely to be the boss of yourself.

3. Know Where People Need Your Skill


The problem most people have is not that they don’t have a skill at hand. The problem comes when you dot know how you can see the skill you have acquired in society. This is often regarded as the monetization aspect of having a skill.

You need to know how your skill applies to society and how you can see your product to them. You can as well mark out a questionnaire to ask for peoples opinions on the skill you have. This will guide you aright as to whether you are doing a relevant thing that will impact positively society or not.

Search to see how relevant the skills you possess are to society, this would also help you determine whether you are doing a useless job or not.

4. Scale Personal Goals Vs Your Job


You necessarily do not have to accept any job that comes your way. You have your passion and that is what you should try as much a possible to follow.

Ensure that the job you want to take go in line with your passion. If this is not so, then you might find yourself doing a useless Job.

What Then Are The Most Useful Job?

Below are the most useful job as far as 2021 is concerned

What are the most useful Jobs?

Below are the most useful jobs, in the world today:

  1. Project Manager
  2. Psychologist
  3. Pilots
  4. Accountant
  5. Software Developer
  6. Teachers
  7. Full-stack developer
  8. Data Scientist
  9.  Medical Practitioners
  10. Content Writer

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The kind of Job you do often time measure the level of your dignity and having a good or a bad job is having a sense of dignity, duty, and belonging. A job gives one a sense of purpose and fulfillment, as you contribute your quota to developing the field you are in.

Thus, it is pertinent that you take pride in whatsoever job you are doing, and give it your very best. Thank you for reading this post. We hope you got answer to your related questions on the most useless job you can think of as a student in 2021.


I am a student with passion and hunger to help individuals and students get more useful, legit, accurate, and up-to-date information by providing them with valuable resources and information.

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