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The Best High Schools in Oshawa 2021

High Schools in Oshawa

In this article, I will be reviewing high schools in Oshawa. If you are looking to study in the city, having concise knowledge of these high schools will help inform your decision on which to attend.

The list of best high schools in Oshawa are these (in no order of priority):

  1. Maxwell Heights secondary School
  2. O’Neill Collegiate and vocational Institute
  3. Monsignor John Pereyma Catholic High School
  4. Eastdale Collegiate and vocational Institute
  5. Kingsway College
  6. Monsignor Paul Dwyer Catholic High School
  7. Durham Alternative Secondary School
  8. R.S McLaughlin Collegiate and vocational Institute
  9. G.L Robert Collegiate and vocational Institute

It’s no news high school education is a critical foundation to one’s life pursuit. Not minding your career path in the business world, having a good high school education can be beneficial to you.

However, if you are going to attend any high school from the list, you must select a school that features your prospective career and strengthens your potentials. To know which high school best fits your need, it will require you sit tight and read through this post.

High Schools in Oshawa

Maxwell Heights Secondary School

Most schools clearly states their goal of “pursuing excellence”, but Maxwell Heights has proven beyond doubt that excellence is obtainable. It was awarded the 2018 Dr. Bette M. Stephenson Recognition of Achievement by EQAO, acknowledging rising achievement in both academic and applied Grade 9 mathematics, which in turn has stimulated student’s interest towards math. It’s department comprises of art, business and computer studies, modern language, health and physical education, mathematics, library, cooperative education, science, technological education and more.

The school is committed to seeing excellence at all levels both in curricular and extracurricular programs. Aside its regular academic programs, it features a wide variety of custom programming in Specialist High Skills Majors, including Health and Wellness, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), and construction as well as the STEM program which includes, science, technology, engineering and math. A selection of dual-credit options is available providing opportunities for students to earn college credits while still in high school.

Also, different extracurricular activities take place at Maxwell Heights such as music, dance, wrestling, lacrosse, track and field, cross country and tennis.

Location: 1100 Coldstream Drive, Oshawa, ON L1K 0N1 Canada

O’Neill Collegiate and Vocational Institute 

At O’Neill CVI, parents, staff, as well as Oshawa community are hands-on in ensuring an enabling learning environment where the school’s academic standard can be attain. The school believes that academic success isn’t complete except students learn responsible behavior, respect for people, property and ideas, which in turn develops communication, teamwork and problem-solving skills, this is true success.

Equal opportunity is provided for each students to, learn skills, cultivate good manners and excel academically. They offer different academic courses, leadership and athletic programs. Different clubs are open to student’s participation.

Location: 301 Simcoe Street North, Oshawa, ON L1G 4T2 Canada

Monsignor John Pereyma Catholic Secondary School

A smaller school than many of the city’s high schools, Monsignor John Pereyma Catholic Secondary School still stands as one of the best high schools in Oshawa. The Catholic school offers a variety of programs that supports the interest and potential of students as well as their academic needs.

Like most Catholic schools, Monsignor John Pereyma, is rigid in its faith and looks to impart godly vitures in students. The teachers are well qualified and ready to give their best in modelling children into good citizens of the community.

Additional options such as co-op placements, dual credit and independent studies are offered at the school. In the school, students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities.

Location: 316 Conant St City, Oshawa, ON L1H 3S6 Canada

Eastdale Collegiate and Vocational Institute

As important as academic pursuit is, the need for vocational training has become inherent in our world. Eastdale CVI understands this need and alongside its academic programs, provides for vocational training.

Its focus is on individual support and vocational skills in students. With the Eastdale’s garden program students are taught valuable life lessons, it also serves as job training. The Institute has a rooftop garden in which most of its cultivation and plantings are carried out by students. The garden is maintained with help from partner FoodShare, which also runs workshops and coordinates guest chef visits to the school. The garden provides job for a number of students.

However, the Eastdale garden program does not take away the school’s academic programs, students can get a diploma at Eastdale Collegiate and vocational Institute and head on to any university/college of their choice.

Location: 265 Harmony Road North, Oshawa, ON L1G 6L4 Canada

Kingsway College

Kingsway College owned and operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church, is a private boarding and day co-ed high school with a mission to reflect Jesus Christ and prepare students for his service.

The school has a defined goal of developing students wholly, which includes; academically, spiritually, physically and socially. It advocates for academic excellence and provides a conducive learning environment where academic success can be achieved.

Creative minds and skillfully hands are celebrated and developed. Extracurricular options are open to students to pick whichever tackles their fancy.

Location: 1200 Leland Rd, Oshawa, ON L1K 2H5, Canada

Monsignor Paul Dwyer Catholic High School

Students wishing to build their Christian faith alongside academic study are sure to get it done at Monsignor Paul Dwyer Catholic High School.

The Catholic school is known for its strong morals, discipline, values and belief system which staff are obliged to instill in students. Children are trained to love, respect and value each other.

Teacher at Monsignor Paul Dwyer are equipped to provide students with adequate knowledge and skills needed to succeed in society. Its curriculum is designed to accommodate each student’s interest and harness potentials. It offers both academic and extracurricular program and activities.

Location: 700 Stevenson Road North, Oshawa, ON L1J 5P5 Canada

Durham Alternative Secondary School

Sometimes life throws you hard against the wall and takes you off track, leading to unplanned changes. This is true for some persons whose high school education has been hampered, due to life challenges or mistakes. This is the core reason the Durham Alternative Secondary School was created; to help you get back on track.

Its unique goal is to ensure you finish high school and are awarded the Ontario secondary school diploma, which will enable you pursue further study, enhance your chances of employment and promotion or whatever the case may be. The school serves students from 17-21 in Pickering, Oshawa and Port Perry, Ontario, providing students with flexible and innovative programming options in an alternative setting which positions them to earn their OSSD.

A wide range of courses are offered that are factored to accommodate different learning abilities. Teachers are patient, understandable and willing to carry each student along. Aside the regular curriculum, different peculiar programs are offered that are beneficial to students of Durham Alternative Secondary School while in school or in the outside world.

Location: 240 Simcoe Street South, Oshawa, ON L1H 4H4 Canada

R.S McLaughlin Collegiate and vocational Institute

Striving to create a positive learning environment to assist in the development of each student academically, physically, emotionally, socially and morally, stands as the mission statement of R.S McLaughlin Collegiate and vocational Institute. With support from staff members, students and community partners, the school aims at creating a safe and sustainable learning environment where students engage daily study.

R.S. McLaughlin offers seven regional Special Education programs which includes a School-to-Work Transition class, two School-Based Support Programs, and four Practical Learning Programs.

Besides, the school has a number of co-curricular activities in sports, dramatic productions, music presentations, Student Council, Student Ambassadors, Leadership Committee and many culturally responsive and socially diverse clubs. Students are encouraged to join any of interest as it will promote skill development, broaden their knowledge and prepares them for the future.

Location: 570 Stevenson Road North, Oshawa, ON L1J 5P1 Canada

G.L Robert Collegiate and Vocational Institute

Preparing high school students for post-secondary school, is a general tendency for high schools. However, G.L Robert Collegiate and vocational Institute has taken extra steps in preparing students for post-secondary goals. Its peculiar learning setting, provides each student ample opportunity to succeed academically. With the DDSB Chromebook, academic resources are easily accessible and interactive learning is predominant.

Team work is highly recommended at G.L Robert CVI. Staff, community members, students and parents work together to promote the school’s activities and support the growth of students.

Students are encouraged to reach for the top, academically and potentially. It is believed that no child is born empty, therefore each student can become exceptionally great with some level of support. Respect, Responsibility, and Achieving Excellence forms the foundation of the school.

Location: 399 Chaleur Avenue, Oshawa, ON L1J 1G5 Canada


As a way to wrap up this article, I will be answering some very important questions that relate to high schools in Oshawa.

Are there good high schools in Oshawa?

Yes. High schools in Oshawa are great for your wards, they strive to provide the best form of education possible as stipulated by the Ontario ministry of education which awards students the Ontario secondary school diploma (OSSD) at graduation.

Are there elementary schools in Oshawa?

Yes. Oshawa has some of the best elementary schools in Ontario. Public, private and Catholic schools are scattered across the city.

You can also read elementary schools in Oshawa

Which is the best high school in Oshawa?

Maxwell Height Secondary School is rated the best high school in Oshawa. It is known for the pursuit and attainment of excellence not just academically but all that involves the school. Excellence is its watchword.

Editor’s Recommendation

The need for proper high school education is on the increase. This is because many students are seemingly confused on what life dream to pursue.

Therefore, having adequate guide and instructors can help foster your decision on the path that promotes your person and individual strength. On this note, I recommend Maxwell Heights Secondary School. The school has so much to offer students who are willing to become great persons in the future.


The place of adequate preparation cannot be downplayed. Students looking to venture into the business world or engage in one vocation or another can see high school as a training ground. This means, the right high school equals better preparation.

As proposed, I have reviewed high schools in Oshawa and what they offer. I believe you can now conveniently make your decision.

Love is sharing, kindly share this article with friends and family.


I am a student with passion and hunger to help individuals and students get more useful, legit, accurate, and up-to-date information by providing them with valuable resources and information.

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