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6 Easy Ways To Gain Admission Without JAMB

Students struggle year-in-year-out, in other to pass jambs exams nationwide, even when some finally pass the JAMB, exam, most students eventually are hit by the setback of having to face the POST UTME exams 

So one might ask; are they really ways of gaining admission without writing jamb at all? The simple answer is yes!

The good news is that students gain admission yearly into the university of their choice without going through the process of having to write JAMB.

Here are ways of gaining admission without jamb which you can actually try out if you have been denied admission due to your low performance in JAMB, or you just don’t feel like going through the process of JAMB.


Gain admission without jamb

You can skip writing JAMB by going through the following medium;


A good way to get admission into the university without writing JAMB is though the national open university is a federal university and also a distance learning institution which is popularly referred to as NOUN.

Established in 1983 under president Olusegun Obasanjo regime, it has a student population of over 550,000 thousand it has its headquarters in Abuja and has various branches worldwide its official website is

The general requirements for gaining admission in NOUN for 100 level student students includes 5 O level credit in  WAEC/GCE/NECO/NABTED as required by your chosen course.

NOUN University is always being opted for because it is mostly for students who work or older students who want to gain admission into a university to achieve their goals.


Another way of gaining admission into the university without jamb is through the interim joint matriculate Board (IJMB)

IJMB allows you to gain admission into any Nigeria university that accept IJMB
IJMB is an advanced learning course that usually takes 9 months to complete in which a certificate is then issued to an individual which can be used to gain admission into 200 level of any university which accepts IJMB


Some private university admits student yearly without jamb.

The school basically sets its standard for the admission and successful student who passes are being admitted.
Private Universities basically run on their own laid-down rules, not from the government. 

If you didn’t score high or didn’t take the jamb exams at all, then there is still some iota of hope for you in some of these private universities.


Almost all universities in Nigeria offer weekend and par-time classes and it’s quite the same as the normal admission based on the certificate.

The difference is that part-time and weekend classes take more time than the direct entry University. 

It’s is usually being taken by people who are very busy and still want to get a certificate or those older ones who can’t afford to take a full-time course.


Jamb is being taken to gain admission in Nigeria university, So whosoever wants to gain admission into a foreign University, which have their branch in Nigeria or would have to travel abroad to study can do so without ever have to take jamb.

But this so-called foreign university has its own exams to be taken by the candidate who wishes to be part of them.


The last way we will discuss what you can explore is through the Cambridge A-Level program. 

All you are required to is take some lectures in the respective participating schools for a period of about 12-18 months.

After which you would be required to write an examination and if you successfully pass the exam, you are then qualified to apply to any university in Nigeria for a direct entry program.

Please note that all these universities also have their respective mode of gaining admission, so students who do not want to partake in writing JAMB and want to enroll into a University through any of the above medium should ensure he or she make a proper finding from the school itself about their admission requirements and application procedure.

This is the little we can take on the subject, we hope you find an answer to your query.

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