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How to Get A Student Visa For South Africa

Is it your desire to travel to South Africa to study but you don’t know how to go about it? Do you know that you can get a student visa which is very affordable, to study in South Africa?

Though there are different types of visas one can obtain, which suits their purpose of travelling and what they are travelling abroad to do. For the purpose is this article, we will be focusing on how you can get a student visa for South Africa.

How to Get A Student Visa For South Africa

How to Get A Student Visa For South Africa

The good news is that this student visa does not expect until the conclusion of your programme and it is very affordable. There are some processes you need to follow to obtain a student visa.

Read on to find out how you can achieve this.

 Is the cost of applying for a student visa for South Africa?

Getting a student visa for South Africa is pocket friendly, around the figure of R1, 775 which is equivalent to $107.

How Long does it take to process a student visa for South Africa?

Processing a student visa for South Africa takes up to two months, and it is always advisable that one beginning processing his visa the moment he is accepted by the University of his choice in order for one to avoid delays in the processing of the visa.
One good thing about a Student visa for South Africa is that it runs till the end of your programme as such, you don’t need to be anxious about your visa running out.
Student Visa Requirements for South Africa

There are certain requirements you must meet before applying for a visa to South Africa ;
1) You first need to download a BI-1738 form and then fill in the required information needed in the form.
2) Next is to book an appointment with a South African embassy, consulate or mission in your country.
3) Payment of the compulsory application fee after the presentation of relevant documents pertaining to the application for a visa.
4) Finally, you will wait for feedback regarding your application, if it’s successful or not.

Second Requirements for approval of an application

After completing the first phase of the requirements for getting a Visa you will be required to present additional documents which are listed below;
1) You will have to present a certificate of vaccination if required by the Act
2) You need to show proof of your financial buoyancy to be certain that you are able to cater for the present and future expenses of your stay in the country your ability to take responsibility for your tuition fees. This proof of financial buoyancy should come in the following forms
• Bank statements
• Cash at hand
• Travellers’ cheques

3) Two extra passports
4) Medical records
5) Proof of Medical insurance
6) A cash deposit which is the value of the return ticket equivalent.
7) An undertaking to take total responsibility for the student and to pay all costs if in future, it becomes necessary to depart the student, must be presented by the relevant government, for students who are not African.
8) A detailed birth certificate, for those who are considered as minors.
9) A letter and documents from the person who will act as the minor’s guardian in the Republic of South Africa must be presented.
10) Consent from both parents for your stay in South Africa, or from the parent who has sole custody, along with proof of sole custody
11) A confirmation letter from your chosen school showing that you have been accepted into the school and the duration of your programme.
12) For those within the 18 years and above, must present a police clearance of the country you resided in for a year must be presented.

Can you work while studying in South Africa using a student visa?

Unlike most countries that do not allow visiting students to work while studying, in South Africa that is not the case, as the student visa allows you to work while studying in order to also cater for your basic necessities.

What about relatives or spouses that will need to travel with the applicant?

If you are married or will have to be accompanied by a relative who is dependent on you, such a person will have to apply for and fill the form for an accompanying partner visa which permits them to reside with you in South Africa for a stipulated period of 3 years. Worthy of note is the fact that they are not permitted to work throughout their stay.

In the case of rejected application

What should you do if your application is rejected? Well as disappointing as that can be, there is still hope. You can simply submit an appeal through VFS (Visa Facilitation Services) closest to you, there you will be given an online application form to fill. You only have a maximum of ten days to tender and appealing.
Various causes of the rejection could arise from the following ;
• Wrong visa type application
• Incomplete application
• Failure to present additional documents

Note: There are different types of visas especially for temporary residents so that when you are applying for a visa you have to be sure of the visa you are applying for in order not to have your application turned down due to filling the necessary information in the wrong type of visa. Some of these visas include;
• Study Visa
• Work Visa
• Critical skills work Visa
• General work visa
• Corporate Visas
• Intra-company Transfer Work Visa
• Exchange Visas
• Medical Treatment Visa
Having seen the various types of temporary resident visas, I am sure you will be extra careful when filling an application form for the type of visa you intend to get, as each of them has its requirements. So for the student visa for South Africa, the requirements have been presented above so do well to follow through as you prepare for a new experience in a new country. Good luck to you!!


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