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How To Pass 2021/2022 WAEC GCE | Tips To Score 8As’

How to read and pass WAEC  in one sitting:  Here are all you need to know to pass your 2021/2022 WAEC exam with a minimum of 8As in your result without stress. These steps are all you need to follow in other to get a good grade in all your WAEC papers easily including English, Mathematics, and Further-maths which most students believe to be the hardest subject to pass in WAEC.

It is no doubt that the 2021 WAEC GCE exams can not be passed on a platter of gold, neither is it a small hurdle to scale.

This is why you see different writers and scholars writing different, unique articles on the basic guides and tips on how best to prepare for the exam, to aid the candidate’s preparation and help them pass the WAEC GCE examination with the best result.

However, having read many posts from different authors on this topic, it is obvious and glaring that not all of these articles are useful. This is why I have decided to hammer more detailed guides and tips on how best and how not to prepare for the 2021 WAEC GCE examination for an excellent result.

Therefore, if you have been clamoring for the best article for you to read, where you’ll find the best guide and tips for you to use to pass your 2020 WAEC GCE exams excellently then you surely are in the right place.

I can guarantee you that after you have read this article and you apply them, your result will not even smell anything close to C (credit). As I will be sharing this guide I will advise you to read them carefully and understand them.

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How To Read And Pass WAEC/GCE/WASSCE With Good Grade

  1. Avoid exam phobia
  2. Have the passion to pass
  3. Early preparation
  4. Study hard
  5. Join as many waec GCE groups as possible
  6. Study majorly waec GCE syllabus
  7. BE sure to have a legible writing
  8. Read and study past questions
  9. Examine your knowledge and capacity
  10. Remember the place of God.

The above listed are surely all you need, to prepare for your WAEC GCE exams and all of these will be explained in detail in the next section of this article. 

Do well to read them with your pen and jotter close to your reach and jot the necessary points down. Enjoy the read!


2020 Waec gce

One major, but costly mistake WAEC GCE candidates make when preparing for exams is the unnecessary fear before the exam day.

This is absolutely wrong and isn’t the best way to passing any examination. Because even if you actually prepare for the examination you may eventually fail it.

The real truth is that no exam can be passed with fear in the heart.

Therefore, if you are to pass the 2020 WAEC GCE examination, then you must try as much as possible to combat fear and have a lion heart that comes what may, you will scale the hurdle.

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2020 waec

Passion is one important tool to overcoming any fear and crossing any hurdle. This is what will keep you going even when you are feeling discouraged and want to relent.

So if you truly want to do well in the upcoming 2020  WAEC GCE examination,  have a great passion and zeal for Excellency. Remember the popular saying.

Aim above success so when you fall,  you fall in the midst of excellence.



Another major contributing factor to the previous failures of most students in the WAEC GCE examination is that most of them tend to prepare at the late hour of the examination period. Which will leave them with little time to cover the whole of the syllabus.

If you are to achieve success in the forthcoming 2020 WAEC GCE examination, you must start your preparation very early. Also, remember,

If you fail to plan, then you surely are planning to fail.


202p waec

Another major reason why most candidates fail the WAEC GCE examination is their nonchalant attitude to how they prepare for the exam.

Attitude matters to whatever thing one does in life. It is your attitude that will determine your altitude in most cases.

So if you must achieve great success in this exam or even in any exam you want to write, give it your right attitude.


Join study groups

The place of group study can of course not be over-emphasized. Most students forget this and this leaves them with nothing but failure in their eventual result.

For you to be successful in life generally there are some vacant places that only groups/team can fill it for you.

If you think you can do everything yourself then that will be the greatest self-deceit ever.

Therefore, you need to join as many WAEC GCE groups as possible; this will often-time give you updates, information, and tips and keep you updated with what works and what doesn’t work, it makes you know about some things to prepare for and you also hear the opinions of other people about any topic that may seem hard to you.

This will surely help your preparation for the forthcoming 2020 WAEC GCE examination.


Waec gce syllabus

It is very key to prepare for the WAEC GCE examination with the syllabus.

This is what most candidates think is a mere waste of time.

But I tell you if you study with the WAEC GCE syllabus you surely can’t regret it.

This will guide you on what and what you should read. And also make you not to concentrate on the less important topics leaving the relevant ones untouched.

WAEC syllabus is just a form of AOC [Area Of Concentration], it enables you to prepare for WAEC smartly and rightly.

There are certain topics you need to master in the WAEC mathematics syllabus: Algebra, simultaneous equation, probability, statistics, inequality, set, circle geometry, word problem, indices, same applies to other subjects

So, to maximize your energy, your time, and your brain. It is highly recommended to study with the WAEC GCE syllabus to achieve success in the forthcoming 2020 WAEC GCE examination.




This is one great factor that contributes to the success or failure of a candidate generally in exams.

How you write and shade really matters in a WAEC OBJ Exam because most times, it is the computer that will mark your work, so if your writing/shade is not vividly seen, even when you write/picked the right answer, it might be marked wrong because you won’t be there to defend yourself.

So, make sure you work on your writing while preparing for the WAEC GCE examination and this will be one of your one-sitting determinant factors.


Study past questions

Another major problem of GCE candidates is their inability to read past questions which really is a great contributing factor to their success or failure in the examination.

It is important to note that past questions really help in most examinations and it is not just enough to read them. But it’s is advisable to study and diggest them as the real exam may not come verbatim.

Click here to download the past questions: DOWNLOAD 


Examine your knowledge

One factor that affects most candidates is being overconfident in what they have read without testing their knowledge in relation to other people.

Some always feel they have read it all, whereas, where they stopped is where some other candidate starts theirs.

So, learn to test your knowledge in contrast with other people who you know better than you and,  try as much as possible to filter out your capacity and work on your weaknesses.

This will surely help you in the examination.


Remember the place of God

It is no doubt that the place and position of God can never be written off in anything in life.

I have seen many people who on a normal day scores way below average in their class activities and they will write WAEC  and GCE only to have distinction without doing any runs or expos.

So, put God first in your WAEC GCE examination, and don’t be overconfident in yourself. If you put all the above-listed tips into action, then congratulations!

You’re sure to succeed in this examination.

Other Valuable Tips To Start  Up With Your WAEC Preparations

Set A Realistic Goal

This is a vital first step every candidate should embark on first for its success in any examination, be it WAEC, JAMB, NECO, A level examination, to mention less.

Your first step determines how easy you aim your goal, so draft out all the subjects you are sitting for in your examination and give them grades.

See the example below

Mathematics A1

English B2

Account A1

Chemistry A1

Government C4

Physics B3

Commerce A1

Biology B2

Literature B3

Geography C4

Setting a goal ahead will ginger you and even strengthens you when you are getting weak

Have A Schedule Time Table

The next step ahead of you and a successful plan, for the examination, is to set a timetable.

Even WAEC, JAMB, NECO, GCE has a time table, a wise student should think of this and see no reason each examination candidate should not draft out an effective timetable for studying

Have A Specific And Honored Studying Spot

This is a paramount aspect, you have to be careful of the environment you study, have a convenient place you can say ”yes!!, this where I study”. The table and the chair used for studying must be consistent with your height

Work Incline With Your Timetable

Yes!! a cool hint not known to everyone, it is very harmful studying with a lot of textbooks different from course allocated on your timetable, it causes distraction.

I cry when a student says ”I am reading three or more subjects together” this is a very marvelous way to terminate to goal earlier plan. Be FOCUS ”Face One Course Until Success”, don’t divide your poor mind into an irrelevant part that can’t work at that moment

Understand  The Topic Before Study

Understanding topics you are dealing with before going deep in studying gives you a wide understanding ahead of the topic, you can even try access your lexicon on each topic you are dealing with for a cool and wide knowledge

Use your own words- In assimilating, you don’t need to cram exactly what is in the textbook. Try to use a word you can easily recall when you need it

Use Recommended Textbooks And Go Through Them Has Reference

Sometimes, the instrument you use during a study of WAEC or JAMB examination tells a lot about your outcome in terms of your result.

Be driven by great textbooks written by great men. A textbook helped me with the practical aspect of chemistry back then.

I read the practical book and I was able to do very well in chemistry. Moreover, textbooks are the essential key to your academic achievement, they needed for you to understand some questions you might be having difficulty in answering. Once you can understand it, you then have to worry less.

Know-How WAEC Grades/Marks Your Paper

Don’t just prepare alone, ask your mentors how WAEC seems to be, most importantly, ask questions like ” is WAEC difficult, hard, or though? How do you feel about WAEC back then when you sit for the examination? How do they allocate marks to the candidate?” I assure you good a grade if those questions are really dealt with the right way.

Moreover, some of your teachers are WAEC examiners; they are familiar with the DOS and Don’ts of WAEC. So take their word with seriousness and take note of any area they ask you to note.

They are an instrument that can guide you to success and pass WASSCE in one sitting as you’ve always desired.

Do Not Consume Large Meals

We will advise you to eat proteins this time around if possible add excess milk. It helps the brain a lot, it will do a lot in your WAEC preparation

Rest Well The Night Before Your Examination, Sleep Least 6 Hours

I have really made mistakes reading overnight a day to my examination but I finally find out that, it really didn’t help, have a deep sleep if God loves you, he will reveal a question in your dream.

Yes!! He will reveal WAEC questions you are meant to do in your dream, quote me anywhere

Avoid Panicking

Just like I said in the opening part of this list, Quench the idea of fear in you, WAEC examiner/invigilator are a human being like you, have no reason to build up fear.

The fear of WAEC is one of the reasons why a candidate fails the examination.

You have to build up courage and confidence, deep breathing exercises also, relax

Ensure To reading Instructions Before You Answer Any Question

Not reading instruction has caused more harm to the candidate, not even a trace of good.

You have to relax and don’t be too anxious. English, for instance, has a lot of instruction, please be careful and watchful in tackling WAEC questions entirely, some questions belong to other countries, so don’t attempt questions that are not meant for you.

Lastly and most importantly – Take the above tip into practice, candidates should be aware that the WAEC exercise is not an easy task, as they say, heaven helps those who help themselves.

If this article was helpful to you please do well to comment and share.



I am a student with passion and hunger to help individuals and students get more useful, legit, accurate, and up-to-date information by providing them with valuable resources and information.

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