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4 Easy Steps To Retrieve A Lost JAMB Profile Code

Easy Steps To Retrieve A Lost JAMB Profile Code: Here are all you need to know about the JAMB profile code in 2021, how to reset a JAMB profile code, how to recover a profile code for JAMB, and some very easy steps to getting back your profile code if lost.

On this page, I will explain to you the easiest way to recover your JAMB profile code, Why can’t I access your jamb profile, peradventure you lost it for one reason or the other. Of course, before you may think of reading this article you must have gone through the process of JAMB registration, and therefore you are not new to the word “Profile Code”. But either way, even if you are new to this word, I will explain it to you in a more detailed way and answer some other frequently asked questions regarding the subject matter. In my previous article, I mentioned to you some very low-tuition Universities in Ghana. But here I will how you can recover you lost the jamb profile code

Most candidates at the initial do not know how important their Jamb profile code will be, therefore some candidates do not take proper consideration to keep and remember it for the due time.

Without wasting much of our time, let us treat go straight to answer our main question. How can I retrieve my lost JAMB Profile code? 


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How To Recover A Lost JAMB Profile Code Using SMS

4 steps on how to retrieve jamb profile code

This might be too stressful for some candidates who might have lost their SIM card with which the code was sent. However, if it is worth the stress, then here is a simple step to recover your profile code via SMS

  1. Retrieve your lost number from your service provider
  2. After successful retrieving, you have a minimum of 50# airtime on the phone
  3. Text RESEND to 55019
  4. You will receive an SMS reply consisting of your profile code digit.

Please, if you can’t go through the stress of retrieving the exact SIM card, then try method 2 or 3


This method is very easy and straightforward

  1. Visit the JAMB portal by clicking Jamb facility
  2. Input your valid email address and password and log in.
  3. Your JAMB profile code will be shown to you at the top of your dashboard as seen in the image below

example of a jamb profile code
JAMB profile code


This is a simple four steps to check your profile code in your mailbox, so far as you have not forgotten the email password you used while registering for your JAMB but if you have forgotten, simply click on forgot password

  1. Log in to your email you used while creating the profile
  2. Locate the message sent to you that very day.
  3. If you can’t find it in your inbox, then check your spam folder
  4. The message that contains the profile code will look like the one below.

how to retrieve jamb profile code

What Is The JAMB PROFILE Code?

This is a one-time unique ten-digit number sent to your mobile phone at the first instance when registering for the JAMB Screening exam.

Still don’t understand What the code means? I will explain further;

At the first phase of registering for the jamb examination, the first thing every candidate is expected to do is to first send some information which is basically their names as SMS to a special number [JAMB 5-digit contact], and immediately that message is sent successfully to 55019, you immediately/in some few minutes receive a reply from them on the same SIM card. On opening this, you’ll see ten unique digits like 123456799 this is your one-time JAMB PROFILE code.

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Now, that you know what your profile code Is, have you lost the phone on which this code was sent? Have you misplaced the SIM card with which you received this code? Did you mistakenly delete the code SMS off your phone? Then you really need to get it back as soon as possible because you will need it to do many things in the course of your admission and registrations

Don’t know how to go about it? Worry no more I have provided for you on this page three simple and easy ways to Retrieve the code that will not cost you a dime. Just choose any of these steps and try it. But if one does not work for you, please try another, but I can guarantee you that all three methods are sure solutions to get back your lost jamb profile code right back to your mobile phone.

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Frequently Asked Questions On How To Retrieve A Lost JAMB Profile Code

What is the JAMB profile code?

This is a one-time unique ten-digit number sent to your mobile phone at the first instance of registering for the JAMB Screening exam.

How Can I Retrieve My JAMB profile Password?

The easy steps to recover your JAMB jamb profile password are the same as the one we have stated above, which of course is how you can retrieve your JAMB profile code/JAMB registration number.

Example of JAMB profile code

The typical example of how a JAMB profile code looks like is 1234567899.

How to generate jamb profile code

Generating your JAMB profile code is as simple as ABC. Simply follow the steps highlighted in the early part of this article.

Can I use last year’s jamb profile for this year?
Yes! You can use the same profile code you used last year to register for your jamb exam this year if you so wish.
Can I use the same number to register for JAMB twice?
Yes, it is very possible to use the same phone number you used Previously to register for another JAMB, but is not recommended for you to do so.
I will advise you to register with a NEW phone number.
Can I use the same Email to register for JAMB twice?
Yes. It is very possible to use the same phone number and the same Email to register for JAMB twice. But I will also not recommend you to do that.
Register for your JAMB with a new phone number as well as a new Email address.
Can I change the number I used in registering jamb?
Yes. You can change your JAMB registration number. In fact, you can change any of your JAMB details. All you need to do is to visit any JAMB accredited CBT center for a change of detail and they will guide you through the necessary steps to be taken.
What is the meaning of OTP in JAMB.
One Time Password. This is the one-time 10 digit password that will be sent to your mobile phone during the course of JAMB registration.
Can I Delete My JAMB Profile?
Yes. You can delete your JAMB profile and re-register a new one as long as it is still within the period of JAMB registration. 
Here is how you can do it easily by yourself.
  1. Visit
  2. Enter your pin and serial number
  3. Click on sign
  4. Then Click on Cancel registration
  5. Check on “I accept the risk and want to run this application”
  6. Then click on run
  7. Click on “don’t block
  8. Place your thumb (right or left) on the fingerprint machine.
  9. Click on proceed
  10. You will receive a message with the text “Cancellation of Registration allows your to cancel your current credentials and registration, rendering the PIN invalid. However, if you wish to make a new registration you can do so by purchase a new card. Click the “Cancel Registration” button to cancel otherwise close this page now!!!” to continue the cancellations, enter the correct date of birth used to register the form, and click on cancel registration.
  11. Then Click on OK.
And that’s it, your JAMB profile will be deleted immediately and you can commence the registration of a new one.

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This is the little we can take on the topic “How to Retrieve a lost jamb profile code”. Thanks for reading and I wish all the forthcoming prospective jamb candidates the best of luck.

Do you have a problem creating your jamb profile? Or you find it hard to retrieve your jamb profile code? Kindly let me know via the comment session and I will be glad to help you out.

Schoolinfogists Wishes all The Already and To-Be JAMBITES a hearty congratulations.

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That’s the much we can take on the topic “How To Recover A Lost JAMB Profile Code “.

Thanks For Reading, we hope to see you again on our website. Kindly share this page for others to know!!!


I am a student with passion and hunger to help individuals and students get more useful, legit, accurate, and up-to-date information by providing them with valuable resources and information.

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  6. Pls i have not seen my profile code i sent nin num to 55109 and it said no record found dat i should send email with name and nin and try again in 4hours i have sent it but no reply they are just deducting #50 every time till #3000 card dat i have spent pls help me

  7. Mine keeps tell me I have register my nin to another number…when I try sending it with the number s not replying

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    1. How about now please?

      Just want to know if your issue has been rectified

      So I’ll know how to help you further

    1. How about now please?

      Just want to know if your issue has been rectified

      So I’ll know how to help you further

    2. Sending NIN to 55019but no reply and the registration is closing today please what can I do

    1. I advice you insert your Sim on another phone and try again.

      Please let me know again if you’re getting any error message

  9. I have been sending Resend to 55019 but the code has not been sent despite I m using same phone number with above 150 naira in the sim

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