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How To Write Good Letter In 2022/2023 WAEC & Steps To Collect Original WAEC Certificate[Quick Guide]

How to write a good formal and informal letter in WAEC, GCE, WASSCE: Here are all you need to you write A good letter in your 2022/23 WAEC exam and make a good grade in your essay writing and your English paper in general as well as how to an application letter for collection of original waec certificate

If you have been looking for how best you can WRITE a letter in WAEC and have a good SCORE, then this article is just for you. I Will be giving you some IMPORTANT TIPS on how you will improve your letter writing skill for a better WAEC result in 2022. This is a good answer to your WAEC letter writing questions.


The majority of students are not aware of the fact that letter writing in WAEC does fetch more marks than other essay writings.

Mind you, if you want to know how to write a good essay in the WAEC exam, then I recommend you read my post on how to write a good WAEC standard essay

There is a saying that “Heaven helps those who help themselves” lack of seriousness in some students has led them to the wrong path. An external examination is one of the easiest exams to pass and yet very difficult to overcome, Hence, we have to help ourselves out if we really aim for the best.

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example of a good formal letter

Let me start from here, It is a pity that some students do not really work hard on how to develop their essay writing skills by making research on some hints needed to write a good letter, or rather, they don’t take it seriously. Why some do this may be, because they feel they know the right thing to do, whereas, they might not have the slightest idea of what WAEC LETTER writing is all about.

All thanks to my tutorial teacher who made me realize that letter writing is easy to pass if you know the hints on how to write a good letter and it’s is the easiest way to earn free marks in the WAEC use of English exam.

Let me list some of these important things examiners look at when grading your WAEC letters before I will talk more about them.

  1. Address
  2. Good introduction
  3. Body of the letter
  4. Good and simple language or diction [AMBIGUITY]
  5. Mechanical accuracy
  6. A good letter conclusion

In this article, I will also give you some detailed tips that your examiners are looking out for in your letters when writing for WAEC exams, Irrespective of whether it’s a formal or informal letter.

Basic Tips On How To Write Good Letter In WAEC Exams

1. Know their respective features

The student must get themselves familiar more with their features.
For instance, a formal letter is official
It requires two addresses; the writer’s and the receiver’s address
While an informal letter is for friends, mother, father, brother, sister, relatives, or any other person very close to you (non-official) which requires only one address

2.The ability to decipher what the topics entail

This is also one of the greatest secrets of how to write a good letter.
If you are given a topic to write about “how you have been able to make a success in school”. Here, it also means, steps you have taken to perform excellently in academic areas. Do not use difficult grammars that will be too difficult to interpret the topic.

3. Avoid digression when developing your points

That is, don’t introduce unrelated materials to your points concentrate only on your point not on what does not go in-line with your points.
Funnily, students do that to attract marks. This can be done when writing an informal letter, especially when you are writing to a person like your family member (Father, Mother, Brother e.t.c.) Asking your recipient in a formal letter  “how are you“, might not be proper, because it isn’t needed. And as such, will be counted as “off point” Which consequently in most cases result to a reduction in the mark. Depending on your marker.

4. Study well on your address and salutations

Your address in both letters is either written in slant or straight line. It is mostly recommended for students to choose the straight-line method while writing an address because the slant lines are difficult to get. You can study the example below;
20, Ayanfemi Street,
Lagos State.
8th November, 2022.

How to write good letter in waec exam-schoolinfogist
Example of a good informal letter/ WAEC informal letter format

Look at the address

Note: For formal letters, the address of the  Writer is at the Top Right Corner while the Receiver’s is at the Bottom  Left Corner. That of informal Is one and is at the Top Right Corner.
Your salutation for a formal letter is preferably Dear Madam, Dear Sir. To be on the safe side, always use these two.

While for Informal letter, your salutation can be Dear fatherDear Father, Dear Brother, Dear Sister, etc.

5. Mind your introduction

The introduction is very important and students should write it with care. This oftentimes determines the attitude of the examiner toward the remaining part of your letter.

Do not make it too long, ambiguous. Make sure if your title is in the capital letter DON’T underline the title. But if it is in a small letter you can underline it, and unsure to capitalize the first letter of each word. E.g.

A Letter To My Dad On His Birthday


example of a good formal letter-Schoolinfogists
WAEC formal letter format

6. Never leave a little space for a paragraph

Students should start their paragraph beneath the next name in their salutation. I.e Dear Madam, start your paragraph beneath Madam.

waec letter

7. Be watchful of your complimentary close

Example of some complimentary close you can use in your WAEC informal letter are;

Yours sincerely,  Yours truly, Yours affectionately, Your dearest son, + Your name beneath. While the best you can use for a formal letter is 
Yours faithfully  + Your signature + Surname and your name.

Other Tips To Know To Write A Good Letter In WAEC Exams Are:

  • The use of appropriate punctuation marks in your sentence.
  • For an informal letter, “Yours sincerely“Yours affectionately” etc. You must be mindful of the ‘s‘ not ‘S’
  • For a formal letter, Yours faithfully.
  • Tense usage: know your singular and plural, your present, past, and past participle tense.
  • Appropriate use of Concord.
  • Never misspell words and try not to use grammar you don’t understand it confuses the examiners.
  • Do not be too ambiguous(Complicated big grammar) in your expression of the mind
  • Don’t Join two words together in your sentence, e.g. One of (wrong) one of (right).
  • Never use transition words like thirdly, fourthly, it is not presentable and acceptable. But rather use more so, moreover, furthermore, also, in conclusion, etc.
  • Avoid customizing your alphabet: if you are used to doing that, don’t try it in your WAEC exam as it reduces your overall marks in WAEC.
  • Make sure your writing is legible to read
  • Avoid writing too much of word( stay within the given limits MOSTLY 200-250 words
  • Let your introduction be captivating and make your conclusion interesting: most examiners don’t just scheme through the body and focus more on the introduction and conclusion, so make sure they are both well organized.
  • When your words cannot fit into a line, be careful on how you break them when applying hyphens- Make sure you break it syllable by syllable else start from a new line.
  • All these aforementioned hints are the measures to tackle your problem on how to write a good letter. I want you to know that practice makes perfect.  Practice well on letter writing to avoid jargon when writing it on examination day.

For more details and explanation on how to write a mind-blowing letter that will capture your examiner’s heart check through this guide: Writing a good formal and informal letter

So student have also been asking me if as an external student, how can they write an application to WAEC office, either for collection of WAEC result or for any other complaint.

Well, I will simply put all these in one word to be, How to go about the collection of your WAEC Certificate or result.

How To Go About The Collection Of Original WAEC  Certificate.

It is important to know that the collection of your certificate is meant to be free of charge. However, since it has become a regular tradition for most candidates not to collect this certificate on time especially in their first year of writing the exam. The WAEC governing body decided to start charging candidates who do not collect their certificates in their first year of writing the exam.

You can always get your original WAEC result in your school at any time within the first year of writing the exam. And you will be charged a small amount of money depending on the school. But your original WAEC certificate/result can only be obtained from the WAEC office if the duration of time has exceeded a year.

Since all the above stated applies majorly to candidates who wrote the exam while they are still in school. How then can a private candidate go about the collection of the original WAEC result without any hassle?

How To Go About The Collection Of  WAEC Result As A Private Candidate

WAEC result request portal

The West African Examinations Council, WAEC has introduced an electronic certificate management system, a portal deployed to enable private candidates to request certificates online.

Yes! you can now collect your certificate if you promptly follow the procedures.

All that is required is for the candidate is to request online via the platform designated. In order for this to be done seamlessly, WAEC has a partnership with the Nigeria Postal Service, NIPOST to use the expedited mail delivery service of NIPOST. Candidates upon application and required payments are done online, have their certificates delivered to them in any state of the federation, irrespective of where they sat for the examination.

More detail on this will be released later on…..Kindly subscribe to the site to receive the latest update to this post.

Before then here is the link to where private candidates can request their original WAEC result

WAEC Certificate Request Portal (

How Much Is The Collection Of Original WAEC Certificate?

If you are to get your original WAEC Certificate, and it has been with them for about 4 years then prepare to pay 3500 naira. If it has been with them for 9 years, then prepare to pay 9,500 naira. And if it has stayed with them for 14 years, prepare to 13,500 naira, for 19 years you’ll pay a sum of 18,500 naira. And finally, for 20 years and above, you will be expected to pay the total sum of 23,500 naira. Hence The amout to pay will be determined by how many year it has spent in the 

This is the much we can take on the topic “how to write a good letter in WAEC” if you have any questions on this topic please do well to use the comment box.

Schoolinfogists Wishes all New students who are new to writing WAEC and those who have successfully registered a hearty congratulations.

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That’s the much we can take on the topic “How to write a good WAEC letter “.

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I am a student with passion and hunger to help individuals and students get more useful, legit, accurate, and up-to-date information by providing them with valuable resources and information.

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