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8 Most Rated Journalism Schools in the U.S 2022/2023

To anyone reading this post. On this page, I will be covering basically the reasons why you should make the US your last destination while searching for a school to study journalism, the best schools to study journalism in the US. Kindly ensure to read the attached details on the below-listed schools to guide your selection. Also, don’t forget to drop and question and comment in the comment session.

Why Study Journalism in The US?

Over the years, the media has grown to become one big driving force in the decision-making body of the world. The media is almost all in all.  To some, there is no life outside the media, or in a more specific term “the internet“.

Countless Major decisions are now being influenced by the media as well as powerful media personalities. 

A very significant one that anyone who is very conversant with cryptocurrency will relate with is that Elon Musk’s cryptocurrency tweets in the past two months that have been particularly impactful for bitcoin. Musk’s latest bitcoin tweet on Sunday night shot the price of the cryptocurrency up by nearly 10 per cent. Just to mention but few.

The position of the media cannot just be overemphasized when it comes to top issues that affect the general public like the current Covid 19′ where the media serve as a very good tool to disseminating information, suggesting the cure, the control and giving information on the statistics every day. All these things put together shows that the media is a great and useful tool in the 21 century to drive both positive and negative changes.

Because of the delicacy of this information to drive big changes, the world then is always on the lookout for someone who can search for this hidden information to curry and amplify everything together for the reading public.

The post of journalism is held in high esteem in developed countries. More so, for any democracy to actually be complete, then the journalism arm must be of full functionality.

Therefore, when it comes to exercising journalism power and freedom, the United state is one of the top places where the post of journalism is held with so much honour and respect.

The United state has experienced the full effect of both good and bad journalism. and countless journalists are being sent out daily to report news and information of past or current events from top media companies like CNN, Al Jazeera etc.

According to an article by the New York Student Film Academy, on the top 12 Most Influential Journalists Of Today. 8 out of the listed 12 is either born in America or are based in America. Also, about 15,239 students were awarded journalism degrees in the 2019/2020 academic session in the United States of America.

To this end, it is of no doubt that professional journalism is a delicate course and can only be learnt in a good school. Hence, for you to be a good journalist, one of the first things to be done is to choose a highly rated journalism school to attend.

A high rated journalism school will walk you through all you need to have in order to be a world-class journalist that will be the next world changer. In a place like the US, there are without doubt many schools and colleges that are considered among the best. The latest world university ranking shows that the United State of America houses five among the top 10 best universities in the world in which Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) retains the top spot. I will be giving you a detailed list of the best school of journalism in The United State of America as far as 2022 is concerned.

Who Then Is a Journalist?

A journalist is simply a trained individual who specializes in gathering information which could be in form of voice recordings, text or video, and goes ahead to process it into a readable or a well detailed formatted news which the general public can understand. According to the Advance Oxford dictionary, A journalist is ​a person whose job is to collect and write news stories for newspapers, magazines, radio, television or online news sites.

What is Journalism All About?

We can infer from the definition above what journalism is all about. It deals basically with the collection of information, or gathering of data, then proceeding to production and distribution of news and reports on the latest breaking events as it happens. This is usually done in form of text, picture, voice recording or video recording.

Best Journalism Schools in the U.S 2021

Best Journalism School In The US

Below is the list of the top journalism schools in the United State of America.

1. Northwestern University

Northwestern University was established in the year 1851, It is a private research institute located in Illinois. This is one of the oldest institutions in the state yet the prestige the school carries still tarries to date. The school is ranked among the top best 15 universities in American according to the 15 university ranking and is of no doubt on our number one list of the best journalism schools in American in 2022.

One of the things that made the Northern university acquire its prestige is the remarkable history in the field of journalism and it is a course that is taken with utmost seriousness throughout the whole university. The school has a series of programmes that is specifically made to prepare their students for any career in the line of journalism.

some of which are;

The Journalism Residency Program

For a graduate who wishes to work at the media house and outlet as a reporter, this is the right program for them. This program allows students to work in media houses and outlets as a reporter. You will be made to go through all the major aspects of journalism by creating content, collating news, reporting for media outlets etc. This is so, in other to familiarise the students with the real-life experiences of how journalism is done in the real sense with practical application.

The Media On The Hill Program

For those who might have a strong interest in US politics, this is a program that does exactly that. The media on the hill exposes students specifically to US politics. It provides them with all the necessary things they need to know about reporting. You will be required to be making daily news and update reporting via the internet and many other social media like Facebook, Twitter etc.

Medill Investigation Lab

For students who wants to major in the field of investigative journalism, this is the right course for you. The Medill Investigative Lab is a program that exposes students to investigative journalism. It builds students to become an investigative journalists. It trains them on how to make research, investigate and smoke reports while working on cases of conviction. During the study period, students will be allowed to work alongside a veteran journalist in the field in other to gain more practical field experience to become a better investigative journalists.

2. University of Iowa

This is a public reasearch university that was founded in the year 1847. Amazinginly, the university is one of the oldest universities in the United State of America. It is made of about 12 colleges. The school has so much reputation in many different fields of which the school of journalism is a major contributing factor to the reputation of the school today.

The university offers various degree programs like masters, bachelor, PhDs, doctorate. It offers a 3-4 years program on journalism for the bachelor’s degree in journalism. And they also of bachelor’s degrees in the doctorate and master’s level.

The university is equipped with many well trained and experienced tutors in the field of journalism who will guide the students on how to practically be the right journalist that the world needs to make impactful changes in the world of professional journalism.

In terms of social life, the school is very wide and allows for good interaction amidst the students without any discrimination. This means that even as a student from a black country, you can apply to the school without any fear of discrimination as long as you have all the necessary requirements needed of you.

If your intents to study journalism and enjoy your study, or you just want to take your journalism skill to the next level by studying the postgraduate program, then here is the right place for you.

3. Arizona State University

This is a public university that offers the best form of education in the field of journals in the united state of America. The university was established in the year 1885 in Arizona.

If you are a graduate from another school and you wish to further your experience in the field of journalism, then the school has one of the best postgraduate programs lined up for you at the master the and doctorate levels. They provide you with firsthand experience and knowledge on how to become an expert journalist.

Their curriculum is well-sequenced to walk you through all the necessary things that need to be known from core courses to electives. They are also grounded with the practical training of their students to experience the real sense application of what they are being taught in the real world through interviews, news writing, news reporting etc. Students are left with the decision to either choose to specialize in either global or broadcast journalism. There is also the option of digital media for those who wished to make that there are of interest.

Talking about their alumni and past graduates of the school, the university has produced amazing lists of world-class journalists who are currently making giants stride in the world’s journalism today.

Students of the school are equipped with the skills such as investigation, diversity, independence, critical thinking and many others. These are the skill required from anyone who claims to be a journalist and that is exactly what Arizona State University will walk you through.

4. University of Texas, Austin

The university is located in the heart of Texas. It was founded in the year 1883. It is otherwise popularly known as UT Austin and it is one of the oldest universities in the State. Over the years, the university has always been listed among the best school for effective journalism.

The university is well equipped with tutors who are well trained in the field of journalism as well as the experience needed to build the likes of the next world-class sets of journalists.

The school encourages students to take part in digital training that allows them to work as a pro in the digital field. It allows students to gain practical experience through a variety of short term internships on where to work as a reporter as well as a writer for different media agencies.

5. University of Missouri

Popularly known as Mizzou, the school was founded in the year 1908 and is ranked among the oldest Universities of journalism in the United State. The school has produced many graduates in different programs one of which journalism is not a left behind.

The school provides students with standard tutoring on broadcasting through a method referred to as “the Missouri method”

Added to the school are about 8 media companies well two advertising agencies. Their undergraduate programs in journalism run for just 3-4 years to complete. These teaching methods are in collaboration with external media agencies which gives the students practical experiences of what they are being taught. The school also offers postgraduate programmes (doctorate and masters) in the field of journalism. This is an amazing place for you if you plan to take your journalism skill to the next level.

6. Emerson College

Emerson is a private research institute that is located in the heart of Boston, Messachutes. It has had an amazing reputation over the years and is on the list of our top journalism schools in the united state.

The university is well equipped with well-trained tutors in the journalism field who will walk you through how you will be an effective journalist in the current world. Students of the university are being taught the ethics and concept of presentation and news writing.

The school has one of the best media facilities in the country and their students are taught on digital media and print media using the techniques of modern-day journalism. To cap it up, the school have also introduced a new multimedia curriculum in 2011, a step that further strengthen the improvement of 21st-century media and news reporting.

7. The American University

This is list is never complete if the American University is not included. America University is one of the most outstanding schools of journalism in the United State of America. It offers its student with both undergraduate and postgraduate honour in journalism (masters, doctorate, PhD).

The school in conjunction with the school of communication equip students with the necessary skills needed to become leaders in the media and communication field. Their curriculum covers both digital communication as well as the traditional communication medium. This helps to broaden the knowledge of their students about the diverse ways of practising journalism as students are engaged in the practical application of what they are being taught.

8. University of Georgia Henry W. Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication 

Located in Athens and was established in the year 1915 in Athens, Georgia. The school has been one of the driving forces of both electronic and media journalism in the United State. They have recorded so many outstanding performances in these two fields.

The school has produced so many graduates who have stood out and world-known journalists and reporters in the united state. Some of which are Fox broadcaster Chip Caray, Maria Taylor the ESPN analyst

Students of the school also further take part in internships where they a made to report news do investigations for some media agencies. Writing and reporting news both in video and in text. They also teach them how to write compelling and interesting stories that aren’t misleading to the audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long Does It Take To Study Journalism At The University?

It takes between three to four years of study to get the bachelors’ degree award in journalism.


Journalism is a very important profession that is needed for a better civic society. As long as the world still exists, then there will always be a constant need for journalists who will serve as a pathway for the flow of information. They make getting facts and detailed reporting a lot easier. And if you want to become one of these sets of world movers and changers, then you should choose any of the schools we have listed above to get started.




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