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Kindergarten School Supply List – Well-Detailed and Comprehensive

Your child starting school is a major event in your parenting life that you have to have prepared for. This is a time when your child leaves on an adventure of knowledge and socializing. As a parent, you have the responsibility of making sure your child is fit and prepared for the world of school. A kindergarten supply list is what you need to prepare you and your ward for the challenging world ahead and today we will give you a list of things you have to have checked out. 

The most important contents of a kindergarten school supply list are art supplies, writing supplies and important bags and boxes.

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Writing supplies such as pencils, crayons and books are the most kindergarten school supplies as your child is lost in class without them. Therefore, it’s imperative that you inquire about the exact type of writing materials the school accepts and make an investment towards it now.

Do Kids need Supplies for Kindergarten?

Yes, they do, it might be quite hard for you to understand if you are a new parent and testing the waters of educational training. Contrary to what you might be thinking, the school is not in charge of providing art, writing and essential supplies for your children unless they explicitly said so when admitting your child. Only certain schools offer this though and most of them are private schools, if your child is attending a public school, then you are definitely getting a kindergarten school supply list.

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Most Essential Items on a Kindergarten School Supply List

Art Supplies

Kindergarten students are very much attracted to creativity and doodling with art and this means they need supplies for this, a lot of supplies because they are going to lose most of the ones they have, the art supplies you are going to need aren’t anything special, just the bare essential such as; 

  • Crayons: This is the most popular of all it and are very necessary for children to have, triangular or jumbo crayons are the best as they are quite easy for children to grasp in their hands and utilize efficiently. 
  • Markers: Just like the above crayons, markers are quite essential for a kindergarten child, however, it is a must that you get the washable ones as a permanent marker is a disaster of ink. The marker allows the child to experiment with a variety of colours and grow more confident with their artistic skills.  
  •  Coloured pencils: Sometimes this is used as a replacement for crayons but even so, it’s still advisable to get them as they allow for kids with tighter grips to trace and colour much more accurately
  • A big Shirt or Apron: This is absolutely necessary, as it will serve as a barrier between the messy art and your child’s clothes, a form of lab coat material is good too. This is very important as, without it, your laundry time would be horrid
  • Glue: This is extremely useful or stuff such as mall paper art projects, and is necessary and safe as long as there’s a teacher present, do avid the harder and industrial-grade ones though. Liquid washable glue is recommended. 

Writing Supplies

Like I said above this is the most important item in the kindergarten school supply list and must be bought before you start considering anything else actually. 

  • A notebook: A notebook is a must buy as your child would be learning the basics of writing at this age and thus requires a lot of practice, It is encouraged to ask the teachers which ones they prefer at the school.
  • Pencils: A must-have essential is a pencil which would be used frequently by your ward for writing practice, its recommended to buy the basic writing pencil but also inquire if any specific type is required for the type of learning utilised. 
  • Erasers: With all the writing practice going on, your child I going to definitely need erasers and the two types are encouraged; the standalone and the eraser cap on pencils
  • Paper: Sometimes and in some schools, your child may be needed to come with plain white papers for some art projects, confirm from your child’s teacher which ones are recommended for use in school. 
  • Pencil sharpeners:  This is an extremely important item for a kindergarten school supply list, since your child would be making use of a lot of pencils, it’s necessary that you have this so that their pencils are kept sharp and also helps in assisting them to write clearly.

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Bags and Boxes

All the above-mentioned items would be incomplete without necessary storage items; children are fond of forgetting things, so the teacher needs something that they can store the belongings of your ward in after use. 

  • Backpack: Although important, its use is limited now due to the size of your child, however, you should put it on your Kids in pre-K may not need a backpack yet, but once your child starts kindergarten, its necessary that you start making plans of getting one for your child as they would soon be in need of it.
  • Supplies box: This is for keeping stuff like writing materials and art materials, a pencil box, or a bag would serve this purpose.
  • A Lunch box: Getting this means that you can be sure what your child consumes in school, insulated plastic boxes are the most popular choice, it’s relatively easy to get lunch boxes for kindergarten students in the market, if possible also get an ice pack to keep fruits and drinks cool and fresh for your child to enjoy.
  • A Water bottle:  One of the most important school items, a water bottle means your child stays hydrated and stays well away from unsanitary sources of water, this is important because the water in most schools is not that clean to drink. Get a water bottle that is made from BPA-free material and can hold one litre.

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A kindergarten school supply list is a very important aspect that you must consider critically before sending your child to any school.

Most of the items listed here are sourced from a general list of what kindergarten schools expect from kids but it is recommended you inquire from your child’s school, as there could be some school-specific items that are needed. Some of these items may be hard for you to get hence you can go for their alternatives instead if you cannot get them.


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