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List Of Cheap Universities For Postgraduate Degrees In The UK.

Master’s degree can do a lot for a person’s career and academic pursuits. In a case of a not-so-encouraging undergraduate degree, a master’s degree with a good grade can make the individual more attractive to employers.

A higher educational qualification (such as a master’s degree) can get a person a higher paying job or consideration for promotion. With all the benefits that come with owning a master’s degree, it should come as no surprise that most people desire a master’s degree.

With the high standard of education, the UK is known, it is not news that most international students want to pursue a master’s degree there.

List of cheap universities for postgraduate degree in the UK

With having a high standard of education and being home to world-renowned universities like the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge, the UK is one of the most popular countries to pursue a master’s degree in. However expensive tuition fees for students especially international students have made people reconsider their options.

Listed below are some of the cheapest UK universities. Also note that there might be distance learning options for some courses at your chosen university and distance learning options are usually cheaper than learning on-campus.

1. Liverpool Hope University

Located in the bubbling city of Liverpool this university offers a wide range of master’s degrees and affordable tuition fees for both domestic and international postgraduate students.

The tuition fee for UK students ranges from £5200 – £6000 while the tuition fee for an international student is £11400. Admitted students would are guaranteed a peaceful yet enjoyable campus life due to the university’s location.

The university also has several scholarships available.

2. University of Cumbria

With beautiful campus locations all over England and modern facilities, the University of Cumbria is worth taking a look at. For UK students, some degrees cost as low as £5040, while for international students tuition fees are less than £13000.

All international students get a £1000 early payment discount at this university. This university is located in Carlisle, UK.

3. Teesside University

This University offers some of the most affordable master’s courses in the UK. This university to offering world-class facilities to their students to encourage innovation and creativity in them.

The tuition fee for UK master’s degree students ranges from£3,850 -9250. The tuition fee for international students ranges from £7500 – £14500.

This university is located in Middlesbrough, UK. Admitted students have multiple scholarship options available to them.

4. Middlesex University

Middlesex University provides its students with quality education, career support, and the right opportunities to enable the student to achieve their goals.

Teaching is structured in a way that reflects what is happening in the real world and students are taught how to make an impact in their future workplaces with their acquired knowledge.

The tuition fee for UK master’s degree students can be as low as £9500. The tuition fee for international students ranges from £6500 – £18500. This university is located in London, UK.

5. University of London Royal Veterinary College

If you were looking for a veterinary master’s degree course to study, the Royal Veterinary College is the perfect option for you. All the courses at this university are animal-centered and if you choose to study at the university in person, you get work on animals as well.

For UK students some master’s degree course cost as low as £9750 while the courses for international student costs as low as £15560.

This University is located in London, UK.

6. Leeds Trinity University

Leeds Trinity focuses on preparing its students to tackle the real world whether as career people or entrepreneurs. Most of the master’s degree courses available at Leeds Trinity University are writing courses.

If you are considering taking a master’s degree in writing or other related courses do check out Lees Trinity University.

Tuition fees for UK students range from £4000 – £10800. Tuition fees for international students range from £11500 – £12500.

Note: International students are not allowed to take a part-time course for more explanation contact the admissions department of the school.

Loans (UK students only) and Scholarships are available to students. This university is located in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, UK.

7. York St John University

York St John University master’s degrees equip its students with the necessary professional skills that would make them stand out in the crowd alongside expanding their knowledge.

With high-spec laboratories, fully equipped learning spaces, and a specialized learning centre, the university is ensuring that its students have all they need to succeed.

Tuition fee for UK master’s degree students ranges from £4333 – £18400 while the tuition fee for international students starts from £12750. This University is located in York, England, UK.

8. University of Suffolk

The University of Suffolk is a university that effectively blends relevant university traditions with the real world.

The courses are created in such a way that they are up to date with the real world be it with career or entrepreneurship.

Tuition fee for UK student starts from £8235 Tuition fee for international students ranges from £12150- 16380.

Scholarships and discounts are available for both UK and international students. This university is located in Norfolk and Suffolk, England, UK.

9. University Of the Highlands and the Islands

With its stunning location and innovative teaching methods, the University of the Highlands and the Islands is one of a kind. Students are taught to push the boundaries of their academic and applied knowledge and also think from a world perspective. Tuition for Scottish students and other students from the European Union is £5000. The tuition fee for UK students is £5850. The tuition fee for international students ranges from £12420. This university is located in Inverness, Scotland, UK.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do any of the universities listed above offer distance learning courses?

Yes, they do. Ensure you confirm from the university’s website or admissions office that there is a distance-learning option for the course you want to study.

What is the minimum academic requirement for the above-listed universities?

The minimum requirement for the universities listed above is the UK equivalent of a second class (upper or lower) undergraduate degree.

Some courses require the minimum of a second class upper, while some courses require the minimum of a second class lower of a relevant undergraduate degree.

Is there a difference between a Master’s degree and (PGCE, PGDip, PGCert)


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