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Low Energy Dogs for College Students

Virtually everyone that looks forward to a bright future has plans to go to college. Although not everyone gets to achieve this dream, the many that are able to make it to college have attested to the fact that their time spent in college was really amazing.

The average person’s time in college is associated with fresh challenges; some exciting, others boring, meeting new faces almost as a routine, and having to attend classes at sometimes odd hours. While the above-mentioned scenarios have given lots of people what an idea of college is like even without them going to college, there is more to attending college than classes and fun.

Lots of people fail to discover themselves before going to college. Due to this, the time spent in college gives them an idea of what they want out of life and the goals they want to pursue simply beyond a college degree.

If you are from a background where a pet is considered a member of the family, your time at college will be your chance to own a dog of your own. While you might be used to having a dog around, this time, you will be fully in charge of choosing the dog you want and taking care of it.
Selecting a dog in college might seem easy. However, it is not as easy as lots of people assume.

We are aware of how difficult selecting low energy dogs for college can be.

Due to this, we have put together some low energy dogs for college students. Let’s find out what they are.

1. Bernese Mountain Dog

Low Energy Dogs for College Students

This dog is big and lots of people would naturally expect it to be very energetic. Well, contrary to what several people expect, it is not a very energetic dog. That’s why it is in this article in the first place. Although this dog does not rely on exercises to stay happy, if you enjoy exercising, then, you can be certain it will always join you when you take a long run.
Just like a good number of low energy dogs, you should expect the Bernese mountain dog to droll every once in a while. However, this might not be as pronounced as lots of other dogs you might have come across.
Beyond the fact that the Bernese mountain drools, it also has a reputation for shedding its hair. The implication of this is you will need to pay a lot of attention to grooming the Bernese Mountain dog if you must get the best out of it.

2. Shiba Inu

Low Energy Dogs for College Students

As a college student that needs to spend a lot of time concentrating on your studies, the Shiba Inu is definitely a dog breed you should consider getting if you have plans of having a dog in college.
This dog breed can be traced to Japan. Beyond just being traced to Japan, it is one of the most famous dog breeds indigenous to Japan.

Although this dog is a low energy dog, if you want it to stay quiet in the house, you will need to take it for a walk daily. So long as you take this dog for its required walk daily, you can be certain it will never get bored or destructive. Also, issues of separation anxiety will never come up.
The Shiba Inu has a reputation for shedding its fur. Going by this, you have to be mentally ready for the process of cleaning your apartment when it sheds.

3. Saint Bernard

Low Energy Dogs for College Students

This is a huge dog breed. However, contrary to what lots of people think, it is very easygoing and gentle. These two qualities make it a great dog breed for college students that are looking to own a dog.
Although generally a low energy dog breed, Saint Bernard still needs to be taken for exercise occasionally. When looking to take this dog for exercise, you do not need to do something tasking. You simply need to take it for walks.
Although this dog is a low energy dog breed and is not expected to be stressful to its owner, there is more to actually owning the Sait Bernard. If you want to own a Saint Bernard, you need to be ready to deal with it when the weather is hot. The reason for this is this dog breed can get extremely hot. Additionally, it has a reputation for drooling. So, if you want to get the best out of this dog, you might have to spend some money in getting a drool bib.

4. Lhasa Apso

Low Energy Dogs for College Students

The Lhasa Apso is not a huge dog breed. This makes it ideal for college students that do not live in huge apartments. It adapts very easily and is very playful.
As an owner of the Lhasa Apso, you do not need to spend so much time exercising it. The implication of this is if you have a very busy schedule, you do not need to put in a lot of effort into keeping it healthy. To keep this dog in shape, all you need to do is walk it occasionally.
Although generally loving, it appears the Lhasa Apso is not very comfortable with children. In as much as this is a fact, it might not be a challenge since you most likely will not have children living with you in college.
This dog breed requires a lot of patience from its owners as it is very strong-willed. Additionally, the time you do not spend helping this dog exercise might be spent grooming it. This is because there is a huge likelihood of their fur getting tangled. To avoid this, brushing has to be done regularly.

What is a Low Energy Dog?

A low energy dog is a dog breed that does not need a great deal of exercise to stay healthy. This makes it an ideal dog breed for very busy people. While anyone is free to get a low energy dog breed, some of the people that might benefit the most from low energy dog breeds are college students and very busy professionals. This set of people do not have ample time to walk their dogs. This means they might not do so well with dogs that have very high energy levels.

Tips to Help You Choose the Right Low Energy Dog

Knowing the many low energy dogs available to college students is great. However, a knowledge of the various low energy level dogs that college students can get is not enough.

There are tips to help you choose the right low energy dog breed as a college student.
Some of these tips are;

  • Ensure you are on the lookout for dog breeds that do not struggle to live in the same space with other pets. This might not be of much importance if you have no plans of getting more than one pet. On the other hand, if you will be owning a couple of pets in college, it is important that you select a dog breed that can cope in the presence of other pets.
  • Consider age range. If you decide to get an older dog, you might not need to spend so much time getting it trained. On the other hand, it might take a while before it gets adapted to your environment. Unlike older dogs, puppies do not need a lot of time to get used to an environment. However, you will need to spend ample time training them.
  • You have to consider how much care a particular dog breed will need before deciding to settle for it. In as much as the fact that a dog breed is a low energy dog is a driving factor behind getting it, some dog breeds are low energy but require a great deal of care. If you get an older dog, you might need to spend more time going to the vet. Additionally, younger dogs might not require frequent visits to the vet. However, you might have to spend a lot of time getting them properly groomed.

Why Do You Need a Low Energy Dog in College?

The truth remains you might not necessarily need a dog when in college. However, if you must get a dog in college, you might have to settle for low energy do like this type of dog might not require a lot of exercises.

The implication of this is you will not need to spend so much time walking your dog and trying to keep it healthy. Additionally, low energy dogs can let you concentrate on your studies without demanding so much time. They are simply comfortable being by themselves.


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