Low Tuition Universities to Study Nursing

Are you in search of the best place you can start your undergraduate or postgraduate nursing program? Are you studying in Any university in Nigeria and you want to further it in another country? But you wish to pay less-a-money in terms of tuition fees, then this page is meant to give answers to this questions. Because below is the list of universities you can explore to study nursing with the cheapest tuition fees.


Grand crayon university is a regionally accredited university, invariably one of the best universities you can apply to study nursing. The university is situated in the United State of America. A private university with over 90,500 students on campus and the best part of this is that they also offer online programs for about 70% of their populations [Distance learning].

Crayon university was established in the year 1949 and it is the first profit Christian college in United State. This university offers various kinds of programs, but its strong affinity for nursing related courses makes it one of the best university for your any nursing program. Their tuition fee is 17,050 USSD.


Pennsylvania university is a private research institution located in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, United state. It is also an accredited university and one of the top-most among its pairs. According to the latest university ranking by the times higher education, Pennsylvania is the 11th best in the world.

It offers several courses and has over 30,000 students with about 23 thousand undergraduates and 13,000 postgraduates. They also offer online courses known as distance learning.

Pennsylvania university is also known as Penn and was established on November 14, 1740 by Benjamin Franklin. The school offers different program as you may know, but what makes it stand out from genesis is the kin attention paid to it’s nursing related field courses. It is popularly known for producing great graduates in the field of nursing. The school’s tuition fee is 55,584 USSD.


Yale university is a privately owned university situated in New Haven, Connecticut, United state. It is one of the topmost universities in the state and also the third oldest haven being founded in the year 1701.

Due YALE university lst in dieser ils-stadt is generally known for it’s great excellence in nursing and drama related programs.

Looking for a safe place of study? Then Yale is a great option for you to explore. It is one of the reported safest place by record released in 2018. The institution offers many courses and has over 13,609 students consisting of over 6000 undergraduates and 7000 postgraduate. One major factor that also draws the attention of international students to study there is the fact that the tuition fee in the school is relatively very small compared to other institutions of their caliber. Yale’s tuition fee is 53,430 USSD





It is of no news that United kingdom has the largest number of universities featuring among the top 10 best universities in the world when it comes to studying nursing and yet with very cheap tuition fee. One of the including list is Johns Hopkins university, established in the year located in Baltimore, Maryland, United State. Johns Hopkins is also a very safe place to study with a nice atmosphere. The tuition fee is 53,740 USSD


This is yet another great option to consider for all international students while looking for a place to apply for their nursing program. And also When seeking for institutions with a very low tuition fee, make this part of your top 5 options

The university was established in the year 1962 and gained the university status thereafter in the year 1852. Located in Southampton, United Kingdom and has over 22,000 students with about 15,000 undergraduates and about 6,000 postgraduates. Well equipped with qualified expertise and instructional materials for easy practical learning. The school tuition fee is 9,000 GBP


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