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UI Virtual Class & Accommodation Update: How To Use The Moodle App

University Of Ibadan Virtual Classes: Here Are All you need to know about the newly adopted learning system at the University of Ibadan, “The Moodle App”, as well as how you can use the app for easy learning.

Latest Update On UI Virtual Class

In an exclusive interview with the Student’s representative on the UI-ERT committee, Omitoyin Oluwaferanmi; the UI SRC Speaker, on the level of preparedness of the University of Ibadan in relationship to virtual classes and resumption, the Speaker explained that UI will utilize Moodle for virtual classes. He stated that “UI LMS is based on Moodle, open-source learning management system in the world. It is one of the most popular learning management systems in the whole world ” He said that Moodle is easy to use, but students should check it up on Google, and try the platform demo to aid their preparation for virtual classes.

The Speaker also explained that the management is ready for the virtual classes, even though it appears that little has been said about it. He further stated that some lecturers have started uploading their contents on the validated E-learning platform. Nevertheless, registration on the platform would commence on the 20th of February and last until the 4th of April 2021, as directed by the school management, but there are talks in place to enable students to register without necessarily paying school fees as opposed to the management’s stand that school fees must be paid before registration.

Moodle-based LMS is an E-learning platform where resources like slides, videos, voice recordings are provided & made accessible to concerned individuals. The platform has been credited with being user-friendly and less data sapping. Thus, MDAs, business organizations, and various learning institutions have made ‘Moodle’ their go-to platform for E-activities. Omitoyin however added that classes will be a combination of both live and upload of contents.

While answering questions on how complaints will be attended to, Omitoyin explained that there is a committee of Faculty Presidents and Central UI-ERT committee that is in charge of handling complaints across all various quarters. He affirmed that faculty Presidents have been advised to work hand-in-hand with Departmental Presidents on queries arising from each quarter. However, he advised students to join the SU Telegram page to lodge their complaints and tag the necessary authorities.

Questions posed to him as regards how effective the virtual classes would be and how favorable it will be to students, the Speaker emphasized that “To a large extent, the University is doing well to ensure the effective running of the system. Firstly, there was a call for students to train lecturers on how to use some of the online platforms. Secondly, the school management has a Telegram group for lecturers where they communicate regularly on issues that need to be addressed. The school is also working on a local area network on campus whereby lecturers are encouraged to come around so that they can upload their course contents without incurring personal expenses on data. This also enables their queries to be handled immediately by iTems” He explained.

The Speaker further assured that the MIS & ITEMs staff are working round the clock to prevent hitches like the crashing of the platform and the likes, to ensure the adequate utilization of the ‘Moodle’ both by the students and the lecturers. However, “This is a very steep learning curve, hitches are bound to occur, but the management is working on the best way to manage it.” He concluded.


How To Use The Moodle App: Here Are Things You Need To Know

To use the App in other to get the best result, let’s take you through all the various activities you can perform on the app

1.View All Courses At A Glance

 Your courses will be listed with easy access to contents, participants, grades, and notes.  A useful filter field lets you find a particular course quickly.
view courses on moodle app

2.View Completed/Recent Activities

The timeline display shows you which tasks you need to complete, with quick access links. For example Your assignments, Group projects, assessment reminder, and so on.
View completed activities on moodle app

3. Connect With Others In Same Class

You can easily connect to your course participants and message them privately for any discussion, you can know the last time they came Online and also block them from contacting you.
connect with other in moodle app
connect with other in moodle app

4. User Friendliness ABD Resolution Support.

The app displays in portrait or landscape view, whatever your screen resolution.

Mobile Friendliness

5. Course Content Accessibility

You can view course activities and download materials for offline users. Work through Books and IMS Content packages directly in the app. The downloading status of resources is preserved even when changing sections or pages.
Content Accessibility on Moodle app

6. Get Notification Of Updates

Keep up to date with notifications. The app supports both local (calendar events) and push (messages, forum posts, submitted assignments, etc) notifications.
Getting Notification On Moodle App

7. View Your Grades/Result

A Grades link for each course gives fingertip access to the grade book, and teachers can view assignment submissions on the move.
View Grade On Moodle App
Please note that these are just a few out of the numerous functions of this App, but the above are the major ones to get you started on your lecture at the University of Ibadan.

More Detailed Guide On How Classes Will Hold On The Moodle APP

Kindly read the information below and also take a look at the images following it to get yourself familiar with the moodle APP and how classes will be taken on it. The below information also contains how marks will be awarded in terms of attendance.

Response From The Technical Coordinator( Director of ITEMS)

  1. Work together with and have the contacts of course mates, Class reps, faculty reps to ask questions and not just assume things. Don’t be alone, even if home alone !!!
  2. Tech fee doesn’t mean data would be given to students, instead, it means the money is being used for infrastructural development in terms of tech
  3. Ways in which assignment would be submitted depends on the lecturer, if he wants it in .doc or .pdf or by scanning, get the correct information from your lecturers
  4. If you see that your hall of residence is no longer showing on your portal, it is cause it is not expected to show, as you are not accommodated on campus this semester
  5. Pay your fees !!! , if any difficulty with payment and registration, contact the phone number/email address on your registration portal
  6. For your real-time interactive sessions, register a free zoom acct at with your name and email, so that your lecturer can identify you through your name, in class four marking of attendance purposes.
  7. To access your department websites for information on course advisory, course registration, go to, then navigate to our faculty and then to your respective department.
  8. For those whose details wiped of while doing the bio-data, you can send an email to your UG portal including your details such as name and your matric number, and a screenshot to help
  9. If you have not paid your fees, you can still start lectures, just that you’ll only have access to general courses until you register and registration approved e.g If you are doing chemistry, you can only have access to your general chemistry courses. Since you haven’t registered, you won’t be able to capture other courses you are to take.
  10. After logging into LMS for the first time, the virtual orientation week 2021 will be seen and with time, you will see more lectures and all the courses you will be taking will be available on the page in the LMS
  11. You can click on the lecture and find additional information on what to do
  12. The course page would have course objectives, welcome to course, meeting time with the lecturer, all the lecture notes, etc
  13. Interactive sessions information e.g synchronous session / real-time via zoom will also be on the course page
  14. Once you are on your course page, all the information you need, resources, hours, and links to real-time interactions will be made available there and all courses will be listed on your page
  15. Additional information would be provided to you on how to navigate your way on the LMS, all guides will be provided just before you start lectures, so you won’t miss your way at any rate
  16. After logging into your institutional email e.g [email protected], make sure you remember your password after logging in and changing it
  17. If there are limitations to LMS that cannot be done on phone, then you can get a tablet or better still laptop to fully participate but you can still do some, things on the phone
  18. For question on change of course and not being able to access LMS, your details need to be updated and when done, you’ll be able to gain access
  19. Call during office hours for problems related to fees and registration
  20. In terms of PowerPoint, you can also use phone using apps just like WPS
  21. In terms of talking to lecturers, this can be done during the synchronous session when allowed to or during office hours
  22. In the aspect of the moodle app issues of a person leaving at a particular time, for it to be removed, your Moodle can be configured. Just explore the page and the tools on them
  23. In the aspect of School assisting students that don’t have devices, The university didn’t promise any device but has started exploring the possibility of support which are just possibilities, but no promises
  24. In the aspect of not having done your course registration, You will still be able to access general 100lv fresher courses for your course, but your electives and non-general courses won’t be able to be captured until you have reg been registered and approved. You will still have access to LMS and general lectures posted on it, which all be enrolled in.
  25. If you are a D.E student, asking whether all offer 100 lv courses since you are going to 200lv, meet your department to ask, as it depends on your department.

Please Study the images below and understand them well, They are the recap gotten from the last VC’s meeting on YouTube

UI ERT Attendance

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