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Northeastern University Acceptance Rate, Tuition Fee And Admission Requirements 2022/2023

On this page, I will be covering basically the Northeastern University transfer acceptance rate, tuition and admission requirements for the 2022/2023 academic session. Kindly ensure to read the attached details on the below-listed schools to guide your admission processes. Also, don’t forget to drop and question and comment in the comment session.

Transferring to Northeastern University will not be a problem after you might have taken your time to go through the procedure that will be highlighted in this article. So please take your time to read to the end.

Kindly know that everything you will be reading on this page is put together based on the research I have made and not from the expertise point of view, neither do I have any affiliation with the school. To this end, let us dive straight to see more about all you need to know about transferring to Northeastern University.

Overview Of Northeastern University

Northeastern University is an American based private research institute for young men.  Northeastern is located in Ithaca, New York. It was founded in the year 1898 (about 123 years ago). It has an undergraduate student population of over 18,000 as of 2021 and a postgraduate population of about 8,598 in 2020  The school has about 65  major undergraduate departments, 100 academic departments. Northeastern University is also known as Huskies. The school has a sports affiliation with the NCAA Division-CAA Hockey East.

Most of the undergraduate students of the school choose to live right on campus while the third-year students have the freedom to live outside the university campus. 78% of Northeastern university students receive financial aids in one form or the other. In 2020/21 the school has spent close to $255 million in disbursing grants and scholarship assistance to students of the school.

The campus is located right in the rural part of the school and covers about 73 acres of land. It also uses the semester-based academic calendar. Speaking about the academic performance of the school. Northeastern University is ranked 168th by the timeshighereducation University Ranking of 2021. 21st by, 2nd by Top University & College in the USA, 1st in Top 25 Best Al, Robotics, and Machine Learning Masters for 2020, 1st among the Top Colleges in the USA for Student from India, 9th in The Best Online Video Game Design Schools, 25th In The Best Bachelor’s Degrees in Health Science 2019, 21st in the Colleges Ranked by Acceptance Rate, 2nd  among the Top 20 Health Data Sciences Degree, 3rd in the NC Women’s Ice Hockey Rankings,  1st in the Top 25 Campus Master’s in Security Studies Program 2019, 1st among the Best MPH Programs for International Students By Sam MacArthur, Just to mention but few. The school has about an 89% rate of graduation every year with about an 11% acceptance rate.

About the tuition fee, as a student staying on campus, the tuition fee for Northeastern University is $56,500.

The school makes it easy for the students to gain so much significant work experience prior to getting their diplomas.

The reason is that 90% of Northeastern University students complete at least one professional co-op in their college year. This also requires them to work for about 2,000 Organizations across the globe, including ESPN as well as MTV.

Students have just 4 years to complete their undergraduate program with one additional year to take co-ops or 5 years of edition which gives them more room to take up to 3 co-ops.

Outside the school’s activities, there are many other organizations that cater for the student. Some of these organizations include over 30 fraternities and sororities. The school also have over 400 clubs and organization that also cater for the students.

In the Northeastern Huskies, Northeastern Huskies compete in the NCAA Division I Colonial Athletic Conference. Like we earlier, said, Huskies is the Nickname of the Northeastern University And more than 3,000 athletes play at the club or intramural levels. The school’s first-year students and sophomores are required to be on the campus while the other postgraduates and students of higher classes have the option of getting accommodation outside the school campus.

The school campus covers over 73 acres of land and their campus is located in Boston. Northeastern has its very own station in Boston’s subway system. This is popularly referred to as “The T. Boston” Boston is home to a whole lot of other colleges that a listed in American culture and are also full of amazing things to keep students of the school busy and educated.

The school has also received some very notable awards from different parts of the world. Some of the notable and very common award it receives almost every year is the National Science Foundation and National Institute of Health award along with those from the Department of Homeland Security Energy and Defense.

Some very notable alumni of the school include the popular Wendy Williams the talk host, the former Astronaut and Professor Albert Sacco. Shawn Fanning the Napster Creator who attended the school but didn’t complete his degree there.

Northeastern University believes that experience is their ethos and core value and that when you gain is the time you are able to turn the world into the classroom of your lab and your place to make a positive difference and expand your business.

With the university’s network of experience, you will be drawn into the world and get enticed to tackle daunting issues. This makes you more flexible and very much ready to relaunch yourself as a better version and find better ways to do something in diverse better ways.

Northeastern University Acceptance Rate

Northeastern University has an acceptance rate of 20.5% as of 2022.

Most of the applicants enrolled on the school have SAT scores ranging between 1410-1540 and an ACT score ranging between 33 to 35.

One-quarter of the admitted applicants into the university score above or exactly around its range while a quarter of them score below the required score. The school has four different deadlines for their application and these deadlines depend on the goal, interest and timelines of the applicant. The first application deadline is on November 1 (Early Decision I), the Second deadline is on November 1 (Early Action), the Third deadline is on January 1 (Early Decision II) and the fourth deadline is on January 1 (Regular Decision). The cost of the application is $75

Below is the breakdown of Northeastern University Acceptance rate for 2022/2023.


Year Acceptance Rate
2016 28.9%
2017 27.40%
2018 19.30%
2019 18.10%
2020-2021 20.50%

The admission body considers the student’s GPA as very important in determining the status of their admission into the school.

Northeastern Univesity Rankings for 2022/2023

168th==>Timeshighereducation University Ranking of 2021.

21st==> By

2nd==>Top University & College in the USA

1st==>Top 25 Best Al, Robotics, and Machine Learning Masters for 2020

1st==>Top Colleges in the USA for Students from India

9th==>Best Online Video Game Design Schools

25th==>Best Bachelor’s Degrees in Health Science 2019

21st==>Colleges Ranked by Acceptance Rate

2nd==>Top 20 Health Data Sciences Degree

3rd==>NC Women’s Ice Hockey Rankings

1st==>Top 25 Campus Master’s in Security Studies Program 2019

1st==>Best MPH Programs for International Students By Sam MacArthur

Northeastern University Fees and Tuition

The breakdown of Tuition fee and other expenses for the school is as follow:

Endowed Colleges: $60,286

State Contract Colleges (NY State Resident): $40,382

Endowed Colleges: $60,286

State Contract Colleges: (Non-NY State Resident): $60,286 

Student Activity Fee: $309

Health Fee: $420

Fee Type Per Full Semester Per Summer Half Semester
Tuition  $28,250 $14,125
 Student Center Fee  $70 $35
 Student Activity Fee  $148  
 Campus Recreation Fee  $60 $35
Undergraduate Student Fee


Northeastern University Transfer Information

Northeastern considers applications from transfer students into the fall term. More information for students who want to transfer into the school will be given below. Those who are interested in staying on campus in September can start applying starting from mid-January 2022.

Application Information

Transfer students into Northeastern are applicants who have completed 12 semester hours in any college-level coursework or have attempted at least one complete semester of full-time coursework as well as maintained enrollment through the add and drop period.

Application Fee: The Applicant will be required to pay a non-refundable application fee of $75


  • You will be required to present the official transcript of all the institutions you have attended.
  • You will also be required to present your final high school transcript /GED/HiSET score report. 

College Report Form: You will be required to present your college report to be completed by the Dean, Registrar Office of your present /previous school. All the required sessions must be completed for your application to be reviewed at all.

Academic Evaluation/Testimonial: This will be completed by either your academic advisor, professor or your employer.

Standardize Testing: All applicants into that university are to know that standardized test is not compulsory for their successful application. Standardize test is optional and hence applicants will not be penalized or be at a disadvantage for not submitting.

Other Optional Documents:

Joint Service Transcript-JST 

Mid-term Report- This is highly recommended for students who are currently enrolled in one course or the other.

Certifies Transcript-This is highly recommended for applicants who might have earned credits at an international higher education institution.

Other Required Documents:

English Proficiency Test Result: It is very compulsory for every applicant to present one result showing their proficiency in the English language regardless of their citizenship.

The school welcome one of the following results:

  • Duolingo English Test
  • C1 Advanced or C2 Proficiency (Cambridge English)
  • IELTS Academic
  • PTE Academic

Every non-citizen applicant is required to submit the declaration and certificate of finance DCF form for their application to be reviewed. 

Apply Here For A Transfer To Northeastern University

Northeastern University transfer student


If you’re interested in knowing which courses can be transferred to Northeastern you can look up the database of transfer equivalency. The database can be found in the following section in the section titled “Transfer Equivalency Database.” which can be found on the school official page. If a course does not appear listed in the database it is a sign that Northeastern academic departments haven’t examined the course previously.



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