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How To Pass JAMB 2021/2022 Easily With Past Questions [7 Proven Sure Tips]

Most students still do not believe they can pass JAMB easily in one setting without Cheating or engaging in runz /expo as some people will say. Do you think this is possible? Have you ever wondered how you can actually prepare for the 2021/2022 JAMB examination just by using past questions and still ace close to 300+? Well, think no further, because that is what we are going to discuss extensively on this page.

Most of the time, in my guides, I have always tried as much as possible to make students see the dare importance of past questions while preparing for their exam like JAMB, that if they truly want to pass the JAMB exam in good style, then the emphasis is still the same just like I have written in some of my JAMB guides.

how to pass JAMB

It is quite obvious that the reason why most students do fail woefully or do not meet their required JAMB score for the course they intent to study is that, they fail to use the past question the right way, or better still, they prepare for the exam using the past question the WRONG WAY! This is the reason why you see most students sitting and re-sitting the exam years after years.

Are you giving up? No, you should not. Since you are reading this post, then you will be exposed to the exact way to study the JAMB Past question to pass your JAMB in 2021.

Before we move further on this topic, let me provide an answer to these two important frequently asked questions.

  1. Is JAMB Past Question Compulsory To Pass JAMB Excellently?
  2. Can I Pass JAMB By Using PAst Questions Only?
  3. Is there a WRONG way of using JAMB past questions?
  4. How can I create a JAMB Profile code

Is Studying JAMB Past Question Compulsory To Pass JAMB Excellently?

Yes, there is surely no two ways to it. It is very important and necessary to not just read the JAMB past questions alone but study them. In fact, I will rather say that even though no one made it compulsory, but it is VERY COMPULSORY. I have actually not come across anyone passing JAMB excellently without solving past questions while preparing or studying for the exam.

Can I Pass JAMB By Using Past Questions Only?

NO, you can’t pass JAMB studying only past questions and answers, you must as well lay your hands on other related resources in other to make your preparation more efficient.

If you are relying on just cramming past questions and answers, what some people call “La Cram, La pour” then you are surely using the wrong approach.

Is There Actually A Wrong Way To Use JAMB Past Question?

YES, There are a lot of candidates who out of ignorance or what some people might have told them to use the wrong TECHNIQUES to study past questions and eventually end up with nothing but failure and regrets. Let me explain this to you better and clearer.

 Wrong Ways To Use The JAMB PAST Questions

Just like I have said in my introductory paragraph of this post, CRAMMING! Cramming the past questions and answer without even bothering to know the techniques or understanding the solved topic is one of the wrongest approaches to use past questions. You care to know why?


  1. JAMB will never set question verbatimly, meaning that JAMB questions will be set a word for word like you reads in past question.
  2. Cramming is not an evidence that you know the topic. You will forget in no time, which isn’t a quality of a good student.


I have a big surprise for you. Here are the best and right ways to actually the past question to ace a high score in your 2021 JAMB.

Best Ways To Pass 2021/2022 JAMB With Past Questions

1. Study The Topic

The most important thing you need to do while preparing for your JAMB, as well as the first, is to read and understand the topic. Notice that I used STUDY and not READ as the sub-heading. Reading to understand is what is called TO STUDY.

So you must study each of your topics from the JAMB recommended textbooks. You may check here to see the list of JAMB recommended textbook for all subjects in 2021/22

2. Solve Many Past Questions.

The second in this list is this. It is very much important to mention this again, even though that is the heading of this post.  It shows how important it is. You just have to get yourself acquitted with solving past questions.

This will make you understand the idea behind every solution or answers you come across as well as give you hints on how JAMB actually set their questions.

Am glad to tell you that if you are solving past questions without caring to understand the principle behind your answers is like fetching water in a basket.

Please read my word again! SOLVE! Not CRAM.

I leave you to go search for the difference between the two.

3. Leave NO Questions Untouched

Most people do make this very simple but expensive mistake. They seem to somewhat skip what seems to them as the hard part of the questions to concentrate on the simple one while some also choose the ones that seem to them as simple and tackle the somewhat hard ones, this is very wrong.

No matter what the level of difficulty the question you might come across, there is always a need to put your pen on paper and solve for the answer. Do not jump to the next question because you failed to find the right solution to the previous one.

If you seem not to be getting the solution to it at first, try again, and if you still can’t, then take it to someone that might know more than you. You might as well consult your textbook or rather go online for help.

In fact, The University Of YOUTUBE has the answer to most of your questions. And you might as well consult for questions not involving calculations. But for the ones involving calculations, YOUTUBE is the best option.

4. Crosscheck Your Answers In case Of Doubt

While preparing or reading for your JAMB, please note that you have the privilege to access any book or external resources, as therefore if you make any mistake, you can always go back to your book to check for where the error might have been from.

We are humans, and we are bound to make mistakes or errors so to say. Don’t be so sure that your answer will always be correct. Even if you truly know the topic so well, try as much as possible to check again if your proffered solution to a problem is the required answer.

5. Time Yourself.

Many JAMB candidates make this mistake. They want to avoid working with time. Do not have the habit of just solving a past question and finish it at your own convenient time.

Some will start solving a question in the morning, leave it for a while, go to play football, leave it for a while, go and battle with food, then come back later in the night to complete it, This is VERY WRONG.

Always imagine yourself in the examination hall facing the monster they call the computer. Activate your EXAM MODE. Try and set a time to start as well as end time.

Ensure you solve the 40 questions in 25-30 minutes. You need to get yourself used to this kind of situation.

It will of no doubt be of good help to increase your speed and accuracy when the time for the main exam comes.

6. Consistency Is Key

There is a difference between studying and studying consistently. You need to every consistent in solving questions. This is what will help you to master the art of tackling questions.

Some candidates, even go as bad as solving past questions once or twice a week. This without much ado can never be effective.

Always study your textbook as said in the earlier part of this post, but importantly, ensure to study past questions relating to whatever topic you have studied in the textbook.

The level of your consistency will determine your readiness.

Advisable, it is very recommended that you solve pas question relating to what you have studied EVERY SINGLE DAY.

7. Up Your EXAM MODE At Least Once A Week

Am sure you will understand what I mean by exam mode. I have said this previously “Simply putting yourself in the abstract exam hall”. However, you can do that for just one subject per study.

But when you want to put yourself in the FULL EXAM MODE, it means that you are ready to answer all the four subjects you will offer in the real exam. This time around, you will give yourself [not more than 2 hours for the 4 subjects].

Then rate yourself and cross-check your answers over and over again to check for errors and corrections. Without a doubt, this will help you measure your progress and preparedness for the exam day. This will as well help you to reduce exam phobia and tension faced by most students on the exam day and also aid your accuracy and speed.

If you can put this into practice at least once a week, then you should be good to go

Do well to read this up if you have issues with creating your JAMB profile

I believe and hope these tips will be of help to you in passing your JAMB with a good score. If you want to join up with other JAMBITES, kindly drop your phone number in the comment session alongside your first choice institution to link you up with other aspirants.

Please don’t forget to drop a comment below as well as share this with your friends. That is all for now on the topic “How to blast JAMB Using past questions“.


I am a student with passion and hunger to help individuals and students get more useful, legit, accurate, and up-to-date information by providing them with valuable resources and information.

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