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How To Pass JAMB 2021/22 Excellently [Tips To Score Over 300+ And Above]

You can score over 3oo+ in your JAMB in one sitting – Yes, it is very possible to score above 300 in your 2021 JAMB without engaging in any runz,  cheat, or expo. All you need to do is to check out my secrets on how to Pass JAMB in 2021 JAMB.

how to pass JAMB


Or you think JAMB is hard? No! JAMB is as easy as ABC, all you need to do is to follow the rules of the game.

Many JAMB candidates have a positive confession of “I want to pass JAMB and score above 300” some also say, oh! “I will pass JAMB easily and excellently” yet, they will eventually end up not even meeting the expected minimum.

This is not a question of whether they fail to plan well or they planned to fail,  the simple reason is that, they actually do not follow the right principles and order necessary for them to pass JAMB as they have purposed in their heart.

Have this in mind: “Your present imagination will determine your eventual destination” also, It is not your intention, but your direction that will lead you to your desired destination“.

I am not a motivational speaker, but let me clear things up a little further to avoid ambiguity.

I am not ready to start telling you stories like other writers will tell you, read your book, have a reading timetable, have a study partner, etc. No!

These are what you know or have read over and over again, so am not going to play you the same old song for you again.

So what then should be your expectation reading this post? I will reveal to you the practical life hack and secrets to blast your forthcoming UTME.  Practical and working tips you can follow to pass your 2021 JAMB without any form of cheat or expo.

Hence, take a glass of chilled water and have a seat as I expose you to the hidden secrets and tips for you to prepare for JAMB 2021 and score high or surpass your previous score with the 10x formula.

These are strategies that my students have used and their results have been amazing over the years I took JAMB tutorials.

These are the question that will be answered in this article;

  • How to pass JAMB in one sitting.
  • How to pass JAMB without cheating.
  • How to pass JAMB easily without an expo.
  • How to ace 300 and above in JAMB 2021.
  • How to prepare well for 2021 JAMB and also pass well.

Without beating so much about the bush, let me quickly walk you through these questions in detail in other to make your way, prepare you, and also pass the JAMB 2021 excellently without cheating.

NOTEThe below techniques works quite well and have worked well for  99.9% of all candidate who has used them and used them the right way.

If at all you are afraid of passing JAMB 2021 excellently, then you do not need to read this article. This is why I said earlier that, “Your present imagination will determine your eventual destination. But if you have purposed in your mind to pass this 2021 JAMB with the highest result, then I welcome you on board to read this article till the end.

These secrets I will reveal to you will help you score nothing less than 80 in your subject including, Use of English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Government, Biology, Financial Accounting, Commerce, IRS e.t.c.

If acing 0ver  300 in UTME is what you have a purpose in your heart and is fine by you, then join me as I walk you through the path.

How To Score 300 – 350 In Your JAMB 2021

  1. Set a Minimum target
  2. Early preparation
  3. Study via the right way
  4. Be Consistent
  5. Use the Syllabus
  6. Use the JAMB recommended textbooks
  7. Use JAMB past question the right way
  8. Be a time manager
  9. Work more on your weak points
  10. Engage with better students
  11. Start From Scratch
  12. Be current

Let’s now deal with them individually and explicitly.

TIP 1- Set A Minimum Target

Target is very important in every area of life. Whatever the level of your goal is, it is what will be the borderline to determine how far you will go or achieve.

Hence, if you truly want to score high in JAMB, then you need to tell your mind “MIND, I want to score above 300, 340, 350″ respectively in JAMB.

But here comes the funny part, motivational speakers will always say, “aim above the stars, so when you fall, you fall amidst the star” so also they say “Aim for excellence, so when you fail, you fall in the midst of perfection

This is clear evidence that you might not always get up to your target score, so determine to score very high in other to reduce the rate at which you will score low.

For instance, you might plan to score 380/400 in JAMB, then you may end up scoring 320.

But, if you aimed to score 300 then you might end up scoring 250.

So if you target to score anything around the range of 300+, then plan to score 260-280. I didn’t say this as an abstract opinion, it is what I know and has happened over time.

 TIP 2 – Early Preparation

Time they say is an asset and not a handset” “time they also say, waits for nobody”. Do not joke with your time if you ever want to do well in your exam.

If you want to score high in your  JAMB, then you have to start your preparation early enough.

Do not wait till JAMB will announce their registration data before you will start studying your books.

Do you want to know why some candidates score extremely high in the JAMB exam? it is because they started well enough, even before the registration date is announced.

So, inculcate the habit of starting your preparation. That is the mindset of a high scorer.

TIP 3 – Study Via The Right Ways

What does this mean, this means that there are actually wrong ways of studying for JAMB. The ways and manner by which you prepare for  JAMB will determine how good or bad your result will be.

Like I will always say, Not everyone who fails eventually, failed to prepare. Some prepared, but their energy was channeled in the WRONG WAY or things.

Probably you don’t know the right ways to study for JAMB and pass excellently, then you need not worry, I have prepared a well-detailed guide you on the best way to study for JAMB with ease. It’s right here.

TIP  4 – Be Consistent.

Consistency is key. Though I might have made mention of this in my previous articles on How to study for JAMB and pass with a high score, there is a need for emphasis to be laid on it again.

Consistency is a very important virtue that should not be neglected. You must develop the habit of reading consistently. This will help you to know and understand things that seem difficult on a normal day.

Quick Remainder!

Is  JAMB hard to pass? Not at all. Like I will always say, “It is as  simple as ABC

All you need to know is what works and what doesn’t work, then you’ll be just fine.

So dearly beloved brothers and sisters, If you are in the category of those people, who study for a day and go for 2 days off their book only for them to still say they are preparing or JAMB, then you must be the funniest JOKER who ever existed because that is not the altitude of the highest JAMB scores.

TIP 5 – Use The Syllabus

This is what I have also said before, but I will say it again for the sake of emphasis. It is your direction and not your intention that will lead you to your destination.

You claim you want to pass JAMB and you do now know where to even start your preparation from, yet you keep saying you will pass. Am sorry to tell you, you will be so disappointed when your result will come out o.

The JAMB  syllabus is the best indicator for you to guide you on the right paths to passing your exam excellently. This is the best legit expo you will even get.

The syllabus will highlight the list of topics you need to cover for each subject you want to offer. I can bet you, if you study well the JAMB syllabus, you can be well sure that you are likely to find related questions which will help you do well in your main exam.

TIP 6 – Use The Recommended  Textbooks

The place of studying with a good textbook cannot be overemphasized while preparing for JAMB. This is what most students know, but the problem and the question they are is that “How do they know the best textbook to prepare with?

How to know the best-recommended textbook to READ for JAMB.

Very simple, the best way to know is to check the list of JAMB recommended textbooks for each subject.

JAMB has reviewed these textbooks and has certified them to be very good enough to pass their exam.

Mind you, I wasn’t the one who reviewed this book, JAMB themselves did. So, tell me, do you think JAMB will ever recommend to you a book that won’t meet up the standard of their exam?

Assuredly NO!

Another good way to actually find a good textbook you can prepare with is by asking those who have written JAMB.

Ensure you get your textbook ideas from more than 2 to 3 persons or reliable sources and compare them to each other before you eventually decide to go for any.

This will without doubt help you to know the best textbook that your predecessor use that made them pass JAMB in style.

If you are however not satisfied with whatever book these people recommend for you, it is best for you to just stick to study with the JAMB recommended textbooks.

TIP 7 – Use JAMB Past Questions The Right Way.

This is actually another form of JAMB expo you have to know that can make you pass JAMB excellently.

The JAMB past questions!

Probably you don’t know that JAMB actually repeats the past question, Yes, this is very true. JAMB repeats past questions almost every year.

But hey!

The thing seems not to be the way it used to be before. Before, JAMB repeats past questions word for word (Verbatim).

Now, they don’t repeat questions word for word again, rather, they modify previous past questions. This why I have always said told you;

Do not cram Past Questions while reading for JAMB!

It will even interest you to know that some answers in the JAMB past questions series are incorrect.

This is the major reason I said you should not read by cramming, rather, read to understand.

Do not worry, I have a detailed guide for you on how you can actually study for JAMB using the past questions, read it below.

TIP 8 – Be A Time Manager

Another reason for the eventual failure of most JAMB candidates, which differentiates them from those that pass excellently it the effective use of their time.

Time management is a great weapon you must master how to use if you want to pass your JAMB well.

Have time for everything. Do not just do things whichever way it comes to you.  Know what to do at the right time. Time to read, time to eat, time to play, time to gist, time to chat, and all. Set your priorities right and give the important ones the highest percentage of your time.

TIP 9 –  Work More On Your Weak Points

Believe me, for every individual, there exists a weak point, meaning, areas that you are sure you aren’t doing quite fine. These are the subjects or topics that give you a headache.

This might be as a result of things like lack of interest, lack of strong foundational knowledge of it, boring topics or subject. Ensure to find out these weak points and work on them.

Make sure you aren’t too overconfident of yourself in some areas you find easy. Ensure you practice questions in those areas too.

TIP 10 – Engage With Better Students

Those you WALK with and those you WORK with sometimes will determine how well you will perform in JAMB 2021.

If you truly want to join the group of students who scores very high in JAMB, then you must move around them.

In fact, this will not only help you to increase your interest to read, but it will also aid you to remember things better the more.

This is because the more you discuss and share ideas on a topic, the more you know more about how to tackle problems relating to such topics

TIP 11 – Start From The Scratch

Another vital reason students do not perform up to expectation is that they fail to understand the basics of the topics they are reading.

One can read a topic over and over again, and yet the exam will come, only to fail. Why? Because they do not understand the principle behind the topics they have read.

Only when you understand the nitty-gritty of the topic will it become easier for you to tackle any questions that might come out.

Personally, I ensured that I went over my SSS1 topics about 2-3 times before I moved to the complex SS2-SS3 topics.

Believe me, It really helped me on the day of my JAMB exam and currently, it is still helping me at the University Of Ibadan.

TIP 12- Be Current

What will be your gain if, at the end of your preparation and efforts, you eventually spend another one year sitting at home just because of a single silly mistake.

Information is power, and such information will be released during the period of JAMB registration by the JAMB registrar as well as the spokesman before the exam date.

A very good source to get these updates is to keep in touch with  on daily basis.

You should as well subscribe to the site with your email address below. We will keep you abreast of every piece of information as soon as it is released.

You need to also check this out.

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If you follow the above-highlighted tips duly, then scoring above 300 will surely be as easy as a pie for you. Believe me, you just need to give it a try.

Please do not forget to share this article if you find it helpful via the share button. If you also have any questions, then the comment session is open for you. Thank you for reading.

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